Gifts for Homesteaders (That Are Unique & Sustainable)

Homesteaders are individuals who practice a life of self-sufficiency by growing and making food. They live off the land from their grown crops. Hence, they practice a farming lifestyle. 

While the Homestead Act was active in America between 1862 to 1976, homesteaders still live a simplistic lifestyle. Some homesteaders like to engage in gardening, canning, dehydrating, or a combination of these activities, while others exclusively live a farm-style life.

Here are 25 gifts for homesteaders that support their sustainable and unique way of life. You never know what goodies you may find on this gift list. 

Chicken Egg Stamper


StampByMeStudio sells one of the more practical gifts for homesteaders, which is a custom chicken egg stamper. The stamp design features a chicken, and the name of the farm can be personalized on the stamper, allowing locals to know the origin of their eggs. In addition, the homestead family can show their farming pride while using it as a branding and marketing tactic when selling their eggs. 

Family Name Homestead Sign

Crazy Sign Funny

ToeFishArt offers a homestead sign that is simultaneously quaint and hilarious. Customize by adding the family’s last name and the year they established their homestead lifestyle. The rest of the sign reads, “A little bit of crazy, a little bit of loud, and a whole lot of love.” The family can display the sign in the kitchen, barnyard, living room, or anywhere else throughout the homestead.

The Pioneer Woman Magazine Subscription

The Pioneer Woman Magazine

Give the newbie homesteader in your life a one-year digital or print subscription to Pioneer Woman Magazine. Filled with recipes, homesteading tips, updates on Ree Drummonds ranch life, and craft projects, the homesteader will get much-needed inspiration on how to run their farm and household from the queen of pioneering herself!

Homesteading Knowledge Metal Tin Sign

Homesteading Knowledge Metal Tin Sign Diy Cleaning Products Farm House Living Room Kitchen Bathroom Home Art Wall Decoration Plaque Gift

The homesteading knowledge metal tin sign has many tips and tricks for homesteading. The homesteader can display them in their kitchen or hallway so they are reminded of these hacks. Various produce can be regrown from specific parts of the plant such as lettuce, avocados, peppers, ginger, and mushrooms. Natural cleaning products such as castile soap, tea tree oil, and white vinegar are better for the environment. 

Yep I Talk to Chickens T-Shirt

Yep I Talk To Chickens Shirt | Cute Chicken Buffs Tee Gift T-Shirt

Show homesteader pride with this hilarious shirt showing the fact the entire family talks to chickens. Choose from men’s, women’s, and youth fits. Primary color backgrounds include asphalt gray, cranberry red, kelly green, dark heather gray, and heather blue. The shirt is available for children as young as two years old. Wear matching shirts for a family photo op for a holiday postcard or to update the family picture frames in the homestead hallway. 

The Homesteader’s Herbal Companion: The Ultimate Guide to Growing, Preserving, and Using Herbs

The Homesteader's Herbal Companion: The Ultimate Guide to Growing, Preserving, and Using Herbs

Amy K. Fewell professionally and artistically provides herb-growing information in The Homesteaders Herbal Companion, an exhaustive guide to learning different growing behaviors and needs of various herbs. Gift the homesteader a Kindle version so they can take it on the go in any weather while they are outside tilling and planting the herbs. Once the herbs grow, you can also learn how to make essential oils and tinctures for natural remedies from this guide. 

Hantop 3L Goat or Cow Milking Machine

Hantop 3L Goat Milking Machine,Portable Pulsation Vacuum Pump Goat Milker Livstock Milking Machine (Basic Model)

If the homesteader in your life runs a dairy farm with cows and goats, increase their production output with this milk machine. There are separate models for goats and cows. The pulsation cycle extracts milk from either animal about forty times every sixty seconds. The food-grade silicone hose and non-toxic container reassure that the milk is safely stored until pasteurized and refrigerated for distribution. 

Banneton Bread Proofing Baskets 

Sourdough Bread Baking Supplies and Proofing Baskets, A Complete Bread Making Kit Including 9' Round & 10' Oval Bannetons, Bread Lame, Danish Whisk, Bowl & Dough Scrapers, and Linen Liners

Homesteaders are serious about their homemade bread. First, increase their batch output by getting them two more bread-proofing baskets. Both baskets are nine inches in diameter, with one wider bowl for thicker bread and a more narrow bowl for a traditional loaf. Tools included are a dough scraper, Danish whisk, bread lame, and bowl scraper. 

Funny Chicken Scratch To-Do List Notepad

Funny Chickens Sticky to Do Notepad - Chicken Scratch - Rooster Baby Chick Chicken Coop Lover Gifts | Country Themed Notebook | ChickenScratch Chicklet Barn Office Decor Accessories 4x6' 50 Pages

Homesteaders need to keep a to-do list, too. So give the homesteader in your life this funny chicken scratch-themed to-do list notepad along with other small items in a custom gift basket. Each of the fifty pages comes with seven lines where you can write each item next to a check box. When you finish each item on the list, place a check or X mark through the corresponding box. The homesteader can also make small grocery lists and daily reminder checklists.

Keains Unisex Bluetooth Beanie Hat With Light

Keains Bluetooth Beanie with Light, Musical Knit Hat with Headphones and Built-in Speaker Mic, Gifts for Men Women Dad

Homesteaders can benefit from this beanie hat equipped with a Bluetooth light for late nights or early mornings. It takes only a couple of hours to charge and works for eight hours providing continuous light from a Bluetooth connection. Choose from three brightness settings and enjoy a 33 feet range of sight in the dark. Customize the look by choosing black, camo green, fluorescent yellow, gray, navy, orange, pink, or red as the primary hat color.

Presto 22 Inch Electric Griddle

Presto 07061 22-inch Electric Griddle With Removable Handles, Black, 22-inch

Homesteaders can batch-make pancakes, bacon, eggs, sausage, and other delicious breakfast items to feed their family a delicious brunch during the weekend. The cooking temperature ranges from 200 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit in 50-degree intervals. Get the optimal cooking temperature you need to cook your food evenly. The removable handles help you customize storage optimization when not in use and the drip tray makes clean-up more efficient.

Survival Vegetable Seeds Garden Kit

Gardeners Basics, Survival Vegetable Seeds Garden Kit Over 16,000 Seeds Non-GMO and Heirloom, Great for Emergency Bugout Survival Gear 35 Varieties Seeds for Planting Vegetables 35 Plant Markers

The Gardeners Basics Store on Amazon has a survival vegetable seeds garden kit. If crops fail or there is an emergency, they can whip out this garden kit with 35 vegetable varieties. The kit includes vegetables such as corn, eggplant, beans, cauliflower, romaine, spinach, radishes, pumpkins, and other varieties to help get food crops back in order. Fortunately, the seed packets are designed to prevent mold growth if the package is partially used for planting.

Last Gen Food Dehydrator 

Last Gen™ Food Dehydrator - Easy Setup, Adjustable Timer With 280W, 5-Trays | Keep Warm Function | Dryer For Herb, Meat, Jerky And Fruits

The Last Gen Food Dehydrator on Amazon includes five trays to dehydrate a maximum of five different foods simultaneously or a large batch of the same food. For example, dehydrate meat to turn it into homemade beef jerky. Preserve fruits and vegetables in a dehydrated form to last longer while maintaining their nutrient profiles. Its compact design makes it easy to store when not in use. 

Brother XR9550 Computerized Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine

This computerized sewing machine from Brother makes it easy to make DIY quilts, doilies, blankets, placemats, pot holders, and other fabric-based items for the homestead. It comes with 155 stitches that can be auto-sewn into the fabric and 55 auto-alphanumeric designs. If you need buttonholes, choose from one of eight varieties to cut out of the fabric. When you are working with less light, the bright LED light can guide your way. 

NordicWare Cast Aluminum Stovetop Belgian Waffle Maker

NordicWare 15040 Cast Aluminum Stovetop Belgium Waffle Iron

Have your homesteader enjoy delicious Belgian-style waffles with this cast aluminum stovetop Belgian waffle maker from NordicWare. They can make homemade Belgian waffles by combining their farm-raised chicken eggs, home-churned butter, and flour from their grain mill. The product works on gas, ceramic, or electric stovetops for even cooking and fluffy waffles are made during every batch. 

Homkula Canning Supplies Kit

Canning Supplies Canning Kit Set - 7 PCS, Premium Stainless Steel Canning Tools Boxed Set, No Rust, Dishwasher Safe, by HOMKULA

As one of Amazon’s Choice products for canning supplies, the Homkula set comes with an 11.5-inch canning rack and other tools to can vegetables and fruits. There is also a jar wrench, canning tongs, bubble remover, jar lifter, and other tools necessary for a successful canning job. Choose from the seven-piece or nine-piece set to give to your homesteader. 

KoMo Hand Grinder

KoMo Hand Grinder

Made with solid male hardwood from handcrafters in Austria, the KoMo hand grinder turns wheat, rice, oats, and other grains into a flour consistency for baking bread and other pastries. The homesteader can enjoy the elbow grease in making homemade flour for different baking recipes. Its portable design allows easy storage in a cupboard or on the counter when not in use. 

Homesteaders of America Homestead Journal Planner

2023 The Homestead Journal Planner

Homesteaders of America has a yearly journal planner that allows homesteaders to plan all the events with their endeavors. First, you choose a main focus for the year for your homestead and set goals based on the seasons. Then, prioritize your tasks and journal about your day for each day in the journal. Learn more details about the journal’s layout from the Homesteaders of America website or by watching a video review.

Farm Girl Boutique Homestead Apron

Homestead Apron

This homestead apron from Farm Girl Boutique is made with linen material. Its front pocket makes it easy to store small objects while engaging in a project for the homestead. The crisscross design on the back adds a nice aesthetic touch. If you are near the Ada, Oklahoma store, choose store pickup. Alternatively, you can get it shipped to your home so you can give it to your homesteader. 

ETIUC Egg Gathering Apron

ETIUC Durable Egg Gathering Apron 18 Deep Pockets Canvas Fabric for Duck Goose Quail Dove Eggs Holder Easter Egg Collecting Apron Chicken Coop Tool Hen Rooster Print

Speaking of aprons, ETIUC on Amazon has one specifically for egg gathering from your chicken coop. Made of canvas polyester, this waist tie apron has pockets for holding standard-sized eggs comfortably for easier collecting from the chicken coop. Chickens and roosters decorate the product in a beautiful design. It can hold 18 eggs before you have to transfer them to an egg carton to collect more. 

AIUHI Wooden Spoons Set Eight Pack

Wood Spoons for Cooking,Nonstick Kitchen Utensil Set,Wooden Spoons Cooking Utensil Set Non Scratch Natural Teak Wooden Utensils for Cooking(Teak 8 Pack)

Something about cooking with wooden utensils as a homesteader seems right. These utensils’ natural teak wood adds that special touch. Including ladles, spatulas, paddles, and straining spoons, you are ready to cook any homemade meal with just the necessary cooking utensil. The durable design allows the utensils to maintain their quality and shape without damaging the pots and pans you are cooking in. 

Lowes Gift Card

lowes gift card

Lowes has many livestock supplies available for homesteaders. There are chicken coops, stock tanks, rabbit hutches, and others. Allow the homesteader in your life to choose the supplies they need by giving them a Lowes gift card. Choose from an e-gift card directly sent to their email or a physical one sent to their home address. No matter how you decide to gift, the homesteader will greatly appreciate the ability to pick out their homestead livestock upgrades. 

Amish Made Beehive from Lehmans 


With two deep boxes and two medium boxes, there are ten frames in each one for a total of forty frames throughout the beehive. Hence, you can be a beekeeper and house an entire bee colony to help you in your homestead’s honey-making business. When you receive the shipment, it comes already assembled. You only have to stack the boxes together to create the hive and introduce the bees to their new colony location. 

Gardening Tote With Gardening Tools

tote bag

Whether the homesteader has a small garden or a field of crops, consider giving them a handmade gardening tote from PicnicatAscot. The gardening tote comes with three stainless steel tools, including two shovels and a small rake for tilling and planting seeds. Choose from a trellis green design, diamond orange, or forest green. Fill with other tools and seeds to accommodate your upcoming planting project. 

Crazy Chicken Lady Mug

Crazy Chicken Lady Mug Cute Funny Gift Idea For Her Mom Lover Homesteader Christmas Birthday Mothers Day Minimalist Leaf Coffee Cup Ceramic White

MerriMint Designs manufactures a Crazy Chicken Lady ceramic mug in two sizes. It’s a dishwasher and microwave-safe mug that holds 11 ounces or 15 ounces of a favorite hot or cold beverage. The engraved writing will hold for a very long time as it is printed on the best ceramic material. In addition, the saying is printed on both sides of the mug for more enjoyment. 

What Gift Will You Get the Homesteader In Your Life? 

Finding gifts for homesteaders requires some research and thought. However, listening to the homesteader talk about their daily tasks can help you narrow down what they may want or need to assist their profession. 

Let us know in the comments if you are choosing one of the gifts from this list or if you found another not listed here. In addition, our writing team and readers would love to hear about other gift ideas that we may have missed.