25 Gifts For Dog Moms (For “Slightly” Obsessed Owners)

Dogs are fiercely loyal, protective, and loving. They are more than our pets, they are our family. Parenting dogs is both rewarding and exhausting. Pet parents adore their four-legged fur babies and spoil them in every way possible.

Dog moms are especially proud of their furry children. They give their dogs the best care and love they can provide. Moms of pups love gifts that cater to their special bond.

Here are 25 gifts for dog moms that are thoughtful, unique, useful, and special.

Pet Carrier Hoodie

Felyong Unisex Pet Carrier Hoodie Cat Dog Pouch Holder Sweatshirt Shirt Top S Dark Grey

Dogs love to snuggle with their mama, and pet parents love to cuddle with their fur babies. A Pet Carrier Hoodie is the perfect gift for a dog mom who loves to keep her dog close. Small to medium-sized dogs can hop in the pouch of this carrier hood and enjoy a warm, relaxing time with their mom during a walk or movie night.

Four-Legged Friends Wall Calendar

Four Legged Friends Wall Calendar

Personalize a calendar with pictures of the dog mom’s fur baby. The Four-Legged Friends Wall Calendar is a customizable calendar with a template designed for dog lovers.

The pet calendar can be customized with a variety of frames, stickers, embellishments, and fonts that fit the theme of our four-legged friends. This calendar displays how special our furry friends are to us. Dog moms will be happy to see their favorite pictures of their dogs each month.

BarkBox Subscription

IMG GenericGWPYeti 2022 Box Left

Subscription boxes are convenient memberships that supply subscribers with their monthly necessities and wants. BarkBox is one of the most popular membership boxes for dogs. Each box brings toys and treats customizable for each pet.

The box subscription is designed by dog people who know what dog parents want. Any dog parent will love the variety of themes that will bring them new toys and treats for their fur baby to enjoy.

Dash Dog Treat Maker

DASH Dog Treat Maker, 8-Bones, Non-Stick, Homemade Dog Snacks with Pet Approved Recipes - White

Moms nurture their babies with nutritious and great-tasting meals. A Dash Dog Treat Maker is a helpful kitchen appliance for dog moms who prefer to make their dog’s treats at home.

This treat maker ensures treats are made with natural ingredients and is best for dogs who have food sensitivities. This gift is considerate of the dog’s needs and simplifies a dog mom’s life with a recipe guide for easy-to-make dog bone-shaped treats.  

Dog Doorbell

Dog Doorbell 1

New dog moms can potty train their pup with Caldwell’s Potty Bells Original Dog Doorbell. The doorbell is a gentle signal to alert mom when they need to go potty.

Potty Bells is a more peaceful way to potty train a new pup. Rather than scratching on the door or barking loudly, dogs can ring the bell to let mom know when they have to go. This doorbell includes a helpful guide on how to train their pup to tap the bell. The useful tool also features a cute design with “I heart my dog” written on the side.

Custom Pet Blanket

pet blanket

Custom-made blankets always bring a tear to the eye of a gift recipient. A pet blanket customized with pictures of a dog mom and their dogs is a thoughtful gift that displays precious memories. Each time they grab this blanket to snuggle with their dog to relax and keep warm, they can reflect on all the memories they have had together and the beautiful memories to come.  

Matching Collar and Bracelet

Matching Collar and Bracelet

A Friendship Matching Collar and Bracelet set is a sweet way to symbolize the bond between a dog and its mom. The FriendshipCollar Mucky Pup Leather Dog Collar with Friendship Bracelet set is a stylish matching set made with animal-friendly, PETA-approved vegan leather material. 

Moms will love the significance of the matching set and be happy to show off their friendship.

Talking Pet Starter Set

Talking Pet Starter Set

Everyone loves to talk to dogs. We all want to know what they are thinking, especially a mother who wishes to know what their child is thinking so they can provide the best care for them. Hunger for Words Talking Pet Starter Set can help dog moms communicate with their fur babies.

The Talking Pet Starter Set is inspired by the speech therapist Christina Hunger. The set comes with recordable buttons and a teaching guide to introduce keywords that will begin their communication journey. 

Pet Camera

Furbo 360° Dog Camera: [New 2022] Rotating 360° View Wide-Angle Pet Camera with Treat Tossing, Color Night Vision, 1080p HD Pan, 2-Way Audio, Barking Alerts, WiFi, Designed for Dogs

A Pet Camera is a great gift for the dog mom who likes to keep a watchful eye on their dog. 

The Furbo 360° Dog Camera provides a full, rotating view of the room with the ability to zoom in on an image. It also has an audio feature for the mom to communicate with her dog when needed. The ability to toss a treat is another great feature to keep their dog full, safe, and comfortable. 

Pet parents will love this gift to monitor their dogs. They can catch them doing something funny or naughty, and they will always have peace of mind knowing they are safe. 

Dog Leash Hook

Dog Leash Hook

A custom stylish wooden dog leash holder is both a practical and considerate gift. You can personalize the custom leash holder with the dog’s breed, name, and color preference. The personalization can fit perfectly with the dog mom’s home decor. 

This gift is cute and useful for moms to know where the leash is at all times. No more fussing around looking for a misplaced leash.

Pet Travel Bag

Modoker Dog Travel Bag, Weekend Pet Travel Set for Dog and Cat, Airline Approved Tote Organizer with Multi-Function Pockets, 2 Food Storage Containers, 2 Collapsible Bowls, 1 Feeding Mat (Grey)

A Pet Travel Bag is perfect for dog moms who are on the go and love to bring their dogs with them. The Modoker Dog Travel Bag makes traveling with their dog easy. The tote includes food carrier bags, a water-resistant placemat, and silicone-collapsible bowls. Dog moms can pack their dog’s favorite treats, toys, and necessities in the large tote compartment.  

The travel bag is great for everyday use or long-distance traveling. It complies with airline rules and is approved to fit under the seat. Modoker Dog Travel Bag will keep any dog mom organized and ready to go.

Painting Portrait of Dog

Painting Portrait of Dog

A painting of a dog is a creative way to display photos. Dog moms with an art appreciation and collection will love a Custom Pet Painting Portrait of their dog. The portraits are a beautiful and realistic rendition of the dog’s photo.

The paintings are printed in a frame of your choice in a size of your choosing. The portrait features the dog’s name on top. Dog moms who love works of art will be happy to add this piece to their walls.

Dog Mom Shirt

Life is Better with Fur Babies Shirt for Women Funny Dog Mom T Shirts Pet Lover Gifts Shirts Short Sleeve Tops Tees(DG,XL) Dark Grey

Moms are proud of their children and will proudly tell the world about their babies. This shirt made for dog moms tells everyone “Life is Better with Fur Babies.” A dog mom shirt is a display of a dog mom’s love and pride for her pup. All dog moms will love this shirt and wear it regularly.

Pet Pillow

Pet Pillows

A custom-shaped pillow of a dog is perfect for the dog mom who loves to hug her baby. Pet pillows can be made for the pet, human, home, or any place one would desire to display the cute custom gift.

The pet pillow is easy to make. A quick and simple photo upload will customize and create the shape of the pillow. Dog moms will remember who this unique gift came from every time they sit on the couch and reach for the pillow. 

Matching Shirt Set

PandoraTees Matching Adult and Dog Outfit -Fur Mama/Fur Baby, Adult Medium + Dog Small, White

Moms who love to match with their dogs will love a matching shirt set for a day out. The set comes with a t-shirt and scarf for mom and a shirt and bandana set for her pup. Fur Mama and Fur Baby are written across the shirts in a cute font to display their loving relationship. 

There is no need for a special occasion to match their dog. This shirt set is comfortable and casual for a fun day at the park. Dog moms will be eager to bring their dogs on an outing.

Dog Mom Spa Gift Set

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Mom-life can become stressful, exhausting, and overwhelming. All moms deserve time to relax and pamper themselves. A Dog Mom Spa gift set is the perfect self-care kit for dog moms to do so.

The gift set comes with a paw-shaped hand soap, soap lift, shower steamers, a soy candle, and a paw balm stick. The materials are made with natural ingredients such as lavender, coconut oil, rosemary, eucalyptus, lemon, and cocoa butter.

This gift is beautifully presented and shows your recognition of how much they care for their dog.

Puppy Growth Chart

bricobe Paw Print Stamp Pad with Chart - A Dog Paw Print Kit with Puppy Growth Chart, Pet Safe Ink Pads to Make Memories, Celebrate Pet Birthday, Dog Gotcha Day and More, New Puppy Essentials (Gray)

Time is fleeting. Dogs, just like any child, grow quickly. A Puppy Growth Chart allows moms to cherish each moment of their growth.

The puppy chart has a safe ink paw print pad and pre-printed stickers for special events. It is also helpful to monitor and keep track of the pup’s development. Birthdays, celebrations, and accomplishments can be celebrated and displayed on the chart. The chart is a thoughtful gift and will be remembered for years as the dog mom celebrates and cherishes each of their fur baby’s milestones and moments of growth.

Custom Candle

Custom Candle

We love our dogs but must admit their farts are smelly and can stink up an entire room. Gifting a custom candle with the print “Light when Dog farts” is a funny and useful gag gift.

The candle comes in a variety of scents. Instead of a temporary stink, a dog mom’s home can smell like vanilla, citrus agave, mango gardenia, pumpkin spice, or other pleasant smells of a candle. Dog moms will get a good laugh and be relieved of any foul odor when they light this candle. 

Dog Bandana and Matching Scrunchie Set

E-Clover Dog Bandanas & Matching Scrunchie Set Heart Dog Bandana Scarf with Bow Hair Ties for Small Puppy Dogs Girl Pet Owner Mom Gifts Pink Floral

Another sweet matching set is a bandana and scrunchie set. Some dogs love to put on clothes and dress up but some are fussy and not fond of clothes. A bandana is a better option for a dog mama to match with her baby who prefers to be free of clothes. This accessory set is a subtle display of affection for their dog and makes for cute photos. 

Personalized Pet Ring

Personalized Pet Ring

A personalized ring that represents a dog mom’s fur baby is an adorable accessory to display their love for their pup and keep them close at all times. This special ring can be designed with an animal charm and the dog’s initial with a font of your choosing. The ring comes in sterling silver, rose gold, and 18k gold.

Pet Keychain

Pet Keychain

Another beautifully made accessory any dog mom will love is a custom keychain. The Dog Mom Keychain is made of stainless steel. It comes with a tassel, a dog mom square, and customized bars with a print of their dog’s name. The handmade craft is a sweet gift the dog mom will always carry with them.

Dog Mom Mug

Personalized Dog Mug

Dog moms can enjoy a pretty picture of their pup with every sip of coffee or tea. You can personalize this custom mug with the dog’s picture and name. There are a variety of color options to choose from and come in two sizes – 11 or 15 oz. 

This mug will be perfect for any dog mom who enjoys a daily hot beverage. She will reach for her favorite cup every time. 

Photo Frame

Dog lovers gifts for women - Dog Picture Frame | Gifts for Dog Lovers | Best Dog Memorial Gifts for loss of Dog | Hold 4x6 Picture in 7x9 frame | Cute picture Frames for Girl | Farmhouse Decor

Photos capture the best moments of our lives. A photo frame with a picture that captures a special moment is a great gift for a dog mom to cherish. This Dog Picture Frame comes with the perfect phrase, “Just a girl and her dog,” and a paw print embellishment. Insert her favorite photo with her pup to give the best keepsake a dog mom could ask for.

Journal and Keepsake Book 

My Adorable Dog: A Journal & Keepsake Book (Dog Owner Gift book, Dog Baby Book)

Give the special gift of a keepsake book for a dog mom to document all her fur baby’s special moments, growth, and milestones. My Adorable Dog Journal and Keepsake Book capture her dog’s firsts with prompts and illustrations that celebrate the precious moments.

The dog mama can add her favorite pictures and jot down details of the special day. The keepsake journal is a unique gift all dog moms will cherish and look back on for many years.

Pet Necklace

Pet Necklace

Dog moms can keep their fur babies close to their hearts with a custom necklace of their dog. The pendant is custom-made with the dog’s name and portrait.

Different fonts and icons personalize the engraving to your liking. You can add an angel wing or birthstone charm to the necklace.

This jewelry piece comes in silver, gold, and rose gold and is gift-ready with a gift box included.

Give the unique gift of love, care, and memorabilia with these gift ideas for dog moms.