25 French Bulldog Gifts (For Obsessed Owners and Their Pets)

French bulldogs, or Frenchies, are one of the most adorable dog breeds with their pointy ears and pudgy little bodies. So, it’s only natural that French bulldog owners would want to celebrate their fur babies daily through personalized gifts and everything French bulldog-related. 

From cute knick-knacks and home decor to apparel and jewelry, there are plenty of ways to showcase your Frenchie love and support. Here are some of the best French bulldog gifts for both the dog and the loving Frenchie owner.

For the Frenchie Owner

Here are some unique gift ideas for the French bulldog parent!

1. Frenchie-Opoly

Late For the Sky Frenchie-Opoly

Make your way around the Frenchie-Opoly board and adopt cute French bulldogs rather than properties. Enjoy the twists on traditional Monopoly with spaces such as the kennel instead of jail and bones as the currency. The game allows up to six people to play, and you can use dog-themed game tokens, such as a fire hydrant, a mailman, and a steak! 

2. Frenchie Cold Cup

Frenchie Cold Cup

If you or someone you know loves Frenchies and coffee, this is a perfect choice! This product features a Starbucks cup decorated with adorable French bulldog faces and bones. Choose from seven different face color options, allowing you to customize it for the Frenchie owner who is receiving it! The shop owner also offers personalization options if you ask!

3. French Bulldog Shirt

French Bulldog Shirt

A t-shirt is a great gift for any Frenchie owner, as everyone can always use new clothes! This shirt features a puppy French bulldog outline with a cute little heart on its chest. Size options include toddler, youth, and unisex adult. The shop also offers 14 different colors, so there is sure to be a color your gift receiver will like!

4. French Bulldog Planter

French Bulldog Planter

Gifting a French bulldog planter is the perfect idea for a Frenchie lover, especially if the person is also a plant parent. The planter pot is a concrete mold of a sleeping Frenchie, and the shop owner makes them to order. Keep this in mind if you need it for a specific date. You can choose from eight body color options and seven ear colors.

5. French Bulldog Shoes


If a t-shirt isn’t their style, a pair of French bulldog shoes might be! These tennis shoes have a bright white background with five different cute watercolor Frenchies printed on them. The shoes are also custom-made, so ensure you allow enough time for creation and delivery. They feature a low-top design with light and breathable materials.

6. French Bulldog Glass Ornament

french bulldog ornament

If you’re looking for a Christmas gift for a French bulldog owner, purchase a beautiful glass ornament! The design features a cute tan-colored Frenchie sitting down with his tongue out. There are also a few eye-catching accents of gold glitter featured on the ears and the outlines around the legs. It’s the perfect addition to anyone’s Christmas tree!

7. French Bulldog Cookie Cutters

French Bulldog Cookie Cutters

Do you know any bakers? Gift your French bulldog lover some adorable Frenchie cookie cutters! You’ll get to choose from five different designs, or you can order all five in a pack for a discounted price! The design choices include the following:

  • A sitting French bulldog
  • French bulldog side view
  • French bulldog side view with line details
  • A cute cartoon French bulldog face
  • A French bulldog face with sunglasses

8. French Bulldog Necklace

French Bulldog Necklace

If you’re looking for something simple to give your Frenchie lover, gift them a French bulldog necklace. The necklace features a small French bulldog pendant on a simple, thin chain. Your color options are silver, gold, or rose gold, and you can also choose to have an engraving on it to make it more personalized. A good idea would be to get the dog’s name engraved!

9. Frenchie Rag Rug

Frenchie Rag Rug

A Frenchie rag rug can make the perfect decor addition to anyone’s home. The vintage-looking cotton rug is two feet by three feet and uses a color palette of orange, red, white, brown, and blue. It also features a tassel design on the edges. The design itself features two cute French bulldogs with small tattoo designs on their bodies.

10. French Bulldog Embroidered Baseball Cap

French Bulldog Embroidered Baseball Cap

Baseball caps are becoming more trendy as years go on, so a beautiful French bulldog embroidered baseball cap is a great gift! You have a choice of eight colors for the cap itself and the option of fawn or black for the color of the embroidered Frenchie head. The hat consists of a cotton material and an adjustable leather strap with a shiny brass buckle.

11. Personalized French Bulldog Mug

Personalized French Bulldog Mug

If you’d like to purchase a more personalized French bulldog gift, a Frenchie mug with the pet owner’s dog’s name on it is perfect. Your mug options include a white ceramic mug, a black ceramic mug, or a metal camp mug. There are 16 fur color options, and you can choose to put more than one dog on the mug. The custom text can be the dog’s name or a short saying.

12. French Bulldog Socks

French Bulldog Socks

Everyone can always use more socks since we lose them so often! Gift some French bulldog socks to your fellow pet lover, featuring a yellow and taupe background with tan Frenchies and little paw prints on them. They’re unisex, so you can gift them to anyone without worrying about sizing, as they will typically fit feet up to a men’s size 13! 

13. French Bulldog Print

French Bulldog Print

If you’re a little unsure about what your French bulldog owner would like, a beautiful art print is one of the safer choices. The print features a black and tan French bulldog bust with smaller designs and swirls within the tan parts. There are five size choices to choose from. All you need to do is pick out a nice frame and wrap it! It’s the perfect gift to spruce up any room.

14. French Bulldog Owner Blanket

French Bulldog Owner Blanket

A soft, cozy French bulldog blanket is another great option if you don’t know what to get, as everyone loves blankets, and the gift doesn’t gear toward a specific gender. This blanket features a white fleece background with adorable tan and black French bulldogs printed on it. The underside is even cozier with a plush fleece layer to keep them warm.

This might be a gift that both the dog and owner would like as well. They can cuddle in it together!

15. French Bulldog Ice Cube Tray

Kasian House French Bulldog Ice Cube Tray and Treat Mold, 9 Frenchie Shaped Molds, BPA Free and Heat Resistant, Chocolate Mold

This gift might seem a little quirky, but a French bulldog ice cube tray is a great novelty gift to give to a Frenchie lover. The Frenchie food-grade silicone ice cube tray is also something that both the wonder and the dog can enjoy! You can fill the tray with water, coffee, or juice for people and fill it with peanut butter or greek yogurt for the dog to enjoy a tasty snack!

For the Frenchie

Here are some gift ideas for the pup that will put a smile on any Frenchie owner’s face! The owner will be glad to see that you care about their fur baby just as much as they do.

1. French Bulldog Pajamas

French Bulldog Pajamas

There’s just something about dogs wearing pajamas that puts a smile on everyone’s face. Opt for snuggly pajamas for the little Frenchie to enjoy on cold nights. These cute pajamas feature a onesie for dogs with a cutout for their butts. The design is a pretty mint color with striped sleeves and an adorable little Frenchie head on the butt/lower back area.

2. Pendi Sweater

Pendi Sweater

If you aren’t fond of getting the dog some pajamas, a sweater is another great choice. The Pendi sweater for French bulldogs is a cozy wool material that is perfect for wintertime, as it keeps a lot of body heat in without being itchy for the dog. It also has an intriguing black and brown design that will have the Frenchie pup walking around in style. 

3. French Bulldog Dog Beanie

French Bulldog Dog Beanie

Gifting an adorable French bulldog beanie hat is great for the dog to wear when it starts getting a little chilly outside. The hat is a soft wool material and comes in multiple beautiful designs for both males and females. It features a little pompom on top, as well as ear holes and two side ropes that help secure the hat to the dog’s head.  

4. French Bulldog-Shaped Feeding Bowls

NibbleyPets Elevated Dog Bowl Stand with Stainless-Steel Food and Water Bowls (3 Pc. Set) | Stand-Up Eating and Drinking | Pet Friendly Ergonomic Design | Perfect for French Bulldogs, Pugs

A new feeding system is always a nice gesture for a dog owner gift! This adorable raised feeding system has a French bulldog face as the primary part of the design, with the two eyes being the bowls. Not only is it cute and made out of good-quality smooth wood, but it will also help the Frenchie eat easier by putting less strain on their necks and legs.

5. Frenchie Dog Hoodie

Frenchie Dog Hoodie

If your French bulldog-owning friend likes daily apparel for their fur baby, a Frenchie dog hoodie might be a gift they’d love! This cute dog sweatshirt features a black and red design with plaid on the hood, arm sleeves, and pocket. It’s easy to take on and off with a simple zipper. It also has a leash hole, making the dog’s collar easily accessible for outdoor walks.

6. French Bulldog Collar

French Bulldog Collar

Add to the dog’s fashion collection by gifting the dog owner a new well-made collar! This cotton and nylon collar has a beautiful teal-colored background with a French bulldog face pattern. It comes in nine different sizes, and the shop owner allows you to choose from 21 colors for the hard plastic buckle. 

7. French Bulldog Ear Warmers

French Bulldog Ear Warmers

French bulldogs are popular due to their cute, smooshed faces and pointy ears. However, those little ears can get a little cold when winter starts rolling around. To keep them warm, a pair of French bulldog ear warmers will do the trick! These cute fleece ear warmers come in two sizes and act as a little hood for the dog’s head and neck to keep them toasty in the cold.

8. French Bulldog Backpack

French Bulldog Backpack

If you know a French bulldog owner who likes to travel with their Frenchie, a French bulldog backpack might be a great gift choice! French bulldogs need a break from walking sometimes due to their smooshed faces, which can cause breathing issues if they exert too much energy.

The backpack will hold their fur baby in place on hikes and other travels, just as a baby backpack would! It comes in four waterproof colors and sizes, has an adjustable neck opening, and also comes with pockets to hold food and water! The dog owner can wear it in the front or back. 

9. Frenchie Toothbrush Toy

Frenchie Toothbrush Toy

A new chew toy is always a winner with most dogs! Gift a Frenchie toothbrush to your French bulldog-owning friend to keep their pup occupied and clean their teeth in the process! This cool dog toy has a holding base, making it easy for Frenchie paws to grasp, and tons of rubber bristles on top for scrubbing teeth. 

It’s safe, non-toxic, infused with peppermint for breath freshness, and helps protect the dog from dental diseases!

10. Anti-Anxiety French Bulldog Bed

Anti Anxiety French Bulldog Bed

Separation anxiety can be a common issue among French bulldogs and other small breeds, so anything that can help with that will be helpful to Frenchie owners. A great tool to help with this is an anti-anxiety donut bed

These types of beds surround the dog with a soft and fuzzy material, making them feel safe and ultimately less anxious. The raised rim also helps support the French bulldog’s neck and head, providing optimal comfort for napping and bedtime. This donut bed is available in two colors and six different sizes.

Concluding Thoughts

Finding the perfect gift for a French bulldog lover can feel a little overwhelming, as there are endless options to choose from. To make the search easier, use this list of 25 French bulldog gifts to get some inspiration. These gifts are sure to put a smile on the Frenchie owner’s face and give the pup happy butt wiggles.