Gifts for Diabetics (To Show Them How Much You Care)

Between birthdays, the holidays, and just because there are so many opportunities for gift-giving. Personalizing your gifts to the person makes them all the more meaningful.

If your special person has diabetes, this is a great guide for some gift inspiration. Check out these 25 gifts for the person with diabetes in your life. 

Gold Bond Diabetics’ Lotion

Gold Bond Diabetics' Dry Skin Relief Body Lotion, 18 oz., With Aloe to Moisturize & Soothe

Some people may not be familiar with an unpleasant side effect of diabetes: dry skin. That’s right; uncontrolled blood sugar can cause dry skin. This specific lotion is a favorite, with over 5,000 5-star reviews on Amazon. In fact, according to Gold Bond, nine out of ten people with diabetes saw improvement in their skin within one hour of use. This 18 oz lotion is handy in the bathroom cabinet and office desk! 

Leg Massager With Heat Compression

Oliver James Leg Massager with Heat and Compression - Feet and Leg Compression Massager for Improved Diabetic Blood Circulation & Muscle Tension Relief - Multiple Modes & Intensity Levels

If your friend or loved one has diabetes, you may have heard them complain of muscle pain. Enter the Oliver James Leg Massager with Heat Compression! This device offers muscle pain relief by increasing blood flow and circulation through the legs. The added heating component will make your loved one feel relaxed and pampered. 

Funny Diabetes Travel Pouch

Emergency Supply Bag

For some people with diabetes, there is a lot to carry around! Things like blood sugar monitors, lancets, logbooks, and more can take up space and be hard to remember. If you’ve heard your loved one mention how hard it is to keep track of all of their things, perhaps this is the gift you’ve been searching for! This travel pouch comes in two sizes. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter and can lighten the mood. 

Diabetic-Friendly Chocolate Assortment

Diabetic Chocolate Assortment

Just because they have to monitor blood sugar levels doesn’t mean people with diabetes don’t deserve a treat, too. If your loved one has a sweet tooth and doesn’t listen to their dentist, consider sending them this diabetic-friendly chocolate assortment! This sugar-free treat has flavors like caramel, dark chocolate, and savory nuts. This gift is perfect for the holidays when tempting sugar-filled treats abound. This specific assortment is made in the USA and has a free gift message option.

Orthofeet Slippers

Orthofeet Slippers

If you’re on the hunt for a cozy gift, this one is for you! These fuzzy slippers have premium orthotic insoles that keep feet warm and help ease the aches and pains accompanying diabetes. Complete with cushioning, arch support, and soft, synthetic fur; you may want to grab a pair for yourself, too! These slippers come in black and brown. 

“I just need my dog & insulin” T-Shirt.

shirt for diabetic

Is your diabetic loved one also a dog lover? If so, you have to check out this t-shirt on Etsy. The text on this shirt is cute, fun, and personalized for your loved one. This shirt comes in a dozen colors, including heather blue and olive. Tip: if your loved one has more than one dog, just send the Etsy shop owner a note. The text can easily be changed from “dog” to “dogs”! 

Non-Binding Neuropathic Socks

Pembrook Ankle Diabetic Socks for Men & Women | 6 Pairs | Black, White, Blue, Light Blue, Pink, Purple | Mens Diabetic Socks | Diabetic Socks for Men 9-12 | Ankle Neuropathy Socks for Men

Swollen feet and ankles are no fun. Thankfully, these non-binding neuropathic socks by Pembrook exist. These socks come in various packs that are perfect for men and women. These lightweight socks are designed specifically with diabetics in mind. The seams are loose to allow unrestricted blood flow and suited for all activity levels. Choose your favorite color pack and size, and you’re all set! 

Diabetic-friendly Snack Box

Diabetic Snack Gift Basket - Healthy Low Sugar Chips, Candy, Jerky & Nuts for Adults

It can be frustrating to always think twice before reaching for a snack as a diabetic. If you know that can be difficult for your friend or loved one, check out this diabetic-friendly snack box. It is a fun and tasty gift to receive and can introduce snack brands and types they may not have heard of. Salted nuts, jerky, and sugar-free candies are just some of the wonderful snacks found in this pack! 

Diabetes Sticker Pack

stickers for diabetics

These fun and lighthearted sticker packs are perfect for your friend or family member who loves to cover their laptop, water bottles, and more with stickers. Fun phrases like “I’m sorry for what I said when I was low” and “I run on insulin and iced coffee” are cute and relatable. Check out the diabetes sticker pack here. 

The Complete Diabetic Cookbook

THE COMPLETE DIABETIC COOKBOOK: Diabetes Diet Book Plan Meal Planner Breakfast Lunch Dinner Desserts Snacks (diabetic cookbook diabetic cookbooks)

If your loved one has a goal to cook more at home, this is a great gift option. This cookbook is full of diabetic-friendly recipes that are healthy and satisfying. This specific cookbook aims to provide fast, easy, and healthy recipes. What’s special about this cookbook? It focuses on the bigger nutritional picture and doesn’t just focus on sugar values. Recipes in this book are designed to meet your body’s nutritional needs. 

Diabetes Keepsake Box

Diabetes Keepsake Box

This thoughtful gift is great for keeping jewelry, mementos, or other special knickknacks. The message on the box, “Hope, Faith, Cure,” speaks directly to those in the diabetic community. This wooden box is from a website that features diabetic-owned businesses. Another added bonus? Shipping from this site is free with no minimums!

Diabetic Smoothie Recipe Book

Diabetic Smoothie Recipes: 35 Easy & Delicious Smoothie Recipes for Diabetics

Smoothies can be a delicious and nutritious way to satisfy a sweet tooth. If your loved one is searching for a way to incorporate more fruits and veggies into their diet, this smoothie recipe book is great. This book features 35 smoothie recipes that have people with diabetes in mind. This book includes recipes such as the Cherry Berry Oatmeal Smoothie and the Blueberry Cheesecake Smoothie. 

“Please Don’t Sugarcoat It” T-Shirt.

Funny Diabetic Joke Pun For People With Diabetes T-Shirt

If you’re looking for a funny, lighthearted gift, this t-shirt is a great option. Bold white font across the chest of the t-shirt reads, “Please Don’t Sugarcoat it, I’m Diabetic.” This t-shirt comes in 5 colors and in men’s, women’s, and youth sizes. If the person you’re shopping for loves a good pun, this t-shirt is perfect for them! 

Sterling Silver Medical Bracelet

Sterling Silver Medical Bracelet

Medical bracelets containing important information are common with people living with chronic illnesses. Who said medical bracelets couldn’t be stylish? This sterling silver medical bracelet is hardy enough for everyday wear, and the sleek and minimalist design is beautiful. 

If you’re purchasing this bracelet for your loved one, it’s important to have the correct information on hand. Common things people put on a medical bracelet include their name, illness, allergies to medications, and emergency contact information. 

Sugar-Free Cotton Candy

Sugar Free Cotton Candy

Ah, yes, another sugar-free treat option. But seriously, who doesn’t love receiving a fun treat as a gift? It’s likely a person with diabetes will appreciate you finding a suitable treat that fits their needs even more. Check out this hand-spun, sugar-free cotton candy you can order on Etsy. 

Choose from several flavors, such as blue raspberry, cherry, and grape. These classic flavors will take you back to childhood days spent at the county fair. 

Motivational Water Bottles

Fidus 32oz Motivational Water Bottles with Times to Drink & Straw,Leakproof BPA Free Bottle with Time Marker to Ensure You Drink Enough Water Daily for Fitness, Gym and Outdoor Sports

Staying hydrated is key to everyone’s well-being, but especially so for diabetics. Dehydration can raise blood sugar levels, so drinking enough water daily is critical for your loved ones with diabetes. Remembering to hydrate properly can be tough, which is why customers love these motivational water bottles! These bottles come with motivational sayings as well as specific times to get chugging. Better yet, they’re BPA-free and come in a variety of fun colors. 

Blue Ribbon Tennis Shoes

Blue Ribbon Tennis Shoes

This gift will require knowing their shoe size! These awesome tennis shoes feature the iconic blue ribbon that represents awareness surrounding diabetes. With a black base against electric blue stitching and lettering, these shoes stand out. Included in this stylish sneaker are the words “Never Give Up .” These shoes come in men’s and women’s sizing. 

Make a Donation in Their Honor


If you’ve got a friend that already has everything, consider donating to a charity or non-profit in their honor. Check out the American Diabetes Association. You can donate money in honor of a friend or family member’s name. 

This thoughtful gesture is extra meaningful to someone with diabetes as this money would go towards searching for a cure. The American Diabetes Association also provides life-saving supplies to underprivileged diabetics in this country. 

Sassy Diabetes Awareness Mug

Sassy Diabetes Awareness Mug

If you’ve got a sassy friend, coworker, or family member in mind while reading this list, this gift may be the one! This cute and funny coffee mug features a sleepy sloth cuddling the diabetes awareness ribbon with the text, “I suffer from diabetes. I don’t have the energy to pretend I like you today.” This is a great gift to keep things light and fun around the office while bringing awareness to diabetes. 

Workout Dice

Skywin Workout Dice - Fun Exercise Dice for Solo or Group Classes, 6-Sided Foam Fitness Dice Great Dynamic Exercise Equipment (Yellow)

It can feel risky to gift exercise gear! However, this is a great gift option if your loved one has expressed a desire to own more exercise equipment or you are very close and don’t think your loved one will take offense to this gift. With over 1,000 4.5-star reviews on Amazon, these workout dice can add a fun new element to exercise. 

Tossing these 6-sided dice create endless workout combinations so that there will never be a dull sweat session. Staying fit is important to everyone and has even more benefits for people with diabetes. 

Diabetic Support Jewelry

Gift for Diabetic

If you’re looking for a more serious, earnest gift, be sure to check out this necklace. This pendant features sterling silver and 14kt gold. However, the real draw for this gift is the supportive and optimistic message sent alongside the necklace. 

This message can be personalized with your loved one’s name and is perfect for someone feeling overwhelmed by a recent diagnosis. The message focuses on strength, optimism, and resilience. Check out this thoughtful piece of jewelry here

Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 8 [GPS 41mm] Smart Watch w/ (Product) RED Aluminum Case with (Product) RED Sport Band - S/M. Fitness Tracker, Blood Oxygen & ECG Apps, Always-On Retina Display, Water Resistant

If you’re looking to go big, consider gifting an Apple Watch! Why is this a great gift for someone with diabetes? Not only can it help them start or maintain their fitness journey, but it can help them take charge of their own blood sugar data. That’s right; if they use a continuous glucose monitor, it can integrate with the Apple Watch

Once it integrates, all that data is available to them to help them make healthier decisions. The Apple Watch is available in four colors, four styles, and two styles. 

Mindfulness Journal

Mindfulness Journal for Mental Health: Prompts and Practices to Improve Your Well-Being

More and more people are starting to understand the importance of mental well-being. What is a mindfulness journal doing on a gift guide for people with diabetes? Well, dealing with a chronic and sometimes lifelong illness can be stressful. Factors like monitoring blood sugar levels, the cost, availability of insulin, and determining what you should and shouldn’t eat can wreak havoc on anyone’s mental health. 

This mindfulness journal was created with the intention of nurturing a positive mindset. Your loved one will be on the right path to healing and self-awareness by learning how to better create healthier thinking problems. 

Hydrating Hand Sanitizer

HAAN Hydrating Hand Sanitizer Spray with Aloe Vera (3 Pack), Cleanses Your Hands (Sunset Fleur, Morning Glory, Citrus Noon)

Living with diabetes can mean constantly needing clean hands for various tasks, such as sanitizing before a shot or cleaning medical equipment. All of that washing and sanitizing can do a number on your skin. 

Factor in that people with diabetes may already have drier skin than normal, and you have a recipe for disaster! This is where Haan Hydrating Sanitizer comes in. These sanitizers come in scents like Citrus Noon, and each three-pack has cute colors as well. 

Insulin Plush Toy

I Heart Guts Insulin Plush Toy - Insulin for The Win - Stuffed Pillow Diabetes Gift

I bet you never thought a stuffed insulin toy existed! We’re here to tell you it does, and it would make a great gift for your diabetic loved one. This adorable little plush toy is bright, light blue, and just under 10 inches tall. This toy also comes with an informational packet that describes insulin’s role within the body. Not only cute, but this toy is also a great conversation starter and teaching opportunity! 

Wrapping Up

We’re wrapping up this article, and we hope you’ve found the perfect gift to wrap up for your loved one. With a wide range of gift types and budget ranges, we’re confident this gift guide has the present you’ve been searching for.