25 Gifts for Filmmakers (For All Budgets)

Ah, the art of gift-giving. 

It can be a perilous task, especially when bestowing presents upon those creative geniuses known as filmmakers. With their discerning tastes and high standards, finding the perfect gift for these artistic auteurs can be as tricky as crafting a twist ending that actually surprises M. Night Shyamalan. 

Whether your recipient is a budding Spielberg, a seasoned Scorsese, or somewhere in between, we’ve created a list of 25 gifts for filmmakers that will satisfy even the most demanding of directors. 

Make the Movie You Want to Watch Sticker

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Who wouldn’t love a constant reminder to stay true to their creative vision? Encourage your favorite cinephile to skip the mindless streaming service scrolling and get to work making their dream a reality. This sticker is a subtle but powerful motivator that will encourage any filmmaker to pursue their passion and create something that shakes up the world of cinema. It’s also high-quality, waterproof vinyl, so they can stick it anywhere without worrying about peeling or fading. 

Praxinoscope Animation Spinner


Looking for a gift that’s a blast from the cinematic past? Behold, the Praxinoscope Animation Spinner! Hailing from the land of tapas and flamenco (that’s Spain), this snazzy gadget is chock-full of old-school charm. With 19 character slides, your filmmaker friend will be giddy as they watch animations come to life in the mirrored panels. Perfect for cinephiles with a penchant for nostalgia, this gift will surely leave them Spielberg-level speechless.

Portable Teleprompter

NEEWER Teleprompter X14 with RT-110 Remote & APP Control (Bluetooth Connection via NEEWER Teleprompter App), Portable No Assembly Compatible with iPad Android Tablet, Smartphone, DSLR Camera

The NEEWER X14 Teleprompter is a fabulously foldable, no-assembly-required tool that’ll have your giftee feeling like a pro. Just mount it on a tripod, hook up their camera and tablet/smartphone, and voilà! The teleprompter pièce de résistance is an RT-110 remote that pairs with their smartphone for seamless Bluetooth control. 

Filmmaker Mug


For the filmmaker who’s got everything, why not give them a little something to sip their creative juices from? This charming ceramic mug is adorned with doodles of filmmaking paraphernalia, so it’s perfect for the film production enthusiast who likes morning cuppa with a side of quirk. It’s also microwave-safe, which means that even when reshoots take all morning, your recipient can safely get their coffee back up to drinkable temperatures. 

Deluxe Popcorn Seasoning Box 

Deluxe Popcorn

An authentic cinema experience isn’t complete without popcorn, but butter can get boring when you’re dedicated to catching every new flick that hits the big screen. Spice up your loved one’s snacking options with a Deluxe Popcorn Seasoning Box! This gift is like a film festival for their palate, featuring ten gluten-free, non-GMO flavors, from Buffalo Wings to Chocolate Caramel.

Wireless Lavalier Microphone Kit

comica Wireless Lavalier Microphone, BoomX-D2 2.4G Compact Wireless Lapel Microphone System with 2 Transmitter and 1 Receiver,Lav Mic for Smartphone Camera Podcast Interview YouTube Facebook Live

Don’t let lousy audio spoil your filmmaker’s masterpiece. The Comica BoomX-D2 Wireless Lavalier Microphone Kit is the ultimate gift for crisp, clear sound. With 2.4G digital RF technology and a working distance of up to 150ft, this dual-transmitter, single-receiver mic setup is encased in a sleek metal shell to keep it interference-free. The auto frequency adjustment and low latency ensure high fidelity and rapid transmission, making this microphone kit the perfect sidekick for every Hitchcock-in-the-making.

Movie Logbook

movie logbook

Auteur, meet auteur’s best friend: the Movie Logbook. This fabulously film-themed journal is the perfect place for your recipient to track their movie-watching adventures. With space for 188 movie ratings and reviews, they can channel their inner Ebert, scribbling down their thoughts on everything from tear-jerkers to award-worthy gems. This luxe satin softcover logbook is the ultimate coffee table companion, sure to spark conversation and inspire the next cinematic masterpiece.

Movo SmartCine Complete Smartphone Video Rig

Movo SmartCine Complete Smartphone Video Rig with Built-in Stereo Microphone, LED Light, Wide-Angle and Fisheye Lenses - Youtuber Kit Compatible with iPhone/Android Phones - YouTube, Tik Tok Equipment

Every filmmaker knows that sometimes, the best camera is the one you have with you. Enter the Movo SmartCine Complete Smartphone Video Rig, the perfect gift for the on-the-go filmmaker. This all-in-one kit transforms any smartphone into a mini movie studio, complete with a universal phone rig, wide-angle and fisheye lenses, a built-in stereo microphone, and LED light. The adjustable grip and viewfinder ensure compatibility with most smartphones, while the 1-year warranty guarantees peace of mind. Give the gift of cinematic freedom with this compact and versatile video rig.

“Cheap Movie Tricks: How to Shoot a Short Film for Under $2,000”

Cheap Movie Tricks: How To Shoot A Short Film For Under $2,000 (Filmmaker gift)

“Cheap Movie Tricks: How to Shoot a Short Film for Under $2,000” is a treasure trove of budget-friendly filmmaking tips that covers everything from planning and shooting to editing and promotion. Who needs a Hollywood budget when you’ve got this handy guide? You can even sweeten the pot by helping your giftee gather the change from the couch cushions and start shooting that award-winning short film they’ve been planning for years. 

Best of Warner Bros.: 20 Film Collection

Best of Warner Bros

Indulge your chum in a smorgasbord of cinematic delights with the Best of Warner Bros.: 20 Film Collection. Perfect for the filmmaker who appreciates the classics, this DVD set is packed with Best Picture Oscar winners spanning 1929 to 2006. From “Gone with the Wind” to “The Departed,” they’ll be captivated by cinematic genius as they soak up 44 hours and 15 minutes of movie magic. 

Miniature VHS Movie Keyring


Add a dash of retro charm to your giftee’s life with these delightful Miniature VHS Movie Keyrings! With any movie of their choice shrunk down to pocket-sized perfection, they’ll be toting their favorite flicks wherever they go. It’s a splendidly nostalgic gift that screams, “I know you love movies, so I got you this tiny VHS masterpiece to make your heart swell with cinephile pride!” Be prepared for a standing ovation when they open this adorable token of movie magnificence. 

Screenplay Sweater

Screenwriter Shirt

Give a gentle reminder to friends and foes alike that no conversation is safe from a screenwriter’s quill. Featuring the tongue-in-cheek warning, “Careful or you’ll end up in my screenplay,” this cozy garment is the perfect blend of humor and fashion. Ideal for writing sessions, Zoom pitches, or just lounging around pondering plot twists, this sweater is the ultimate cozy companion for the screenwriter who loves to look fabulous while spinning cinematic yarns.

Elgato Stream Deck Classic

Elgato Stream Deck Classic - Live production controller with 15 customizable LCD keys and adjustable stand, trigger actions in OBS Studio, Streamlabs, Twitch, YouTube and more, works with PC/Mac

Give the gift of streamlined production with the Elgato Stream Deck Classic. This powerful little gadget boasts 15 customizable LCD keys that will unleash their inner maestro as they trigger unlimited actions with a single tap. From launching multiple commands simultaneously to swapping between app-specific profiles on the fly, the Stream Deck Classic is a filmmaker’s dream come true. With powerful integrations like OBS, Twitch, and Philips Hue, they’ll command their creative domain with the tap of a button. 

Rokr Vitascope Mechanical Movie Projector Model Kit

Rokr Vitascope

Delight your filmmaker friend with the Rokr Vitascope Mechanical Movie Projector Model Kit – a nostalgic and entertaining trip down memory lane. This hand-cranked, gear-driven wonder comes complete with 183 laser-cut wooden pieces, requiring no glue and promising hours of assembly fun. Once completed, they’ll marvel at their working Vitascope projector, complete with a 58-frame black and white film. Gift this charming model kit for a cinematic blast from the past that’ll have them cranking out memories in no time!

Rechargeable RGB Video Light

Pixel G1s RGB Video Light, Built-in 12W Rechargeable Battery LED Camera Light 360° Full Color 9 Common Light Effects, CRI≥97 2500-5800K LED Video Light Panel with Aluminum Alloy Body

This versatile, colorful lighting solution boasts 80 bi-color LED beads, 70 RGB color LED beads, and 12 common lighting scene effects for a veritable cornucopia of creative possibilities. With adjustable hue, saturation, brightness, and color temperature, this dynamic light source is a game-changer for any filmmaker’s toolkit. Give the gift of vibrant, customizable lighting and watch their next production shine.

16mm Countdown Leader Film Cuff Links

16mm Countdown

These exquisite sterling silver cufflinks let your giftee wear their passion for filmography on their sleeve – quite literally. Crafted from authentic countdown leaders once used to kick off cinematic masterpieces, these sterling silver treasures are the epitome of old-school glamor. The iconic “clock style” countdown pairs range from 8 to 2, adding a touch of cinematic charm to any formal ensemble. The perfect gift for the filmmaker who appreciates the finer things in life, these cufflinks will have them feeling like a red-carpet-ready director in no time.

Green Screen Backdrop

GFCC Green Screen Backdrop Background - 7x10FT Photography Backdrop Photo Background Screen for Video Recording Greenscreen Picture Photoshoot

Help your filmmaker friend transport their productions into whimsical worlds of infinite possibility. While it’s simple at first glance, this emerald expanse of fabric opens up a fantastical realm of visual trickery, where dragons frolic with unicorns and starships soar through cosmic boulevards. A green screen is a must-have tool for inventive auteurs, allowing them to juxtapose their celluloid creations against backdrops limited only by their imagination!

Dubblefilm TEPITO Camera Strap


This snazzy strap may seem like a delicate fashionista, but don’t be fooled – it’s the Hercules of camera straps, capable of lifting a whopping 22 pounds! Handcrafted by Cellophane, this sassy strap brings a vibrant splash of color to any gear collection. It’s the ultimate marriage of fashion and function.

Wide Angle and Macro Lens Kit for iPhone

iOgrapher 37mm Wide Angle Lens for iPhone and Smartphones - Clip On Macro Lens and Wide Phone Lens - Macro Lens for iPhone and Other Smartphones - Camera Lens for Phone - Comes with Leather Case Bag

Unleash a documentarian’s inner Attenborough with the iOgrapher Wide Angle & Macro Lens Kit for iPhone. This scintillating duo of lenses will transform their smartphone into a cinematic powerhouse. With the wide-angle lens, they can capture breathtaking landscapes, while the macro lens lets them explore the tiniest details of their subjects. Give the gift of boundless creative expression and watch their cinematographic adventures flourish, all from the palm of their hand.

Set of 4 Film Patent Prints

Patent Prints

Imagine the oohs and aahs as your giftee unwraps this treasure trove of cinematic history. These prints celebrate the early days of cinema, featuring meticulously enhanced original patent drawings of iconic film tools, including the film strip, reel, clapperboard, and motion movie projector. Talk about a showstopper!

“A is for Auteur” Children’s Book


Are you looking for a gift that’s equal parts educational and entertaining? Enter “A is for Auteur” – a children’s alphabet book that’s a cinephile’s dream come true. Jam-packed with references to over 200 films, from the master of suspense, Hitchcock, to the French New Wave queen, Varda, this book is a celluloid lover’s paradise. Whether your filmmaker friend is a seasoned pro or has a mini-me in the making, this adorable, clever, and beautifully-designed book is the perfect addition to any film library.

Acrylic Production Slate

Elvid 7-Section Acrylic Production Slate with Color Clapper Sticks

For filmmakers yearning to inject a splash of Tinseltown razzle-dazzle into their cinematic endeavors, the Acrylic Production Slate will surely win you the Academy Award for “Best Gift-Giver of the Year.” This delightful dry-erase darling, etched with lines and text, boasts vibrant color clapper sticks, ensuring your filmmaker comrade will bellow “Cut!” with unparalleled panache. Backed by a limited 1-year warranty, this sleek slate promises to be an enduring companion through a myriad of takes and retakes.

100 Movie Set Terms Poster

100 Movie Set

The 100 Movie Set Terms Poster is a captivating compendium of arcane cinematic terminology that only true professionals know. The museum-quality poster is giclée-printed on archival, acid-free paper for a brilliant display of industry lingo that will elevate any room. Available in three sizes, this poster offers a delightful crash course in film set jargon. Just don’t be surprised when they want to regale you with tales of “Martini Shots” and “C-47s.”

Steenbeck Film Editing Table Pin


Indulge a cinephile’s nostalgic side with the limited edition Steenbeck Film Editing Table Pin. This silver-plated brass pin, adorned with enamel, is a nod to the bygone days of film editing. Measuring 2.25″ inches, it comes individually packaged with two silver butterfly clasps, making it a perfect accessory for any filmmaker’s lapel. With only 50 pins made in the 1st edition, this quirky and unique pin is a must-have for any filmmaker with an appreciation for the history of their craft.

Storyboard Sticky Notes

sticky notes

Finally, we present the Storyboard Sticky Notes for the filmmaker who thrives on creativity but struggles to keep their brilliant ideas in check. This sleek little hardcover book, designed especially for filmmakers and creatives, is packed with 200 self-adhesive notes waiting to capture their next Oscar-worthy idea. Measuring a spacious 4×6 inches, these sticky notes offer ample room for storyboarding, brainstorming, and doodling. And with a handy magnetic closure, this portable gem is perfect for on-the-go inspiration. Watch their chaotic genius transform into a well-oiled cinematic machine.