25 Best Gifts for Music Teachers

Music teachers help students of all ages and passions cultivate their skills and love for music. Show your appreciation for all they do with these 25 gifts for music teachers. 

These fantastic gifts will help keep teachers organized, make their teaching life easier, and bring a smile to their faces. 

If you’re looking for an inspirational gift for a music teacher, keep reading for the best gift ideas that music teachers will love. 

1. Music Paper Clips

Music Paper Clips 6 Colors, Metal Paper Clips Musical Notes Clips Music Office Accessories for Desk Bookmark Office School Notebook (100 Pcs)

Gift your music teacher the gift of organization with these fun musical paper clips bent into the shape of a treble clef. The musical design is all you see when you slide these fun paper clips between sheet music. 

The box of paper clips includes 100 clips in six bright colors. Each clip has a durable PET coating around the bent wire to ensure your teacher can reuse these paper clips again and again. 

2. Music Coffee Mug

HLJgift Creative Ceramic Musician Coffee Mug Tea Cup with Lid Staves Music Notes as Valentine's Day Gift Teacher Gift

This music coffee mug is one of the best gifts for music teachers who enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee while teaching or practicing. 

The black and white mug features sheet music and a note-shaped handle. It even comes with a ceramic top with a piano swirl design. The top can be used as a coaster when your music teacher uses this thoughtful gift. 

3. Personalized Musical Wall Art 

Personalized Musical Wall Art

If you’re looking for a unique gift for a music teacher, write their name with musical notes. This personalized wall art is a simple yet elegant way to show appreciation for all your teacher does. 

4. Stone Paper Notebook 

Oxford Stone Paper Notebook, 5-1/2' x 8-1/2', Blue Cover, 60 Sheets, 2 Pack (161641)

A stone paper notebook made from rocks takes the schoolyard rock, paper, scissors game and turns it on its head. This notebook is one of the perfect gifts for music teachers because it’s tear-resistant, waterproof, and has no grain. 

If your music teacher is passionate about the environment, they’ll be happy to know that Roca stone paper notebooks are made from recycled stone and use no water or chemicals in production. 

5. Beethoven Engraved Quote Pen 

Inkstone Beethoven Engraved Quote Pen - Music is a Higher Revelation than all Wisdom and Philosophy - Classical Music Appreciation Gifts for Musicians Music Teachers

Every music teacher needs a good pen for jotting down notes, grading papers, and writing music. This premium pen has a quote from Beethoven engraved into the side as a constant reminder to the receiver that music makes an impact. 

This Beethoven engraved quote pen is one of the best Christmas gifts for music teachers. 

6. Custom Teacher Stamp

Custom Teacher Stamp

Teachers write out the same thing over and over again, so a custom teacher stamp is one of the best gifts for music teachers. 

Instead of handwriting their name on sheet music or books that they lend to students or coworkers, this stamp will help save time and personalize items in an aesthetically pleasing way. 

7. Vintage Music Boxes

Mystery Vintage Gramophone Music Box, Mechanical Musical Jewelry Box for Girls Women Mom, Retro Table Cafe Bar Home Decor, Birthday Mothers Day Gifts for Mom (Red)

Show your appreciation to your music teacher with a vintage music box or musical antiques. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill gifts for music teachers since antiques can range drastically in price. However, every once in a while, an extra special teacher who deserves a present fit for a royal comes along. 

These musical gifts have historical meaning and are one-of-a-kind gifts that music teachers will adore. 

8. Sticky Music Notes

The Unemployed Philosophers Guild Musical Notes - Sheet Music Themed Self-Sticky Pads, 3.25' by 4.25' Sticky Note Booklet, Individual Notes Inside

Musical sticky notes are another organizational tool that will be your music teacher’s new best friend. These sticky notes come in a booklet with four pads of musical-themed sticky notes. 

The treble and base clef pads include lines for notes or to show where an error was made without writing on the page. The musical note sticky pads are grey and white (not black and white like the cover design) so that there’s room to write. 

9. Music Print Scarf 

Music Print Scarf

A music print scarf is one of the best gifts for female music teachers, especially during the holiday season when there’s a chill in the air. 

This chiffon scarf is slightly sheer with sheet music stripes. Choose from colors like: 

  • Black 
  • Maroon
  • White
  • Navy Blue 

With this stylish gift, your teacher can accessorize for school or their personal life with something that represents their personality and interests. 

10. Guitar Player Lamp 

Wibota Guitar Music Table Lamp Music Gifts for Men Steampunk Industrial Guitars Lamps Music Love for Guitar Stuff Accessories Microphone Players Retro Edison Bulb Cool Metal Robot Pipe Light Art Decor

Not all music teachers are the same, so this Casaree lamp is one of the unique gifts for music teachers and guitar players. 

This lamp has a retro industrial style that suits modern homes. The iron piping looks like a robot figure sitting down and strumming a guitar. The robot figure wears the lightbulb like a crown of inspiration anytime the lamp is on. 

11. Candles for Music Teachers 

Funny Music Teacher Candle Coffee Gives Me My Music Teaching Powers 9oz Vanilla Scented Candles Soy Wax

You can’t go wrong gifting your music teacher with a great-smelling candle that has a cute message on display. These premium candles by Furbish & Fire Candle Co. are made from soy wax and inserted into upcycled bottles. 

The labels share a thoughtful message of thanks, and you can personalize it further by adding a free gift message and choosing a fragrance that matches the receiver’s taste.

12. Bamboo Grand Piano Cheese Board

Bamboo Grand Piano Cheese Board Set

This bamboo grand piano cheese board is by far one of the best gifts for music teachers if they enjoy a good charcuterie board after school. 

This cheese board is made from natural bamboo and shaped like a grand piano. The piano opens to reveal places for cheese knives and a wine bottle opener. When it’s closed, the top of the piano serves as a platter for an assortment of meats, cheeses, nuts, and fruits. 

13. Personalized Capos and Guitar Picks

Personalized Metal Guitar Capo

These personalized capos and guitar picks are the best gifts for music teachers if they regularly lend out capos and guitar picks. 

This thoughtful gift for teachers and vinyl music lovers is customizable so that you can engrave it with your music teacher’s name, favorite lyrics, or a quote from an artist. Every capo or guitar pick comes with free gift packaging so that it is gift ready the moment it arrives. 

14. Musical Note Pencils

Zonon 14 Pieces Music Pencils Colorful Musical Note Pencils Wooden Treble Clef Pencils for Students Bulk G Clef Pencils with Eraser for Artists Kids Students, Home Office School Supplies

If you want to give your music teacher a funny present, these musical note pencils will surely bring a smile to the receiver’s face. 

These extra-long pencils are bent into the shape of a treble clef and come in a package of 14 with seven different color options. The erasers work well, even though they point in a different direction than an ordinary pencil. 

Music teachers who seem to always lose their pencils will have a hard time not spotting these goofy-looking but practical teacher essentials.

15. Cat Sheet Music Holder

2Pcs Music Book Clip Metal Music Book Clip and Page Holder Cat Modeling Stand Page Holder Cat Style Piano Music Stand Book Folder for Sheet Score Musicians Piano Accessories

This cat sheet music holder is one of the best gifts for music teachers and cat lovers. This simple but thoughtful gift is a decorative sheet music holder shaped into the silhouette of a cat. 

The cat’s legs are the four prongs that hold down the music but allow for pages to flip when needed. If your music teacher is also a bit of a crazy cat lady, this is the perfect gift idea. 

16. Composing Template Stencil

Song Writer's Composing Template Stencil for Music Notes & Symbols with Manuscript Staff Paper Tablet

Practical gifts make for some of the best gifts, and this composing template stencil is one of the most practical gifts for music teachers. A composing template stencil saves teachers time from being drawing artists so they can focus on being musical artists. 

This template has all the notes and symbols needed for writing sheet music and is a fantastic resource for teachers to loan to new students or to use to simplify their workload.

17. Musical Keychains

Musical Keychains

Sometimes the best gifts come in small packages, and musical keychains are one way to show appreciation for a music lover without going too over the top. Whether they want a vinyl record, old-school cassette keychain, or a personalized wooden piano keychain, there’s a keychain suited to any music player. 

18. JBL Clip 3 Portable Speaker 

JBL Clip 3, River Teal - Waterproof, Durable & Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Up to 10 Hours of Play - Includes Noise-Cancelling Speakerphone & Wireless Streaming

There’s no better gift for a music lover than the gift of music itself. This JBL Clip 3 is a portable speaker that lets your music teacher take tunes on the go. 

The JBL Clip 3 has up to 10 hours of playtime on one full battery charge. The speaker is completely waterproof, so there’s no need to fear messy students or spilled coffee with this durable speaker. 

Whether your teacher uses it as a metronome, to blast inspirational music for the class, or for their own personal use, this portable speaker is one of the best gifts for music teachers. 

19. It’s A Good Day To Make Music T-Shirt 

Its A Good Day To Make Music Shirt

Show your music teacher some appreciation with a music-themed t-shirt. This handmade cotton and polyester t-shirt has a rainbow print that says It’s A Good Day To Make Music. 

This unisex shirt comes in a wide range of color options, so you can choose which one suits your teacher’s style or favorite color. 

Whether they wear it to class or while they practice, this shirt is a thoughtful reminder that every day is a good day to make some music. 

20. Wall Clock 

Naanle Chic Abstract Painting Music and Rhythm Print Round Wall Clock Decorative, 9.5 Inch Battery Operated Quartz Analog Quiet Desk Clock for Home,Office,School

Teachers run on a tight schedule, so this artfully-designed wall clock is a fantastic gift for music teachers. 

The clock features large, easy-to-read numbers that are visible from any corner of the classroom. The decorative design has a painted guitar with bright colors. This battery-operated clock is quiet, so teachers and students won’t hear the clock ticking when the music stops. 

Batteries are not included, so be sure to grab some to put into the gift bag so the receiver can use it right away. A single battery typically lasts one school year.

21. Music Note Bookmark

Music Piano Book Mark

Give a music teacher this beautiful music note bookmark so they don’t lose their spot in their favorite book or sheet music. 

This metal gold bookmark is shaped into musical notes and instruments so you can personalize your gift based on your teacher’s preferred musical instrument. Choose from design options like the following: 

  • Piano 
  • Treble Clef 
  • Trumpet 
  • Harp

22. This Is Your Brain On Music 

This Is Your Brain on Music: The Science of a Human Obsession

This Is Your Brain On Music is a book by Daniel J. Levitin about how music affects our brains. Music teachers will enjoy this good read because it explains how neuroscience and music are interrelated. 

The book explores music theory, composition, and performance techniques that stimulate our brains. It also covers topics like nostalgia for music and how consistent practice is more likely to make a musician succeed than raw talent alone. 

23. Musical Notes Throw Blanket

Musical Notes Throw Blanket

Keep your music teacher cozy with a musical note throw blanket. This beautiful tapestry-like blanket has a sheet music print and fringed edges that are perfect for any music lover’s home.

Your music teacher can use this unique gift for home decor or as something to wrap around themselves as they grade tests or practice music. 

24. Musical Notes Cellophane Goodie Bags 

Kosiz 100 Pieces Music Notes Cellophane Goodie Bags Musical Theme Treat Bags Plastic Musical Party Candy Bags with Silver Twist Ties for Band Birthday Party Favor Supplies Dessert Pastry Decoration

Don’t limit yourself to just one gift with these musical notes goodie bags. With these music-themed cellophane bags, you can gift as many goodies and treats as you want. 

If you have multiple music teachers, these cellophane goodie bags are an ideal way to ensure no one gets forgotten during the giving season. Or, gift them the music-themed bags themselves to use throughout the school year as they please. 

25. Treble Maker Socks 

Cavertin Men's Programming Alien Sasquatch Cat Dad Dog Dad Music Fishing Socks with Gift Box (Music)

If you want a present for a music teacher that will make them laugh, you can’t go wrong with these treble maker socks. 

These bright yellow socks have music notes and the words Trebel Maker along the top and on the soles of the feet. If your teacher likes to put their feet up on their desk, this is the perfect gift for them. 

Final Thoughts 

Gift giving is a thoughtful way to show a music teacher that you’re thankful for all of the hard work they do inside and outside of the classroom.

Whether you want a gift for a music teacher at school, a private guitar or piano teacher, or a friend who teaches music, these 25 best gifts for music teachers have something for everyone. 

Purchase a gift for your music teacher using any of the links in this article to express your gratitude at the next practice. 

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