25 Gifts for Gun Lovers (So Your Not Shooting From The Hip)

If you have a gun lover on your gift list, we have some gifts for gun lovers that will wow them. Whether you want to give them a silly gun-themed gag gift, a useful gun accessory, or something that will allow them to express their passion, you’ll find an outstanding gift idea on this list!

We rounded up the best gifts for gun lovers below, from gun safety books to rifle cleaning kits to funny t-shirts.

Tactical Gun Range Duffle Bag

Tactical Gun Shooting Range Bag, Deluxe Pistol Range Duffle Bags Tan

This duffle bag is a brilliant gift for gun lovers who frequent the shooting range and like to bring plenty of ammo and gun options. It’s a tactical range bag with six soft pistol cases and room for many other guns and different ammo. The bag is comfortable to carry and super spacious inside. It comes in four colors, so you can personalize it for the gun lover in your life. 

The NRA Step-by-Step Guide to Gun Safety Book

The NRA Step-by-Step Guide to Gun Safety: How to Care For, Use, and Store Your Firearms

This book covers everything a gun owner needs to know about owning and using guns, from maintenance to safety, according to the NRA. Whether you’re looking for a gift for an experienced gun lover or a newbie, this book is insightful and loaded with helpful information. It’s one of those quintessential books that every gun owner should have on their shelf.

Rusty Gun Chocolate Gift Box

Chocolate Gift Box for Men - Dark Chocolate Rusty Gun, Full Sized, Solid and Gift Ready - 13.40 ounces - Creative Gift for Gun Lovers, Food Gift for Men

A silly and delicious gift for gun lovers is this dark chocolate gun! It’s a great gag gift, but it also uses premium dark chocolate for a smooth and slightly bitter flavor that will make your mouth water. It comes in a classy antique gift box, so it’s ready to be presented immediately. You’ll also get a kick watching your gun-loving friend gnaw on this realistic chocolate pistol.

Anatomy Of A Pew Gun Lover Throw

Anatomy Of A Pew Gun Lover Throw

Gun lovers can show their passion for guns, study their bullet anatomy (not really), and stay warm and cozy with this fun blanket. It’s a soft polyester fleece material, giving it a fluffy and lush feel that will lull your gun lover to sleep with visions of pistols shooting in their mind.

The bullet anatomy is an edge-to-edge design on the fleece that is eye-catching and is sure to get a giggle out of your friend. It’s the perfect home gift for a gun lover of any age.

Novelty Ceramic Pistol Cup

HLJgift Novelty Ceramic Coffee Mugs Gun Mugs Pistol Cup for amazing gift Black&Silver

A classic gift for gun lovers, this coffee mug has the butt of a pistol where the handle should be, so gun lovers can always feel ready and armed, even when just sipping their morning beverage. This mug has a glossy silver finish similar to many guns, giving it that gun-metal appearance. It’s a cute gag gift but also a high-quality mug, so it’ll become their favorite mug in no time.

NaTiddy Gun Cleaning Kit

NaTiddy 212PCS Gun Cleaning Kit Universal Rifle Cleaning Kit with Solid Brass Accessories,Black Case,Gun Cleaning Mat,Cotton Swabs,Stainless Steel Pick,Gun Cleaning Brush Kits for Pistol Shotgun

This comprehensive gun cleaning kit is a sensational gift for gun owners who care about their guns. It comes with everything one could need to keep their pistols and rifles in tip-top shape. The kit is universal, so it’s suitable for cleaning almost every type of gun in existence.

While this cleaning kit isn’t the most affordable gift on this list, it’s a steal for everything you get in this product!

A Visual History of Firearms Gun Poster

Gun Poster - A Visual History of Firearms - Large 24' x 36' Artwork with Intricate Detail and Quality Printing - Gift for Man Cave

This cool gift is pretty self-explanatory. It’s a stylish and refined poster with dozens of gun types listed with their name. It’s the perfect present for a gun lover’s office. It features all the most significant guns throughout history and is a wonderful conversation starter!

Gun lovers who have a deep appreciation for the evolution of rifles will be particularly grateful for this thoughtful product.

Gun AR15 Wine Bottle Holder

Gun AR15 Wine Bottle Holder

For the gun and wine lover in your life, this hilarious ad quirky wine bottle holder is ideal. Shaped like an AR15 rifle, this wine bottle holder is the perfect way for someone to express their love of guns and passion for wine! It looks great on a kitchen counter or dining table and adds a touch of humor and boldness to any home

Bullet Bouquets

IMG 7660AMZNReady 1080x

This unique gift is sensational for artistic gun lovers, especially women who love to embrace their gun-toting and flower-loving side at the same time. The bullet bouquet is a small clay pot filled with bullets and flowers made from gun materials. This compact gift can sit on someone’s desk or kitchen table and exemplify the grace and power of rifles.

The Original BenShot Bullet Rocks Glass

BenShot Rocks Glass with Real .308 Bullet - 11oz | Made in the USA

Similar to the pistol coffee mug, this bullet rocks glass is a stellar gift for gun lovers that they’ll use every day. The glass has a real.308 bullet embedded in the side, creating a funky and fascinating look that is provocative. The glass itself is a high-quality whiskey glass but has an affordable price, making it an easy gift for all gun lovers.

Biometric Fingerprint Gun Safe

SOULYI Biometric Fingerprint Gun Safe for 3 Pistols Safe DOJ Certified with 3 Quick Access Handgun Safe,Digital Keypad Matt Black Bedside Firearm Safety Car Safe Hardened Steel Lock Box

Gun safety is important, and a major aspect of proper gun safety is having a quality gun safe. This gun safe is top-of-the-line, featuring a biometric fingerprint lock, so no one but the owner can access the guns.

It holds three pistols and the fingerprint feature allows for easy access, so no fiddling with a combination code or key when an emergency arises. It’s easily one of the best gun safes on the market for pistols and is a luxury gift for gun owners.

All-in-One Shooting Ear and Eye Protection

TradeSmart All-in-One Shooting Ear Protection & Range Glasses, 5 Earplugs & Hard Case - Ideal Shooter's Gift for Him and Her

If you’ve ever shot a gun, you know they’re loud and powerful. If the gun enthusiast in your life hits the shooting range often, this all-in-one gun safety gear pack can help them protect their eyes and ears while blasting away at the bullseye.

The earplugs, eye goggles, and headphones are all top-notch and fit neatly into the compact carry case, making trips to the shooting range a breeze.

Becoming Shooters: A Guide For New Gun Owners Book

Becoming Shooters: A Guide For New Gun Owners

If your friend or family member’s passion for guns is new, this book is a stellar gift. It’s a convenient and thorough guide for new gun owners.

It discusses gun safety, use, techniques, cleaning, maintenance, and more, helping your gun-loving friend step into the world of guns armed with information. It fills the common gaps in knowledge that can lead to dangerous situations, so it can help your loved one stay safe while enjoying rifles.

Personalized Gun Signs

Personalized Gun Signs

This personalized gun sign is charming and unique, making it perfect for gun-loving families or gun enthusiasts with a decent collection of ammo and rifles. You can put their name or a funny slogan, which looks stellar when hung over a door or beside a gun rack.

The signs come in five colors and five sizes, so the price is flexible. If this design isn’t perfect, you can find many similar gun signs on Etsy that can be customized to suit your vision.

Custom EVA Foam Gun Cleaning Takedown Mat

Custom EVA Foam Gun Cleaning Takedown Mat

Gun cleaning can be messier than people think, but gun lovers can keep their tables and surfaces clean by caring for their guns with this EVA foam mat. The mat features designated spots for the gun parts, so staying organized while cleaning is a breeze.

The heavy-duty premium takedown mat can be customized with their name and is sure to last years and years, making it easier to care for their guns without making a mess. 

Secret Hollow Book Gun Compartment

Secret Hollow Book Gun Compartment

Some gun safes are audacious and in-your-face. For something more elegant and discreet, you can gift the gun love in your life this secretly hollow book that doubles as a gun safe. It perfectly fits one modern pistol and locks using a key.

You can choose a book that looks like the Holy Bible or a plain dictionary, making it as unassuming as possible. While this book safe may be seen as a gag gift, it’s also a smart way to store guns to prevent theft or child accidents.

Personalized Hunting Sling

Personalized Hunting Sling

Plenty of gun lovers are also hunting enthusiasts, and this personalized hunting strap for a rifle is a thoughtful and simple gift that will make their outings more comfortable and maybe more successful!

You can have their name stitched onto the shoulder sling and choose from a few different camouflage patterns they will love. This gift is best for gun lovers with large rifles, as it’s not suitable for pistols.

Magnetic Gun Holder for Car

Magnetic Gun Holder for Car

From extreme road rage to carjackings, driving around in your car comes with its share of risks. If your gun-loving friend lives in a tough area, this magnetic gun holder for cars is an excellent gift to make them feel safer and more prepared for the worst. It’s meant to be installed below the steering wheel, making it easy to cock and pull out if an emergency arises.

Personalized Engraved Ammo Storage Box

Personalized Engraved Ammo Storage Box

Most gun lovers are equally as passionate about ammo as they are about their guns. This stylish and durable ammo storage box is the perfect way for them to keep their ammo safe and organized. This product comes in two different sizes, so you can choose the perfect option for their ammo collection, and you can add a personalized message or their name!

Gun Soap

Gun Soap

This silly gag gift is suitable for gun lovers of all ages! It’s also the most affordable gift on this list, so is a brilliant option if you’re on a tight budget. The product comes with four pieces of soap shaped like modern pistols.

They’re made from soothing goat milk and glycerin soap, so they’re a funny gag gift, but will also nourish their skin! It’s perfect for kids interested in guns or the gun lover who already has all the gun accessories they could ever need.

Wall Gun Rack

Wall Gun Rack

For gun lovers who want to proudly display their rifles, this wall rack with a pegboard design is a versatile and affordable storage solution. Instead of gun slots, the pegboard gives the gun owner the ability to adjust the rack to fit their needs, whether they have six pistols or three rifles. This gift idea is best for serious gun enthusiasts who already own multiple guns.

Personalized Gun Ornament

Personalized Gun Ornament

This personalized rifle ornament is a sensational Christmas gift for the gun lover in your life. The ornament is made from premium metal and has a satin ribbon that allows you to hang it on a Christmas tree or the wall if your gun-loving friend wants to admire it year-round.

You can buy one personalized rifle ornament, or purchase a set so their tree can be decorated to the nines with their passion for guns! 

Bolt Bullet Action Pen

Bolt Action Pen with Gift Box Refile Shape Metal Pen Ballpoint Solid Pens for Gun Lover with Black Ink Refills for Dad Colleague Boyfriend Husband Graduation Father's Day Valentine Gift(Wood)

This sophisticated and cleverly-designed bolt action bullet pen is a brilliant gift for gun lovers because it’s useful, stylish, and gun-themed. It even comes with a mini rifle-carrying case that fits the pen! This small gift is thoughtful and offers a quality writing experience. It may be a gag gift, but it’s also a high-end pen that will last years.

Gun Enthusiast T-Shirt

I like Things that Go Pew Pew - Gun Enthusiast T-Shirt Gift T-Shirt

It might be a little cheesy, but it’s fun to give a gun lover a silly T-shirt like this. In many ways, enjoying and owning guns is a political statement, and shirts like these allow people to show their gun pride in public. And this is only one of the fun gun-themed T-shirts you can buy. Etsy and Amazon have an endless supply of cool gun T-shirts.

Stealth Molle Pistol Holster

Stealth Molle Pistol Holster

This gun holster is ideal for storing, carrying, or wearing pistols. It’s a wonderful gift for folks with concealed carry licenses or who don’t want to store their guns in a safe. It can hold an extra clip and is suitable for a wide range of guns, making it flexible and easy to customize! The holster is affordable, so consider getting your loved one multiple holsters to accommodate their armory.

Choosing the Perfect Gift

Choosing the perfect gift for your favorite gun enthusiast shouldn’t be too hard. Buying them a gun or even ammo can be tricky, so it’s best to stick to these simple gifts for gun lovers that can help them express their love for rifles.

Consider how often they go to a shooting range, if they like to hunt, their age, and their sense of humor. And when in doubt, a helpful or interesting book about guns is a thoughtful choice!