25 Gifts For Dentists (That Will Get Them To Smile)

If someone in your life works as a dentist or wants to become one, finding a gift for them can be difficult. Whether you are searching for a holiday, birthday or just a token of appreciation, this list of the best gifts for dentists has something for the dentist in your life. 

Gifts for Your Child’s Dentist

Taking your child to the dentist can be a traumatizing experience for kids and their parents. Luckily, most pediatric dentists are skilled in putting kids at ease, which solidifies the importance of dental hygiene. Looking for a way to say thanks to your kid’s dentist? Consider these gift options to show your appreciation. 

Nutty Toys Super Slow Rising Jumbo Squishy Tooth

Nutty Toys Super Slow Rising Jumbo Squishy Tooth - Soft & Scented Stress Relief for Boys, Girls, Adults, Top Easter Basket Stuffer Gift Idea for Kids, Tweens, Teens, Best Dental & Dentist Gifts 2024

This jumbo squishy tooth is a small but sincere token of appreciation for the pediatric dentist in your life. The toy can be used to help calm future patients or even work as a stress reliever for the dentist. The added scent gives this additional soothing power. 

Also, it’s super cute. And who doesn’t love that?

Mixed Vintage Dental Coasters

Mixed Vintage Dental Coasters

For the more serious pediatric dentist in your life, consider these wooden vintage dental coasters. Classy and elegant, they would fit in perfectly in a home office or basement bar. This gift avoids some of the gaudier choices for teeth-related gifts. They work in any setting and the quality of craftsmanship shows. 

These also make an excellent conversation piece in addition to working with almost any design. 

Before Patients After Patients Coffee Mug, Stemless Wine Glass, 2 Marble Ceramic Coasters

Before Patients After Patients Coffee Mug And Stemless Wine Glass Set With 2 Marble Ceramic Coasters - Unique Gift Idea, Dentist, Doctor, Physician, Nurse or Graduation

If your recent trip to the pediatric dentist didn’t go great, you might want to send this humorous gift set to say thanks. This mug and wine glass set capture how dentists feel after a long day at work. Perfect for those moments when you start the day with coffee and end it with something a little stronger. 

Tooth Necktie

Blue Mens Dentist Necktie

Neckties might be common gifts for those you don’t know very well, but this tooth-inspired tie is too cute to pass up. This is perfect for dentists who work with children (or dentists in general, really). It’s a small way to help put kids at ease. The subtle colors ensure that it goes with any outfit without being too gaudy. The pattern is subtle enough for even the most discerning tastes. 

Bonus points for being super fashionable. 

2.02″ long Spinosaurus tooth from the Kem Kem Beds of Morocco

2.02 Inches Fossil Spinosaurus Tooth Real Dinosaur Tooth

Ok, hear us out. This is a long shot, but can you imagine giving your kid’s dentist a real-life dinosaur tooth? Truly innovative. Exciting. Kind of creepy (but in a good way). This gift could remain in your pediatric dentist’s office as a special show-and-tell treat to distract kids from the upcoming dental procedure. 

And think of the nicknames! Dino-Dentist. Doc-Dino. Dental-Saurus Rx. 

Gifts For the Newly Graduated Dentist

Graduating from dental school is a huge accomplishment. Years of study and hard work allow them to make a difference in the lives of their patients. Help your friend or family member celebrate their graduation with these surprising gifts. 

Tooth Fairy Sake Glass

Dentist Gift Shot Glass

If your recent graduate enjoys throwing a few drinks back, these teeth-shaped shot glasses are a perfect gift. They make a strong addition to any graduation party or kitchen. Cute and funny, they’ll certainly be a hit with the dentist-based crowd. Line ‘em up and enjoy the night. 

If you’d rather use these glasses for more serious purposes, they also make great micro-planters for succulents or seedlings. 

Personalized Dentist Name Metal Sign

Personalized Dentist Name Metal Sign

If your recent grad was lucky enough to land a gig right out of school, you can surprise them with this personalized metal sign. Great for spicing up their new office, it’s a charming option with a personalized touch. 

These signs might also work to allay any imposter syndrome that comes with a transition to a new professional life. Seeing your name on the wall might just be the boost of legitimacy your friend needs. 

“Because Patients” Wine Glass

Wine Glass For Nurses

Once the sparkle has worn off that new degree and job, reality will set in. While dentistry is a rewarding and important job, it also comes with hard days. This wine glass can help them unwind after a long day. Working with patients can be amazing. It’s also draining. Either way, let’s have a drink.

Teeth Chocolates

Chocolate Teeth

Show up with flowers to a graduation ceremony and that’s great. Show up with tooth-shaped chocolates and you make an impression. This small gift is unforgettable and delicious. 

These teeth-inspired chocolates will spice up any gift. And when you’re inevitably asked why you would gift sweets to a dentist, remind the peanut gallery that even fancy doctors should live a little. 

Wisdom Tooth Tote Bag

Wisdom Tooth Tote Bag

This wisdom-tooth tote bag has it all: Cute, punny, and useful, this gift checks the most important boxes. Your graduate can use this bag to carry their necessary materials and paperwork into the office or simply take it grocery shopping. 

Gifts for Your Dentist Friend

If one of your friends is a dentist, you know their obsession with teeth is strong. Finding a gift that will speak to their passion is a great way to show you care. Whether your friend is a world-weary veteran dentist or new on the scene, these gifts are great options for tooth-enthusiast friends. 

I’m Silently Judging Your Teeth Dental Graduation Zipper Pouch bag (Judging Your Teeth Bag)

Dentist Gift Dental Hygienist Gift Dental Assistant Gift I’m Silently Judging Your Teeth Dental Graduation Zipper Pouch bag (Judging Your Teeth Bag)

Having a dentist friend almost guarantees you’ve had conversations about teeth. Your teeth. Their teeth. The teeth of random passersby. This gift is perfect for a friend who can’t stop noticing and commenting on the teeth around them. Funny and functional, use this gift as the wrapping on a smaller gift or let it stand on its own. 

I Can’t Fix Stupid But I Can Fix Your Teeth Keychain

Dentist Keychain Funny Dental Hygienist Gift I Can't Fix Stupid But I Can Fix Your Teeth Gift Future New Dentist Keychain Gift Dentist Retirement Graduation Birthday Gift for Men Women

For the sarcastic friend in your life, consider this keychain. The subtle shade it throws at the world is perfect for the person who needs an outlet for their feelings. Just be sure to keep it out of sight when patients are around. 

Live Your Life To the Maxillary: Dentist, Dental Hygienist & Assistant Notebook.

Live Your life To the Maxillary : Dentist, Dental Hygienist & Assistant Notebook. Great Accessories & Novelty Gift Idea for all Dental Professionals

For the non-dentist reader, maxillary teeth include the top incisors, molars, premolars, and canines. This shirt is a cute play on dental terminology. This gift demonstrates an interest in their career. Fitting any body type and style, the wearer can dress it up or down and enjoy the compliments. 

Tooth Vases And Planter

3.93 Inches Tall Tooth Shaped Ceramic Succulent Cactus Vase Flower Pot (Plants Not Included)

If your friend needs a bit of green in their office, these tooth vases and planters add a stylish touch to even the most sterile office. Gift them alone or add some plants to save them time. 

Need a joke to go with it? Maybe something about plants and teeth having roots? Pure gold. 

Dentist Tooth Personalized 3D Lamp

Dentist Tooth Personalized 3D Led Lamp

For the more eccentric friend, a personalized 3D lamp is another way to spice up an office. Ideal for friends with big personalities, this lamp is a statement piece. This gift will impress patients and coworkers in the office or uniquely brighten a home office. 

This lamp will spark conversations or amaze patients. Modern and strange, this gift packs a punch. 

Gifts for Your Family Dentist

Your family dentist has likely known you from a young age. They might even have given you your first toothbrush. If you need a gift for a family dentist, these gifts are an easy and impressive way to say thanks. 

Worlds Best Dentist Gift – 9oz Soy Candle Gifts for Dentist

Worlds Best Dentist Gift - 9oz Soy Candle Gifts for Dentist ; Thank You Presents for Dentists Appreciation, Dentist Gifts for Office, Dental School Graduation Gifts for Future Dental Hygienist

Who wouldn’t like to be named the world’s best at something? This simple gift can make a meaningful impact when showing appreciation for your long-term family dentist. Its subtle scent and elegant design make this candle an option guaranteed to be appreciated. 

Just Floss Dental Office Gift T-shirt

Funny Dentist Just Floss Dental Office Gift T-shirt

Dentists are all about flossing, even if their patients would rather avoid it. This funny t-shirt is sure to make your dentist smile–Or, at the very least, subtly remind their patients to floss. 

Younique Designs Dentist Coffee Mug, 11 Ounces, Funny Dentist Cup for Dentist

YouNique Designs Dentist Mug - Portable Coffee Mug 11 Oz, Dentist Gifts for Women Men, Funny Dental Gifts for Coworkers, Dentist Gifts for Office, Dental School Graduation Gifts

Coffee mugs are a go-to unassuming gift, but this gift option offers a personalized joke. After many years of service, family dentists have likely seen it all. Whether holding pens or a cup of joe, this mug is a great reminder to patients that dentists have “fillings” too. 

White Coat Wine Bag for Doctors

White Coat Wine Bags for Doctors (Female) - Graduation Wine Label for Doctors, White Coat Ceremony Gifts Wine Gift Bags, Medical School Graduation Gifts, Residency Match Day Gifts

If you don’t have a great relationship with your family dentist but still want to offer a small token of appreciation, grab a bottle of wine and throw this white coat over it. It makes a standard gift feel more personal. 

The best part? The gift recipient can reuse these for any other bottle of wine. They could even leave it on a bottle of wine for tongue-in-cheek decor. 

World’s Best Dentist Novelty Teeth Socks & Personalized Card

Worlds Best Dentist Gifts

Sometimes a personalized card can give a small gift more weight. Create a personalized card to go with these novelty teeth socks and enjoy your dentist’s expression when he opens it. 

Gifts From a Dentist’s Significant Other

So you fell for a dentist. They probably have an amazing smile, and we’re sure you love to see it. These gifts might not be show-stoppers, but they make awesome stocking stuffers or “just because” presents. 

Show them you care with these thoughtful and on-brand gifts for dentists. 

Best Dentist In The Molar System Design – Funny Tooth Pun T-Shirt

Best Dentist In The Molar System Design - Funny Tooth Pun T-Shirt

Impressive your significant other (or make them roll their eyes) with this pun! This shirt celebrates the best dentist in the molar system. The modern design and graphics ensure that this t-shirt will look great on anyone. Cute and simple, it relates to their field and is perfectly wearable, even if they’re just having a lazy Sunday around the house

Appreciation 20 oz Double Wall Stainless Steel Travel Tumbler with Straw

Appreciation Tumbler 20 oz

If you married a dentist, honorifics can be complicated. They might want to celebrate your marriage with the standard western honorific, but being a doctor is a big deal that should be noted as well. This tumbler is a way to show your appreciation of the work your spouse put in to get where they are. 

Also, it has glitter. 

Bob Floss Happy Little Teeth Coffee mug 

Bob Floss Coffee Mug

Bob Ross is a symbol of calm contemplation. He’s known for painting “happy little trees.” If your dentist loves Bob Ross, painting, or simply enjoys the memes, this mug is an adorable gift. Whether they work with children or adults, this mug is a delightful option. 

This gift would also work as a small token to begin a date night. Grab some wine, and painting supplies, and work together to follow along with Bob Ross as he creates art. 

Bonus points if you can work teeth into it. 

Mini Wind-Up Chomping Teeth

Mini Wind Up Chomping Teeth 12 Pcs.

Would you consider your relationship quirky? Are you a couple who loves pranks? These 12 wind-up chomping teeth serve as an amazing gag gift. Wrap them individually at Christmas with ornate bows or hide them around the house for a fun surprise. 

This classic prank will leave your significant other groaning (but in a good way). 

Teeth Rug

Teeth Rug

Society6 gives artists the space to showcase their designs in several formats. This teeth rug is chic and abstract. The colors will pop in a room with more muted tones. In the home office or anywhere else around a dentist’s home, the striking colors of this rug will stand out and make an impressive statement. 

Final Thoughts

Occupation gifts can be a gamble–You never know if the joke or gift will land. By doing a little research into the experience of dentists, the significance of your gifts deepens. 

This list of 25 gifts for dentists is not exhaustive, but there are many strong options for every personality and stage of life. Wrap them up, deliver them, and enjoy feeling like a tooth fairy. At least in spirit. 

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