25 Gifts For A 3-Month Anniversary (To Show How You Feel)

Congratulations, you lovebirds, for hitting the 3-month milestone in your relationship! Now is when things get real, and you’re probably scrambling to find that perfect gift to express your feelings. 

To help you express your inner hopeless romantic, we’ve curated a list of 25 creative, memorable, and swoon-worthy 3-month anniversary gifts bound to make your significant other’s heart skip a beat.

LEGO Bricks Matching Keychains

Heart Keychain Set

When it comes to gifts, sometimes the most minor things mean the most; case in point: these adorable LEGO Bricks Matching Keychains.  Crafted from real LEGO bricks, these heart-shaped keychains are the perfect way to show your significant other that you love them to pieces (literally). 

And because they are handmade, each set is one-of-a-kind, just like your relationship! Whether building new memories or holding the keys to each other’s hearts, these keychains are a sweet reminder of your love.

3 Months Down Mug

3 Month Anniversary for Boyfriend - Three Month Anniversary for Girlfriend - Happy Anniversary Coffee Mug for Him Her Men Women Couple Friend Lesbian Gay Long Distance

It’s time to celebrate your relationship’s probationary period being officially over with a gift that’s both practical and hilarious. That’s where the 3 Months Down Mug comes in. With its clean white design and bold black lettering, this mug tells your partner you’re in it for the long haul. 

The message on the cup is a tongue-in-cheek reminder that you’re ready to take on whatever the future holds. Every time your partner sips their morning coffee or afternoon tea, they’ll be reminded of your love and commitment.

Ultimate Playlist Custom Print

ulltimate playlist

Do you and your partner have a song that screams “us?” Well, it’s time to take that love anthem to the next level with the Ultimate Playlist Custom Print.  With its vintage vibe and personalized lyrics, this print is a quirky and fun way to show your partner that you’ve got great taste in music (and great taste in partners, of course). 

Choose the song that best captures your love story. We’re talking slow dances in the kitchen, serenades at the park, the whole nine yards, and they’ll create a custom print showcasing the lyrics and your name.

Mutual Attraction Bracelets

KINGSIN Couples Magnetic Mutual Attraction Bracelets Matte Agate Bracelet Vows of Eternal Love Charms Adjustable Jewelry Gifts Set for Lover Women Men, Metal, Cubic Zirconia,

Celebrate the magnetic bond you share with the Mutual Attraction Bracelets. Each bracelet features a charm that irresistibly gravitates towards its counterpart, symbolizing the powerful connection you share. 

Adorned with 8mm natural stones and an adjustable, durable braided rope, these bracelets effortlessly encircle wrists from 7 to 11 inches, making them perfect for any lovebird. Your sweetheart will adore this fashionable reminder of the unbreakable attraction that keeps you close, no matter the distance.

Personalized Music Plaque

Personalized Music Plaque

Celebrate your love with a timeless treasure: the high-quality personalized clear acrylic music plaque that encapsulates the magic of your special song. This remarkable keepsake offers customization options galore, from the photo and text to a scannable code that plays the music instantly.

Moon Ambient Light

mamre Moon Ambient Light DIY Anniversary Wedding Valentines Day Gift Ideas Art Décor, Love Beneath The Red Moon

Whether you’re cuddling on the couch, sharing a midnight snack, or whispering sweet nothings, the Moon Ambient Light creates an irresistibly romantic atmosphere. It features a couple cozied under a luminous full moon, which is dimmable for the perfect warm, red light. 

Gift your starry-eyed sweetheart this enchanting light, and let your love shine as brilliantly as the moon. 

Little Bag of Love

Little Bag of Love

Ditch the clichéd greeting card and share your affection with the Little Bag of Love. This charming pouch is a sentimental treasure trove bursting with heartfelt trinkets, like a flower and candle. 

Each item carries a special meaning, explained on an included card. Delight your special someone with this affectionate assortment, and let your love flourish with every tiny, tender token.

Pocket Custom Portrait Hoodie

Photo Sweatshirt 1

This snug hoodie boasts a delicately embroidered line art rendition of a cherished photo, transforming a simple piece of clothing into a wearable treasure. Offering cozy comfort and a heartfelt reminder of the bond you share, this hoodie is the ideal fusion of practicality and sentimentality. 

Gift Once your partner gets their hands on this snuggly memento, they’ll proudly parade their love for you (and their new favorite hoodie) wherever they go.

Life Would Succ Without You Houseplant

Costa Farms Live Indoor Plant Hoya Heart, Succulent-Like Houseplant in Cute Decor Planter, Room Décor, Unique Office Desk Décor, Birthday, Tabletop Size, 5-Inches Tall

Express your love with the luscious Life Would Succ Without You Planter, complete with a thriving Echeveria. This delightful gift is a living testament to your devotion, flourishing with every passing day. 

Let your partner know how indispensable they are to your happiness, and watch your love blossom alongside this charming succulent. With minimal care and plenty of heart, this green gem will grow into a beautiful symbol of your love’s resilience.

Customizable Polymer Clay Frog Terrarium

Anniversary gift

Do you want to remind your partner that you find them absolutely “ribbiting?” Hop into a world of whimsy with the Customizable Polymer Clay Frog Terrarium. This enchanting anniversary gift features a miniature, 1.5×1.5 inch terrarium, lovingly crafted and personalized with your anniversary date and preferred frog hues.

Roman Numeral Vertical Bar Bracelet

Vertical Bar Necklace

Immortalize a meaningful moment on the Roman Numeral Vertical Bar Necklace, where classic elegance meets heartfelt emotion. Customize this sophisticated piece with a significant date engraved in Roman numerals, and select from rose gold, yellow gold, or rhodium-plated finishes. It’s a stylish souvenir of your shared journey, forever capturing a precious memory in a wearable piece of art. 

Personalized Comic Book Anniversary Gift

Personalized Comic Book

This bespoke comic book weaves together cherished memories, creating an enthralling narrative that’s uniquely yours. Whether it celebrates your relationship milestones, reimagines your meet-cute, or highlights your greatest escapades, this extraordinary gift is like no other. 

Present your partner with a graphic novel starring their new favorite character, and watch their face light up as they dive into the pages of your one-of-a-kind love saga. It’s the ultimate tribute to your epic romance. 

Lovebox Love Note Messenger

The Ultimate Couple Gift | Lovebox Color & Photo | Improve Relationships | Gift for Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Wife, or Husband

Lovebox is a catalyst to strengthen your connection and let your love travel across miles, screens, and hearts. When a heartfelt message arrives in this whimsical device, its heart starts to spin, revealing a delightful surprise on the screen inside. 

As the recipient turns the Lovebox’s heart, a virtual shower of love cascades back to the sender’s mobile. Whether separated by oceans or simply sharing a little love from the next room, the Lovebox is a playful way to communicate your adoration. 

“You’re the Best Thing I Ever Found on the Internet” Candle

Youre the best

This aromatic gift is a cheeky nod to your serendipitous online encounter, creating a heartwarming and scented reminder of your love’s digital debut. Ignite the embers of your pixel-perfect romance with this hand-poured coconut soy blended wax candle. Let scents like Peach + Coconut, Vanilla Bean, Sweet Melon, Apple + Cinnamon, or Strawberry Guava whisk you away on a fragrant joyride. 

Pop N’Dulge Movie Night Set

Popcorn Movie Night Supplies Popcorn Kernels Popcorn Seasoning 16 Pack, 5 Gourmet Popcorn Kernels, 5 Popcorn Seasoning Variety Packs Non-GMO Snacks, Includes 6 Bags, Gift Basket Idea

The Pop N’Dulge Movie Night Set will transform your living room into a popcorn paradise. Savor the flavors of three gourmet popcorn kernels and tickle your taste buds with five scrumptious seasonings: Dreamy Creamy Chive, Classic Salted Butter, Better White Cheddar, Cheesy Garlic Parmesan, and Fiery Hot Pepper. 

Elevate your at-home movie nights with this mouthwatering assortment, turning each flick into a feast. Share buttery bites and cheesy chomps with your sweetheart, creating unforgettable memories and delighting in a cinema-inspired symphony of flavors. It’s the ultimate gift for film buffs and snack aficionados alike.

Personalized Faux Bois Vase

Personalized Faux Bois Vase

Show off your sappy side with this enchanting centerpiece that will have your love blossoming faster than a magical forest in springtime. The Personalized Faux Bois Vase is an irresistible fusion of rustic allure and tender emotion, perfect for adorning any lovebird’s nest. 

This robust stoneware vase showcases an intricate faux bois texture, mimicking the charming crisscross of tree bark. Etched lovingly within is a darling heart, where the couple’s initials nestle cozily. It’s an eye-catching tribute to your love story, sure to grow stronger each passing season.

100 Date Ideas Jar

100 Date Ideas

Keep your love life exhilarating with the 100 Date Ideas Jar, a colorful collection of memory-making moments. Inside, you’ll discover 100 vibrant cards, color-coded by category: Yellow for Staying In, Green for Day Out, Blue for Night Out, Red for Romantic, and Orange for Lucky Dip. Pluck a card and embark on a new adventure with your partner, ensuring a fresh and fun-filled experience each time. 

Personalized Couple Adventure Woven Blanket

Personalized Couple Adventure Woven Blanket

Cuddle under a warm and stylish remembrance of the countless escapades you’ve shared and the exciting voyages ahead with the Personalized Couple Adventure Woven Blanket. The main blanket’s color scheme is black and white with a camping motif blanket that weaves the tale of your love. 

However, multicolored tassels add a pop of color, transforming this cozy covering from kitschy to chic. Customizations include your initials and “Adventuring Together Since,” followed by the year your journey commenced. 

His & Her Ice Cream Spoons

PRSTENLY Gifts for Him Her, 2 Pcs His and Hers Ice Cream Spoons Boyfriend Girlfriend Couples Gift Ideas, Anniversary Engagement Birthday Valentines Gifts for Him Her Husband Wife Couple

Glide through gelato gatherings, conquer sorbet socials, and dazzle at ice cream indulgences with these sophisticated silver-plated His & Her Ice Cream Spoons in hand. Elegantly engraved for the perfect pair, they turn every spoonful into a celebration of love and sweet delight. 

Ideal for gifting to the ice cream enthusiast in your life or as a treat for yourselves, these fabulous spoons promise a whirlwind of frosty escapades, garnished with a sprinkle of style, a touch of romance, and a cherry on top.

Pressed Pink Rose Necklace

Rose Necklace

Adorn your special someone’s neck with this Pressed Pink Rose Necklace, featuring a real handpicked and pressed pink rose. And you don’t need to fret about dirty vase water or wilting petals. 

This fancy flora is preserved in a rose gold oval frame with clear epoxy resin. It’s a stunning botanical beauty that might make bees buzz with envy. Gift your partner this rosy revelation, and let them flaunt their everlasting flower power.

Kissing Mugs Set

Blu Devil Kissing Mugs Set, Anniversary & Wedding Gifts, Exquisitely Crafted Two Large Cups & Spoons for Couples, for Him and Her on Valentines, Birthday, Engagement

Celebrate your love over a hot cuppa served in the Kissing Mugs Set. These adorable mugs cuddle “face to face,” flawlessly fitting each other’s contours to form the perfect kiss. What a charming way to show affection for your favorite tea or coffee companion. 

The set includes coordinating teaspoons, so you and your sweetheart can stir up some love in every sip. It’s a delightful gift for couples looking to add a touch of sweetness to their daily routine.

Personalized Leather Journal

Personalized Leather Journal

Support your beau’s inner writer by gifting this Personalized Leather Journal. Handmade and refillable with Field Notes journals, it’s the perfect hideaway for their inner wordsmith. With a customized touch, this elegant leather journal is ready to accompany them on their literary journey, capturing thoughts, dreams, and heart desires. 

Gift this handsome haven to the aspiring author or avid note-taker in your life, and watch their creativity flourish.

Personalized Faceless Portrait Light

JugJug Personalized Faceless Portrait Print Night Lights Cute Photo Lamp, Custom Boyfriend Birthday Picture Frame Gifts for Him, Unique Anniversary Valentines Day Christmas Gifts for Couple (Style-1)

Shed some light on your love with the Personalized Faceless Portrait Light. This quirky gift transforms your favorite photo into a modern, minimalist masterpiece sans faces. This acrylic light will surely spark conversation and ignite a smile while resting on a wooden base engraved with your names. 

Gift this one-of-a-kind, faceless memento to the love of your life, and watch your connection brighten up your home.

DIY Whiskey-Making Kit

DIY Whiskey Making Kit

Unleash the alchemist within and help your sweetie concoct an oak-aged potion with the DIY Whiskey Making Kit. They’ll tinker with three types of oak and six magical herbs & spices to create an irresistible elixir. 

The kit features six stainless steel whiskey ice cubes, a pair of glass prep bottles, and a whole stockpile of enchanting ingredients. It’s a spellbinding gift for the whiskey-loving sorcerer or spirited mixologist in your life.

Norman Love Confections Anniversary Gift Bundle

Anniversary Gift Bundle

Embrace the sugary side of life while you nosh on a Norman Love Confections Anniversary Gift Bundle with your special someone. A treasure trove of tempting treats awaits, such as boxes of champagne and strawberries, signature chocolates, and dark chocolates, as well as a bag of white chocolate raspberry malt balls. 

Dive into this heavenly chocolate haven, where each bite is a testament to your shared love for the sweeter things in life. It’s the ultimate gift for the chocoholic soulmate eager to indulge in a world of delectable delights.