25 Gifts for Hairdressers They Won’t Get From Someone Else

A hairdresser can play a special role in their clients’ lives. A good hairstylist nurtures their client’s self-esteem, listens to their problems, and helps them feel beautiful inside and out.

Whether you have an upcoming holiday, birthday, or want to show them your appreciation, professional hairdressers are more than deserving of a meaningful gift.

Choosing a gift for a hairdresser can be tricky. Hairdressers typically have great taste and already have an extensive collection of hair and makeup supplies. They’ve also probably received their fair share of generic gift cards and thank you notes. 

To help, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most unique and practical gifts you can give a hairstylist. Read on to learn more about 25 gifts for hairdressers that they won’t get from someone else. 

Steel Magnolias Sticker

Magnolias Sticker for Steels

It’s an undeniable fact that Truvy Jones of Steel Magnolias is one of the best fictional hairstylists. Iconically portrayed by Dolly Parton in the 1989 film, Truvy supported her friends as both a beautician and confidant. 

If the hairdresser in your life treats Truvy Jones as a role model, they will surely appreciate this adorable Steel Magnolias sticker. The sticker features a classic Truvy Jones quote and a simple illustration and is available in multiple sizes and finishes.

Personalized Apron

Personalized hair stylist apron

Cutting and styling hair is messy work. A hairdresser relies on a sturdy apron that will protect them from all those tiny hairs, not to mention a litany of bleaches, dyes, and other potent chemicals.

Your hairdresser will love a new apron, especially this personalized apron from Etsy. This work apron sports a sweet hairdresser-themed design and a space for the hairdresser’s name. It comes in several colors and—the best part—has three large pockets for holding hair styling tools. 


Hairdresser Tumbler

Hairdressers work hectic hours and might not have time to sit down and enjoy their morning iced coffee. With this insulated metal tumbler, they’ll be able to savor their favorite caffeinated beverage without keeping a client waiting.

The tumbler comes with a lid and straw, perfect for bringing a drink to the salon without risking spills. This Etsy shop lets you choose from three different hairstylist-themed designs and includes the option to personalize the tumbler with a name.

Back Massager

RENPHO Back Massager with Heat, Shiatsu Chair Massage Pad for Neck,Shoulder, Massager for Back Pain, Height Adjustable Massage Seat, Massage Cushion with Heat for Fatigue Relief, Gifts Idea

For a more high-end gift, consider a quality electric back massager. Hairstyling is a physically strenuous job that requires spending most of the day on your feet, bending your neck at awkward angles to work with clients’ hair. 

Many hairstylists struggle with chronic back pain, so a fancy electric massager can be a game changer for their daily comfort. This portable electric massage chair pad from Renpho features neck and back massage capabilities and a vibrating seat. 

Hairdresser Clock

Hairdresser Clock

Every hairdresser needs a decent wall clock. Unlike certain other professions, hairdressers usually don’t have a free hand to check the time on their phones, but they still need to keep a close eye on the time to keep track of upcoming client appointments. 

An attractive hairdresser-themed wall clock is a great gift that is both useful and decorative. This gorgeous wooden clock has a lovely design and clear, easy-to-read numbers.

Salon Equipment Trolley

Beauty Style Salon Equipment Trolley with 6 Drawers, Rolling Wheels for Beauty Hairdressing Storage Cart Black

Sometimes the best gift is the most practical one. No hairstylist would turn down an upgraded equipment trolley. A suitable salon trolley will have plenty of stacked drawers and a spacious tool caddy on top. 

This salon equipment trolley has six removable tray drawers and a large compartmentalized top tray. The drawer tower is mounted on four swivel wheels, allowing for easy mobility across a salon floor. 

Fancy Hand Cream

Fancy Hand Cream

One of the less-considered workplace hazards for hairdressers is dry and damaged skin on the hands. A hairdresser regularly handles bleach and other harsh chemicals, not to mention repeatedly getting their hands wet and covered with shampoos and cleansers. 

As a result, a hairdresser deals with chapped, sensitive hands. A fancy hand cream would be a sweet, thoughtful gift for your hairdresser. This Unsun soothing hand cream has chamomile, shea butter, and coconut oil. It also offers SPF 15 sun protection.

Artsy Hair Salon Poster

cutespree Metal Tin Signs Life Too Short to Have Boring Hair Funny Interesting Quote Slogan Girl Woman Holding Scissor Rose Hairdresser Salon Vintage Retro Art Picture Wall Decor Poster, 12x8 inch

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a cute piece of wall decor. An aesthetically attractive art piece like this vintage-inspired hair poster can help spruce up your local hair salon. 

This poster is particularly nice since it’s made of durable metal and has four convenient pin holes for hanging. With a sturdy wall hanging, your hairstylist can repurpose it in salons for years to come. 

Funny Wine Glass

IE Laserware Hairapist Stemless Wine Glass | Elegantly Stylish Glass for Hairdresser Stylist Barber Beautician | Men or Women | Laser Etching Creates Frosted Design

Give your hairdresser a laugh with a humorous wine glass. Next time your hairstylist is decompressing with a glass of merlot, they’ll appreciate the recognition of their role as a “hairapist.” Hairdressing certainly involves some emotional labor, and this stylish wine glass is a great way to thank them.

This stemless wine glass is chip-resistant, dishwasher safe, and made with real glass. It can hold up to 15 fluid ounces. If you want to give your gift some extra panache, consider pairing the wine glass with a bottle of your stylist’s favorite wine. 

Scissors Coffee Mug

Scissors Handle Coffee Mug, 11oz - Fairly Odd Novelties - Fun Barber Hairdresser Arts 7 Crafts Tea Cup Gift

Hairdressers probably get a lot of generic hairstylist mugs, but they’ll be impressed by this unusual coffee mug design. This mug takes inspiration from the shape of hair shears to create the perfect scissors cup handle. 

This mug is both simple and original, making it an ideal gift for a hairstylist whom you adore, but might not know so well. Furthermore, this isn’t a shoddily constructed novelty mug—it’s made with a steel handle and ceramic base.

Dainty Scissor Ring

Sterling Silver Dainty Scissor Ring

For a simple cute gift, consider this dainty scissor ring. This eight-millimeter ring is made with oxidized sterling silver, allowing for a durable but stylish look. The subtle hair scissors design is a fun nod to your hairdresser’s profession without being too cheesy. 

Conveniently, the ring comes in seven different sizes, so you should be able to find the right size ring for your recipient. Additionally, if you don’t think your hairdresser wears rings, this Etsy jewelry shop also sells an earring version of this design. 

Personalized Tote Bag

Hair Stylist Personalized Embroidered Tote

A busy hairdresser won’t turn down a quality tote bag. Whether they’re transporting supplies from their home to the salon or providing hair services offsite for a special event, your hairdresser needs a well-constructed bag to carry all their hair styling essentials.

This personalized tote bag is made with a thick, polyester fabric that can stand the test of time. The main compartment is zippered and there are mesh pockets on the external side of the bag. You can also choose to include a special 13-pocket bag organizer.

Business Card Holder

Business Card Holder Made from Real Scissors

Networking is an essential part of the hairdressing profession, and business cards are an important tool for making connections. Every hair stylist keeps a stack of business cards on hand, and what better way to display them than in a stylish card holder?

This business card holder is made out of a real pair of hair scissors that have been reshaped as a card stand. It can hold a hefty amount of cards and the snazzy design is sure to catch the customer’s eye.

Comfortable Sneakers

Keds Women's Triple Kick Sneaker, White Canvas, 8.5 Medium

When you work on your feet all day, comfortable shoes are a must. Treat the hair stylist in your life with these Keds Triple Kick Patent Sneakers. These timeless kicks have thick rubber soles, supportive arches, and Ortholite padded insoles. 

There are many comfortable sneakers on the market, but a pair of white shoes from a fashionable brand is the best option if you want a daily wear shoe that matches multiple outfits and can provide comfort while still reflecting a stylist’s excellent taste. 

Legally Blonde Scented Candle

Bend and Snap Legally Blonde Gift Scented Candle Funny Candle Gift for Her Stocking Stuffer Gag Gift Holiday Gift

This Legally Blonde “bend and snap” scented candle is a great gift with a fun pop culture reference. The beauty salon bend and snap scene from Legally Blonde is a movie classic and a hilarious homage to the camaraderie of the salon space. 

With this vanilla-scented candle, your hairstylist can relax at home while enjoying some of their favorite bits of hair salon culture. 

Client Book Organizer

Client Book Alphabetical: A5 Medium Hair Stylist Notebook Organizer with Alphabet Sections | Vintage Victorian Garden Flower Art Design Turquoise

For a practical gift, check out this client book organizer. As with any service-oriented profession, hairdressers keep careful, detailed records of all of their regular clients. In addition to names and contact information, hair stylists often like to make note of clients’ styling preferences and special needs. 

This handy book has an attractive cover and features alphabetical sections and contact information templates, making it a fantastic organizing tool. 

Hair Dye Remover Wipes

Framar Kolor Killer Wipes – Hair Dye Remover, Hair Color Remover – Wipes Dispenser of 100

If you want to get your hairdresser friend a gift that they’ll use every day, look no further than this pack of hair dye remover wipes. Hairdressers constantly work with hair color, resulting in stains on their hands and arms. These gentle yet effective wipes are a quick and easy way to remove dye from skin, allowing for efficient clean-up in-between client appointments.

Hairdresser Name Plate

Hairdresser Name Tag Sign

Hairdressers will love having an attractive nameplate to place at their work station. A name plate will help clients know where to sit and signal to colleagues that the station is taken. 

This pretty wooden sign displays a charming hair styling tool illustration and has options for three finishes and five fonts. At four inches high and 11 inches wide, it is large enough to see but doesn’t take up too much of the workspace.

Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat

Anti Fatigue Salon mats for Hair Stylist 3'x4' Barber Shop Salon Chair Mats - Black Semi Circle Hair Floor Mat for Salon Chair - 1/2' Thick Comfort Salon Standing Mat

An anti-fatigue mat is on the practical end of hairdresser gifts, and one they will surely appreciate. Extra floor cushioning can make a big difference in a stylist’s foot and back pain by the end of the day.

This quality mat is designed to fit around the space of a salon chair, meaning that a hairdresser could work on different sides of the client while still staying on the cushioned surface. 

Hairdresser Water Bottle

50 Strong Hairdresser Water Bottle with Chug Cap & Carry Loop, 30 ounces

Hydration is important, especially when you’re physically active throughout the day. Remind the hairdresser in your life to take care of themselves with this reusable water bottle. 

The water bottle features helpful hour markings on the side, so you can keep track of how much water you’re drinking and reach your daily hydration needs.

Electric Hand Massager

Lunix LX3 Hand Massager Machine, FSA HSA Eligible, Hand Massager with Heat and Compression, Shiatsu Hand Massager for Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel, Pain Relief

Similar to the aforementioned back massager, a high-quality electric hand massager is a wonderful luxury gift for a hairdresser. After working with their hands all day, hairdressers deal with sore joints and muscles and may suffer from repetitive stress injuries. This hand massager uses a combination of compression, heat, and vibration to ease the symptoms of carpal tunnel, numb fingers, and muscle pain. 

Foot Spa

Conair Soothing Pedicure Foot Spa Bath with Soothing Vibration Massage, Deep Basin Relaxing Foot Massager with Jets, Pink/White

With this Conair Food Pedicure Spa, a hairdresser can treat themselves to a relaxing foot soak and massage at home whenever they need it. This electric foot spa has toe-touch control buttons, vibration features, and a pinpoint massage attachment. It can maintain a water temperature for up to ten minutes. With a deep basin for full foot submersion, this home spa will be a tired hairdresser’s dream.

Social Media Sign

Business Social Media Sign

Today, many hairdressers get a bulk of their business through social media promotion. You can support their social media presence by gifting them this chic social media sign. 

This sign is the perfect size for a desk or salon workstation and has space to personalize an Instagram and Facebook account name. With 56 different background colors to choose from, this sign can match any hairdresser’s design taste. 

Hairdresser Compact Mirror

Hairdresser Gift for Women Hair Stylist Gifts Compact Mirror Funny Birthday Gift for Hair Dresser Stylists Barber Hairstylist Gifts Appreciation Gift Cosmetology Graduate Gift Compact Makeup Mirror

Your hairdresser will love this sassy compact mirror. It is made with stainless steel and has a rose gold finish. The mirror can open at up to a 180-degree angle and has both a regular and magnifying mirror. 

A compact mirror is always useful for checking your appearance on the go, and the funny line engraved on the front will brighten your hairdresser’s day every time they use it.

Personalized Stationery Set

Hairstylist Personalized Stationery Set

This personalized stationery set has a whimsical hair-styling-themed design motif and is perfect for all of a hairdresser’s letter-writing needs. The stationery can be used for thank-you notes, holiday and birthday messages, and more.

This set contains a notepad, 12 notecards, and 12 envelopes. It comes packaged with a quaint twine bow, making it perfect for gift-giving. 

Final Thoughts

While a hairdresser will appreciate any gift card or small gift, you can best show your appreciation by giving a gift that recognizes their needs, wants, and priorities.

Whether you pick an item from the guide above or just use it as inspiration, your hairdresser friend will love a thoughtful gift. 

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