25 Gifts For Dog Dads (For “Slightly” Obsessed Owners)

Do you have a friend, family member, or partner that adores their dog and needs a gift? Look into some of the best gifts for dog dads to get something they’ll appreciate while emphasizing their love for their favorite pet. 

As you go through the gifts, you’ll have multiple options to find the perfect choice for a dog dad of all dog types including Pugs, Golden Retreivers, Golden Doodles, German Shephards and more!

Life is Good Hat

Life is Good Standard Adult Chill Cap-Adjustable Embroidered Graphic Baseball Hat for Men and Women, One Size, Wag On Dog Bone

This one is a snapback hat with a dog symbol in the middle. The design makes it great for a dog dad who likes to go outside, whether that involves camping, sports, or walks with his furry friend.

The hat will offer protection from the sun while being a stylish option that many dog dads will appreciate. He can even wear it indoors or to events depending on the occasion.

Best Dog Dad Ever Mug

Dog Dad Gifts- Best Dog Dad Ever Coffee Mug Tea Cup-Dog Owner Rescue Dog Lover Gifts For Men

Your dog dad may appreciate a mug he can use often. This mug says “best dog dad ever” on it, with a paw print next to it.

The mug holds 11 ounces with a ceramic design, so it does a great job retaining heat, making it great to have on hand.

Paw Print Frame

Green Pollywog,5-Opening Paw Print Collage Frame,Paw Print Picture Frame,Dog Frame for Pictures,Dog Mom Frame,Dog Dad Frame,Dog Paw Print Gifts,Pet Memorial Picture Frame,Pawprint Frame

If you have a sentimental friend, he may want a photo frame to remember his favorite furry friend. The frame comes with a paw shape in the middle, allowing you to place up to five pictures of his dog.

You can find different photos, easily add them, and even exchange them as needed. It supports two 1.5-by-2.5-inch photos, two 2-by-3-inch photos, and one 4-by-6-inch picture.

Funny Dog Dad Keychain

for Dog Dad Gift for Dog Dad Keychain Dog Lover Gift Dog Jewelry Gift Pet Owner Rescue Gift for Dog Dad Gift for Men Fathers Day Gift Christmas Birthday Gift for Dog Dad

Everybody needs an easy way to carry their keys, so get your loved one a dog dad keychain. This one has a tag on the ring that comes from the dog’s perspective, saying how much his furry friend loves and appreciates him.

The keychain works well since the dog dad can turn to it whenever he’s away from his dog. Also, it has a hilarious phrase at the end, making it a funny reminder and a friendly joke he’ll appreciate.

Dog Wind Chimes

JOBOSI Dog String Light Wind Chimes, Solar Wind Chimes, Dog Gifts, Gifts for Dog Lovers, Cute Dog Decoration, Garden Decor

Hanging up some wind chimes can be a thoughtful gift if the dog dad has a backyard. These have lights on them to present beautiful colors during the evening, including some with red, green, blue, and more colors.

The wind chimes have a rainproof design, so you won’t need to worry about leaving them in cold weather or other conditions. Instead, the dog dad can put them into place, leave them be, and enjoy the pleasant wind chimes throughout the day.

Dog Dad Socks

Custom Print Your Photo Pet Face Socks, Personalized Bones Cat Dog Tracks Paws Blue Crew Socks for Men Women

Everyone needs new socks, so why not get some with a custom print on them? These let you add an image of a dog to the socks and choose from different colors, allowing you to find the perfect pair.

The socks are machine-washable, making them a convenient option he can easily maintain and wear regularly.

Natural Stone Bracelet

HGDEER Dog Dad gifts for Men, Best Dog Dad Father Day Gifts from Dog, Gifts for Dog Lovers Pet Memorial Loss Gifts

Some people like to wear reminders of their furry friends, so the dog dad in your life may want a natural stone bracelet. This one comes with a tag in the shape of a paw, making it a fun reminder of his dog.

The stones have a durable design, so you won’t have to worry about them breaking easily, even if he wears them often. It also comes with a card that says “best dog father ever,” emphasizing its purpose.

Scented Candle for Dog Lovers

Gifts for Dog Lovers | Dog Dad Gifts | Funny Dog Candle Gifts for Men Women | Sorry The Dog Farted Dog Fart Candle | Orange Patchouli Scented | Cedar Crate Market | Pet Sitter Gift | Made in The USA

Sometimes, your dog dad may appreciate a funny and functional gift. This option is a scented candle with the phrase “sorry the dog farted” on it, making it a lighthearted gift he can appreciate and use whenever he wants to make the house smell nice.

The candle lasts for about 60 hours. The dog dad can keep the casing as a funny memory even when it runs out.

Travel Mug

I Work Hard So My Dog Can Have a Better Life Travel Mug Tumbler.Dog Lover Gifts.Funny Birthday Christmas Inspirational Gifts for Dog Dad Dog Lover Coworker Boss Friends,Men,Women.(20oz Black)

Everybody likes to have an easy way to enjoy their favorite drinks, making a travel mug one of the best gifts for dog dads. This one has the phrase talking about how the dog dad works hard for his pup to enjoy life.

Not only is it a funny gift, but he can use it to keep his drinks cold or warm, depending on what he puts in them.

Personalized Cutting Board

Personalized Cutting Board 1

Does your dog dad like to cook food? If so, you can get him a personalized cutting board with a picture of his dog and your chosen phrase in the corner. You can customize it based on what you think he’ll like while providing something he can use daily.

You can choose from various wood types, helping you pick the ideal design for the cutting board to cook with or offer treats to his furry friend.

Personalized Dog Christmas Book

Personalized Dog Christmas Book

If you want to find a gift for the holidays, try a personalized dog Christmas book. You order the book online, fill in the information they ask for, and they’ll adjust the book to make it about the dog.

You can include his family’s and dog’s names, so the book will discuss how his furry friend saved Christmas. The overall design makes it cute while using adorable pictures anyone in the family can enjoy.

Custom Pet Puzzle


He may love to do puzzles with the family or on his own, so why not go with a custom pet puzzle? This one lets you add the dog’s name, along with a picture of them, so the designer can create a puzzle with the dog’s face.

It works as a cute puzzle he can enjoy and even finish with the family, allowing everyone to bond with each other.

Custom Dog Leash Holder

Dog Leash Holder

Your dog dad probably takes his furry friend on walks often, making a custom leash holder ideal. Not only does it hold leashes and harnesses, but you can get it personalized with unique dog designs, along with the dog’s name.

You can also buy versions with multiple holders and dogs, making it great for dog dads with multiple pets. That way, the dog dad will always keep track of the leash and remain ready for walks.

Dog Dad Hoodie

Dog Dad Hoodie

Do you know an introverted dog dad who prefers to stay inside? You can buy him a dog dad hoodie that says “Anti-social dad dog” across the front and back. Not only does it make for a comfortable item, but it can start conversations when he goes out in public.

For example, if someone else has a dog, they may talk with him, leading to conversations about their furry friends and other pets.

Custom Dog Cufflinks

Custom Dog Cufflinks

Sometimes, the dog dad may need to wear a suit, so he’ll want to show off these custom dog cufflinks. The designer lets you send a photo of the dog or multiple furry friends to add them to the cufflinks.

You can get them in gold, silver, and copper colors. Not only do they look elegant, but they can add a unique flair to the dog dad’s formal wear when he goes to parties or other events.

Custom Pet Pillow

Custom Pet Pillow

Having pillows cover the couches and beds can be nice, especially if you can get one with a picture of his favorite dog. The custom pet pillow lets you send an image of his dog, so the creator can make a pillow based on his furry friend.

You can order them in different sizes to match the dog, with the length going up to 24 inches. These are available as one-sided designs or double-sided.

Welcome Mat for Dog Owners

Welcome Mat for Dog Owners

This one is another fun gift that’s thoughtful and useful. The mat claims the home as the dog’s while mentioning the last name of the dog dad and his partner.

You have three sizes to choose from, making it ideal for any home. The mat works great for any married couple with a dog, so you may want to get this for him.

Funny Dog Sign

funny dog sign

The dog dad with a sense of humor may want something to show his love for his furry friend. This aesthetic sign says the phrase “all guests must be approved by the dog,” indicating how much he cares for his dog.

It can easily hang in any home, making it an excellent choice for most dog owners. There are various sizes and different background options, and you can also choose between different frames.

Dog Dad Definition Print

Dog Dad Definition Print

He may want something uncomplicated he can hang in his home, so why not try the dog dad definition print? It provides three definitions of dog dads: they work hard, are like a typical dad but cooler, and there’s always room for another dog.

It’s an excellent affordable option while offering something fun for the dog dad. Its simple design matches most homes without standing out too much compared to other decor.

Custom Pet Pajamas

Custom Pet Pajamas

The dog dad may love to wear pajamas, making custom pet pajamas a cozy option. These pajamas let you add the dog’s face all over the pajamas, while they come with bottoms and a button-up top.

It works well since your dog dad may need something comfortable to wear during the evening. The pajamas have a cotton-polyester blend, so they’ll help him remain warm during the evening while having a soft texture.

Personalized Father’s Day Frame

Personalized Fathers Day Frame

The frame contains the phrase “Happy Father’s Day” at the top and a year in the heart. It also lets you place a phrase and a name at the bottom with a photo of his dog.

You can purchase it in a wrapped or framed canvas, which will work for different home styles. The gift works best as a Father’s Day gift to show appreciation towards a dog dad who’s proud of his furry buddy.

Dog Dad Home Wall Art

Dog Dad Home Wall Art

Having a hanging piece to remind him of his dog can be a wonderful gift. This one has the phrase “best dog dad ever” on it and a custom picture. Pick his favorite photo of him and his dog, and you have the perfect sentimental gift.

You can also include the dog’s name and adoption date at the bottom. The wooden design also makes it an excellent choice for any living room or commonly visited area of the home.

Custom Dog Blanket

Custom Dog Blanket

Does the dog dad like to snuggle up in a blanket and take a nap? If so, you should get him a custom dog blanket, which lets you print his dog’s face onto the blanket, so he always has something to remember his furry friend.

You can pick from multiple sizes, going as big as a queen-size blanket. You can choose different colors, making it a solid option for any dog dad who loves his dog.

Dog Dad Personalized Wallet

Dog Dad Personalized Wallet

Every dog dad needs a wallet, so you can get one to remind him of his dog. This one lets you add up to three of his dogs’ faces and names. The wallet has space for multiple cards and works as a father’s day gift.

The wallet has a smaller design, making it an excellent choice for any dog dad who needs an aesthetic way to carry his cash and cards. Even if he doesn’t use it, he can keep it on his nightstand as a backup wallet.

Engraved Dog Dad Spoon

Engraved Dog Dad Spoon

Most dog dads love to eat, so make their eating experience better by getting them an engraved dog dad spoon. This one says “dog dad’ on it, with the “a” in “dad” replaced by a paw print, adding a nice touch to the design.

While it remains a simple gift, any dog dad can use it for ice cream or any other meal, making it a valuable and unique gift.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best gifts for dog dads can pose challenges, but you can make it easier by thinking about what he’ll use. Most dog dads appreciate something sentimental but functional. You don’t have to break the bank to get your loved one a thoughtful gift.