25 German Shepherd Gifts (For Obsessed Owners and Their Pets)

Dog owners are passionate about their pets, especially German Shepherd owners. According to the American Kennel Club, German Shepherds are the fourth most popular dog breed in the United States.

So, it’s not surprising to hear there are a ton of German Shepherd gifts that will make any dog parent (and their pups) smile!

Listed below are the top 25 unique German Shepherd gifts for owners and their dogs.

German Shepherd Gifts for Owners

Whether it’s a personal treat or a loving gift to someone who adores their German Shepherd, there’s sure to be something worthy of showing one’s love for the breed.

1. 1L German Shepherd Motivational Water Bottle

64HYDRO 32oz 1Liter Motivational Water Bottle with Time Marker, German Shepherd Inspiration Dog Lover I Will Always Be with You THK3005005 Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is essential for anyone wanting to try and keep up with your German Shepherd. That’s why this 1L motivational water bottle could quickly become a go-to accessory too for any German Shepherd owner heading out for a walk. 

Not only does it have adorable images of German Shepherds printed all over it, but it keeps track of how much water has been drunk for the day. 

Besides being super helpful, the motivational water bottle has a convenient one-hand opening mechanism and a 32-inch wide rim. So, there’ll be no excuse for not drinking water with this easy-to-use gift.

2. German Shepherd Mama Cosmetic Bag

ZJXHPO German Shepherd Dog Owner Gift Funny Shepherd Mama Cosmetic Bag Zipper Accessory Pouch (Shepherd Mama)

This cosmetic bag could be just the ticket for any glamorous dog mom. Makeup can be conveniently stored in this 9.25-inch, waterproof bag, all while showing off one’s love for German Shepherds. 

With this gift, you’ll be giving someone something functional and versatile. After all, it can easily double as a treat bag for someone’s favorite furry friend! 

3. Crazy Dog Socks

E&S Imports Pet Lover Socks - Fun - All Season - One Size Fits Most - For Women And Men – Dog Gifts (German Shepherd Gifts - Socks)

Everyone needs socks, right? Naturally, a German Shepherd-loving individual would adore owning a pair of crazy dog socks. These quirky socks are made of cotton, machine washable, and super fun to wear around the house—or out on walks! 

When you go to kick your feet up, everyone will be able to read, “Life is better with a German Shepherd.” It really is the perfect, fun gift to give to those passionate dog people in your life. 

4. Casitika German Shepherd Mug

Casitika German Shepherd Gifts. 11 Oz Shepard Coffee Mug. Proud Parent Of A German Shepherd Who Is Sometimes An Ahole And It's Ok. (11 oz Black Handle/Rim)

The Casitika German Shepherd mug is made of white ceramic and has a lovely picture of a German Shepherd printed on both sides. 

It also includes an incredibly hilarious comment about German Shepherds that will likely ring for anyone familiar with the breed. So, if you or another German Shepherd owner loves coffee, why not drink it in this all-too-relatable mug? 

5. German Shepherd Fuzzy Slippers

German Shepherd Slippers

Few things seem to be as universally loved as fuzzy slippers. After all, everyone deserves to have warm toes during the cold winter months. German Shepherd slippers make a wonderful gift for any dog owner who doesn’t want to hold back their passion for their pup. 

Not only will the giftee have cozy toes, but they can walk around sporting their favorite dog no matter where they go. 

6. Personalized German Shepherd Wood Tray

Personalized German Shepherd Wood Tray

This German Shepherd wood tray is an effortless mix of adorable and practical. What’s more, you can personalize it to say whatever you want—whether to sing the praises of a German Shepherd or their owner. 

It’s made from maple, walnut, and cherry wood, so it’s durable, and you can use it as a tray or simply prop it up on a table for beautiful, dog-inspired decor. 

7. German Shepherd Vinyl Stickers


These German Shepherd vinyl stickers are a charming way for kids and adults to express themselves. Their sketched-look designs are eye-catching and are waterproof and durable, thanks to the vinyl material.

Dog lovers everywhere can put these vinyl stickers all over their laptops, guitars, cars—anywhere to showcase their passion for their pooch!

8. German Shepherd American Flag Hoodie

German Shepherd American Flag Hoodie Sweatshirts

German Shepherds are known for being the faithful dog of the police force. So, any well-respected police officer would welcome owning this German Shepherd-themed American flag hoodie

The hoodie is made with a lightweight cotton-poly blend, so it’s not too heavy and is easy to wrap. For added personality, it comes in tons of different colors. Anyone privileged enough to be around German Shepherds is sure to adore this patriotic piece of fashion. 

9. Casetify Phone Case

German Shepherd Dogs Phone Case

Keep your loved one’s phone safe with this durable and adorable German Shepherd Casetify. It’s designed for iPhones, Androids, and Google phones and has a beautiful image of a German Shepherd on the back for all to see while you take a call. 

It’s a Casetify branded case, so you know it’s durable and fits any iPhone after the 11th generation. Your German Shepherd dog-owning friends will love this gift because it’s useful and looks cute too.

10. German Shepherd Happy Face Beer Pint Glass

German Shepherd Happy Face - Beer Can Shaped Pint Glass Gifts for Beer Drinking Men & Women - Fun German Shepherds Decor

This beer glass is a quirky way to show off one’s love for two of the finer things in life: beer and German Shepherds. It holds a pint of beer and is shaped like a can, which makes it a fun addition to a home bar. 

German Shepherd owners that love beer almost as much as they love their dogs are sure to get a kick out of this gift. 

11. German Shepherd Cork Drink Coasters

German Shepherd Lovers Cork Drink Coasters - Set of 4 Dog Coasters with Protective Bottom | German Shepherd Decor Coasters for Drinks| Great Gift Idea for German Shepherd Moms & Dads

You can never have too many drink coasters! These cork drink coasters display shadow figures of German Shepherd dogs at play. 

The cork makes them slip-resistant and protects your glass and furniture from sweating drinks. And, if you have a precocious pooch, the coasters will help out with any unfortunate spills, too!

12. LEGO Brickheadz German Shepherd

German Shepherd Lego

Kids love their pets too, which is why this LEGO Brickheadz German Shepherd toy is ideal for any little one passionate about this adorable breed. 

This 247-piece LEGO kit is a fun and interactive way for kids to practice their building skills while keeping in touch with their dog-loving side.

13. German Shepherd Stemless Wine Glass

German Shepherd Stemless Wine Glass (One Glass) - Unique Gift for Dog Lovers - Hand Etched with Breed Name on Bottom

For the connoisseur in the house, these German Shepherd-themed stemless wine glasses make a terrific gift to play on one’s love for wine and dogs.

These glasses are hand-etched with the breed name listed on the bottom and made of lead-free crystal glass. Each glass holds 15 ounces of liquid, so big enough for a large pour while relaxing with Fido.

14. German Shepherd Lounge Pants

Collections Etc E & S Imports Women's German Shepherd Dog Lounge Pants- Dog Pajama Pants Bottoms - Large

These German Shepherd lounge pants are an excellent option for dog lovers who love nothing more than unwinding at home with their pooches. They’re 100% cotton and machine-washable, making them super easy to clean. 

That’s a welcome feature given they’re likely going to be exposed to all manner of fur and mess. The material is soft and comfortable, and they look great too!

15. German Shepherd Rings

German Shepherd Ring

If you want something more unique to gift to your German Shepherd-loving friends, these rings are sure to be an elegant fit. 

They are adorable, quirky, and handcrafted out of sterling silver to deliver style with character. What’s more, these rings are adjustable with a form-fitting design, so they’re likely to accommodate almost anyone’s finger size. 

16. God Bless German Shepherds Hat

God Bless German Shepherds Hat

Some people love nothing more than showcasing their feelings with hats. So, what better way to show off one’s love for a German Shepherd than with a hat featuring an unmistakable message: patriotic dog parent! 

The headgear has an American flag with a silhouette of a German Shepherd proudly standing in the corner. These adorable dogs have long served their country, so it’d be a loving gift to any ex-army pup or veteran owner. It’s a snapback style hat, ensuring it’s easily adjustable to fit most heads.

17. Handmade Crocheted German Shepherd Plushie

Handmade Crocheted German Shepherd Plushie

If you know someone who adores stuffed toys and German Shepherds, you’ve found the best of both worlds with this product. This handmade, crocheted German Shepherd plushie sits about eight inches tall. 

The plushie comes in two colors (black or black & tan) and is well-suited to being a decorative item or a cute companion for younger dog owners

18. German Shepherd Doormat

German Shepherd Doormat

This German Shepherd doormat is practical while still being adorable! Whether it’s a gift for yourself or someone in your life, this is a fabulous way to show love for the German Shepherd breed. 

The quote “Hope you like German Shepherds” is printed alongside a beautiful silhouette of a German Shepherd’s head up close. It’s handmade from coconut coir and is 24 inches wide and 16 inches long. The mat is incredibly durable, and the backing makes it slip-resistant, so it stays in place.

19. German Shepherd Black Luxury Candle

German Shepherd Black Luxury Candle

For a different spin on things, consider gifting this black luxury candle to your German Shepherd-owning loved ones. It burns for up to 62 hours and has a relaxing vanilla scent with hints of musk, caramel, and marshmallow. 

The sleek black design makes it easy to fit in with any type of decor, too. So, ignite that fire of love your friend has in their heart for their German Shepherd with a gift that’ll burn bright as their passion!

20. German Shepherd Mom Tote Bag

German Shepherd Mom Tote Bag 1

This German Shepherd tote bag is cute and sturdy enough to lug around all the dog toys and accessories any German Shepherd parent typically carries. 

The bag says “German Shepherd mom” on the front with a picture of a German Shepherd standing beside it. They come in a wide selection of colors and designs, so you’ll definitely be able to find one that matches the style of your German Shepherd-loving friend. 

21. Chrihome Flannel Blanket

Flannel Blanket 3D German Shepherd Print Cozy Plush Dog Blanket Large Soft Sofa Bedding Couch Throw Blanket All Season Use TV Office Nap Blankets (3D German Shepherd, 60'' x 50'')

This Chrihome flannel blanket displays a beautiful photograph of German Shepherd dogs. 

Its soft flannel material makes it great for snuggling up in the winter, and its picturesque appearance also makes it great for decor. The blanket is 80 by 60 inches, making it suitable for both a child and an adult to wrap around in.

German Shepherd Gifts for Dogs

No list would be complete without a few gifts for Fido, too!

22. Nero Ball Classic Ball on a Rope

The Nero Ball Classic TM - K-9 Ball On a Rope Reward and Exercise Rubber Ball - Fetch Ball

The Nero ball is a classic that will thrill even the most high-energy German Shepherd. This toy is fun for dogs to chew and chase since it’s both a rope and a ball. It’s made with pet-safe rubber and strong nylon material for a durable and safe toy.

23. Playology Plush Dog Toy

Playology Plush Crinkle Egg Dog Toys - Engaging All Natural Beef Scented Dog Toy - Crinkle, Chew, Toss, Fetch, and Play!

Want to leave your German Shepherd bouncing around with excitement? Consider this Playology plush dog toy! It features a bite-resistant middle center with a durable corduroy outer shell. 

The Playology product has a squeaky toy inside to intrigue pooches and comes in peanut butter or beef taste and smell. This plush toy is ideal for large breeds like the German Shepherd and will definitely make one very happy!

24. YISUMEI Dog Throw Blanket

YISUMEI German Shepherd Dog Throw Blanket Modern Watercolor Print Fleece Blanket Soft Warm Cozy for Sofa Couch Bed 50'x60'

Looking to keep your adorable pooch warm? Check this throw blanket from YISUMEI. The charming throw displays a gorgeous watercolor paint picture of a German Shepherd’s face and is made out of fleece, so it’s super soft and comfortable. 

Any German Shepherd is bound to adore this lightweight blanket, perfect for the fall and wintertime. You could even use it as decor draped over a chair or sofa.

25. The Game Dog Treat Dispenser and Toy

The Game Dog Treat Dispenser and Toy

If you’re looking to change things up when it comes to feeding time, then The Game dog treat dispenser and toy could be for you.

You fill the toy with food or treats and then let your dog enjoy the game of trying to get them out. It helps reduce anxiety in dogs that have a lot of energy and keeps them busy for up to 30 minutes at a time. 

We all know German Shepherds aren’t lacking in the energy department, so it could be a game changer for your family!


These top 25 German Shepherd gifts will surely knock the socks off of anyone who’s discovered the joys of these remarkable dogs. The gifts listed here are unique, fun, and a great way to be as meaningful as the love this breed shows for their humans.