25 Gifts for Horror Fans (When They Are Hard To Shop For)

Why do we like horror movies? Is it the rush of adrenaline we experience or the ability to explore scary situations while knowing we’re safe?

For some, horror movies are a favorite form of entertainment. If you know a hardcore horror fan, show them how much you appreciate them and get their love for the macabre with these fun horror gifts.

Friday the 13th Prop Replica

Neca Friday The 13th Part 5 A New Beginning Prop Replica Jason Mask with Unique Blue Chevrons and Adjustable Straps

NECA is one of the best brands for action figures and collectibles. This prop replica from Friday the 13th is the iconic hockey mask Jason wore in A New Beginning, the franchise’s fifth movie.

This hand-painted resin mask looks stunning thanks to the attention to detail, and it’s a full-size replica similar to the mask seen in the movie. You wouldn’t differentiate between the two. 

Your friend or loved one will have a blast wearing this mask. But the strap is also ideal for displaying the prop.

Necronomicon Replica

Necronomicon Replica

The Necronomicon is a cursed book in the low-budget cult horror movie Evil Dead. This handmade replica of the Necronomicon features an artificial leather cover that does an excellent job of reproducing the unique look of the movie prop. 

The book’s inside includes some pages based on the prop from the movie and some original art. Every horror movie fan will love it. 

Customizable VHS Tape Light

vhs tape horror

VHS is obsolete, but these tapes are experiencing a surge in popularity regarding repurposed décor. Turning VHS into LED lights is a popular trend, and you’ll find these retro-inspired décor elements in many teenagers’ bedrooms.

If you know a young horror fan, get them a custom-made VHS light of their favorite horror classic! It’s also a fun gift if you know someone nostalgic who misses renting horror movies at Blockbuster.

Fangoria Subscription

FANGO Holiday Subscription 960x

Fangoria has been around since 1979. It’s a well-known magazine among horror fans, and this publication has played an essential role in shaping the genre and drawing attention to underrated independent movies over the years.

Each issue features over 400 pages with articles about upcoming horror movies, interviews with industry professionals, high-quality images, and more. You can get a one-year gift subscription with four quarterly issues and some online perks.

Elm Street Sign

flinelife Elm Street Sign,16X6, Horror Movie Metal Sign, Nightmare on Elm Street Wreath Sign

This street sign is a nod to the horror classic A Nightmare on Elm Street. It looks like a vintage street sign with a claw mark, referencing the blades Freddy Krueger wears on each finger. It’s a durable metal sign that looks like a real street sign.

We like the idea of an Elm Street sign since it can add the finishing touch to a horror-themed collection if your friend already has a movie poster or Freddy action figure.

Nine Piece Vintage Horror Movie Posters

9 Pieces Vintage Horror Movie Posters, Creepy Classic Scary Movie Film Prints Wall Art Monster Suspense Movie Set Unframed for Home Living Room Bedroom Man Cave Theater Decor, 8 x 10 Inch

This set of nine small horror movie posters is a fun and budget-friendly idea for a friend moving into a dorm or just getting into horror movies. You’ll get nine 8×10” prints with posters for timeless classics like Halloween, the original It, The Shining, The Exorcist, or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

These prints are ideal for creating wall collages or decorating small spaces. The material feels thick, which makes it easy to use adhesive to display these posters.

Loser Lover Hoodie

Loser Lover Pullover Hoodie

Do you have a friend or loved one who wishes they could join the Losers Club from It? This hoodie is the next best thing to tracking down Pennywise in the streets and sewers of Derry.

The hoodie features the Loser/Lover design that appears on the arm cast worn by Eddie in the movie. It’s available in four neutral colors and comes in six sizes. The cotton and polyester blend feels comfortable. It is also a budget-friendly gift that shows your It-obsessed friends you get them.

Horror 10-Movie Collection

Bone-Chilling Horror 10-Movie Collection

This movie collection is a thoughtful film gift if you’re shopping on a budget. It’s a great value with a mix of classics and movies your horror-loving friends might not have seen yet.

The titles include Friday the 13th and The Ring, and Paranormal Activity. You’ll also find some lesser-known movies like The Ruins or Case 39. There are over 16 hours of chilling content, and the DVD box set format is ideal for a gift.

The Shining Rug

The Shining Rug

This rug looks stylish and modern with its bold colors and geometrical motif. It’s also a replica of the pattern on the carpeting throughout the haunted hotel featured in the Stanley Kubrick classic The Shining.

Horror fans will instantly recognize this pattern, and it’s a fun way to add some color to a home theater area or a room dedicated to displaying a horror-themed collection.

Shudder Subscription

sh guest devices 2021

Shudder is a streaming service dedicated to horror movies, thrillers, and scary TV shows. You can find content other streaming services don’t have, and a team selects and curates the movie selection.

Shudder also has some original movies and shows that are getting attention among the horror community.

Horror Movie Notebook

Horror Movie Notebook

True movie fans often watch the same films repeatedly to look for details they’ve missed. If you have a friend who loves horror more than anything, get them this stylish horror-themed notebook. This way, they can keep track of the movies they watch or write down the details that stay with them. 

This notebook can also be a fun gift if you have a friend who likes to come up with movie ideas.

Suspiria Coasters 

Suspiria Coasters

Suspiria is a cult classic that creates a memorable atmosphere through color and unique set designs. These coasters are a subtle nod to the stained-glass windows throughout the movie.

We love these coasters because they’re a practical item, allowing horror fans to incorporate a nod to the things they love into a classic room décor.

Official Talking Chucky Doll

Spirit Halloween 2 Ft Talking Chucky Doll | Officially Licensed

What do you get for a horror movie fan who already has everything? The answer is a two-foot-high talking Chucky Doll.

This doll from Spirit Halloween is the perfect addition to any horror collection. It says seven different lines and looks like the movie’s killer doll with its bright clothes, red hair, and recognizable scars. Plus, the head turns, and the mouth moves when the doll talks for a realistic effect. Thankfully, the doll comes with a harmless plastic knife.

Freak of Horror Coloring Book

Freak Of Horror Coloring Book: Scary Creatures And Creepy Serial Killers From Classic Horror Movies Halloween Holiday Gifts For Adults And Kids With 36 Colouring Pages

This horror-themed coloring book is a fun stocking stuffer or just-because gift for the horror fans in your life. The 36 coloring pages feature well-known monsters and serial killers like Jason, Chucky, and Pennywise.

The art looks detailed, and the quality of the paper allows you to use pencils or markers to color. It’s a fun and original gift, and adult coloring is a surprisingly relaxing activity anyone can enjoy.

Nothing Cuts Like a Sawyer T-Shirt

Impact Texas Chainsaw Massacre Cuts Like A Sawyer Men's Tee Banana (Small)

This graphic tee is the perfect gift for the classic horror fans in your life. The design features Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre with a text that claims nothing cuts like a Sawyer.

Turning this bone-chilling movie into an ad is a fun idea, and the designers behind this shirt did an excellent job mimicking a retro ad’s look. People might even mistake this tee for genuine branded apparel at first glance.

Bates Motel Sign

Bates Motel Neon Signs 8 x 12 Inches - Vintage Metal Tin Sign for Home Bar Pub Garage Decor Gifts

Horror-themed wall art is a thoughtful and budget-friendly gift option. This Bates Motel sign is a nod to the classic horror movie Psycho and the recent TV show Bates Motel.  

It’s a relatively small sign with dimensions of approximately 12’x8’.” The metal construction is durable, and the design mimics the look of a neon sign. It will look amazing among a wall collage with some horror movie posters and add a touch of color to any horror-themed décor.

Horror-Themed Candle

Horror Themed Candle

What does horror smell like? According to the Magic Candle Company, it mixes ozone and musk. This unique blend creates an atmosphere of mystery and evokes the smoke machines you’ll often find in haunted houses.

We like the idea of a candle that smells like horror. Honestly, it could be a fun gift if you intend to watch a movie with the candle burning to create a more immersive experience.

Monster-Themed Succulent Planters

Monster Themed Succulent Planters

Horror movies meet houseplants with these original 3D-printed planters. There are seven designs with classic characters like Frankenstein, Dracula, the Mummy, or the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

You can personalize these gifts by getting a small succulent or another plant instead of gifting the planter itself!

Skin Illustrator Palette

Skin Illustrator Palette

The Bloody Five palette comes with all the hues professional makeup artists use to create fake injuries and bleeding effects. This palette is an original gift for the fan who is into making homemade horror movies or cosplaying.

This professional makeup is different from regular makeup because it contains more pigments. It lasts longer, and you can use it on the skin as well as latex or silicone prostheses or props. The color selection allows you to create various effects, from fresh blood to infected wounds.

Zombie Hand Wall Mount

Zombie Hand Wall Mount

this is

Creepy and practical, this wall-mounted zombie hand is a sturdy fixture that you can use to keep your headphones handy or hang a coat. You can also set it on a table as a phone holder.

We love the detailed design of this 3D-printed zombie hand. The missing flesh and protruding bones create a realistic look, and the gesture of the hand makes it look like a zombie is reaching through the wall.


Stan Winston School of Character Arts Subscription

patrick magee 1

The Stan Winston School of Character Arts offers some online classes. Here horror movie buffs can learn everything there is to know about creating props, designing creatures, making puppets, or sculpting special effect prostheses.  

A basic monthly plan can give a friend or loved one access to four monthly classes and Q&A sessions with industry professionals. If you know someone who wants to turn their love for horror movies into a career, they will love these classes!

12” Jigsaw Puppet Action Figure

Jigsaw Puppet Action Figure

This action figure will make a great addition to any horror collection. It’s a 12” figure of Billy from the Saw movies riding his red tricycle. Billy is the puppet that Jigsaw uses to communicate with his victims and has become one of the most recognizable elements of the franchise.

If you know someone who collects and displays action figures of their favorite fictional serial killers, they will love this gift! It could also be a fun choice for someone who is into horror-themed toy photography.

Blair Witch Framed Props

Blair Witch Framed Props

Did you know that the Blair Witch Project is still, to this day, one of the highest-grossing independent movies? If you know someone who loves low-budget horror, this Blair Witch-themed display box could be an excellent gift for them.

The framed box features a replica of the tape found in the movie and a small stick charm used by the witch. The attention to detail is stunning, and the objects truly look like they came from the woods.

Horror Movie Wall Décor

Horror Movie Poster Halloween Wall Decor Scary Characters Canvas Art Prints Modern Painting Pictures for Living Room Decoration Framed 16x24 inch(40x60cm)

Horror movie posters are a staple for fans of the genre, but this wall art stands out by combining multiple characters and franchises.

This stylish canvas print combines Annabelle with Pinhead, Ghost face, Jigsaw, Pennywise, Michael Myers, and other horror icons. Settling on a single movie poster can be difficult when shopping for a gift, but you can’t go wrong with this piece that features several recognizable characters.

The quality of the materials and print bring out the colors and will turn this piece into a focal point of any horror-themed room décor.

Horror Pack Subscription

horror pack

Do you know someone who can’t get enough horror movies? If yes, they will love the Horror Pack subscription.

Horror Pack is a monthly box with four horror DVDs or Blu-rays, depending on your chosen plan. The monthly box typically includes movies from major studios and independent releases. The team behind Horror Pack curates the titles, and receive a box with some mystery movies every month is a fun and exciting experience.


Shopping for a horror fan can be difficult, but these gifts give you a few ideas. If you’re unsure what to get, try finding out which horror movies are their favorites or if they’re into collecting action figures, T-shirts, posters, or other horror-themed items.