23 End Of Year Gifts For Students (From Their Favorite Teacher)

As a teacher, saying goodbye to your students at the end of the year can be challenging. Before you send them off to the next grade, giving them a small gift can help you feel better about parting. 

If you’re looking for the perfect treasure to give your class, check out these 23 end-of-year gifts for students.

1. Mini Cube Puzzle

Mini Cube Puzzle Party Favors for Kids, Libay 20 Pack Magic Cube Party Puzzle Game Toys Classroom Rewards and School Prize for Students, Stress Relief Toys Goody Bag Filler Birthday Gift…

Puzzles are great for helping kids learn creative problem-solving strategies while having fun. A mini cube puzzle is a perfect gift and reminder to keep challenging themselves. These toys are colorful, pocket-sized, and ideal for practicing pattern recognition and dexterity. Plus, they’re inexpensive, a bonus when buying for a large group.

2. Globe Stress Ball

Neliblu 2' Earth Stress Balls, 2 Dozens - Globe Squeeze Ball for Stress Relief, Muscle Relaxation, Therapy - 24 World Stress Balls, Earth Day Gifts and Accessories - Promote Environmental Awareness

School can be stressful, but you can help your students out by giving them a globe-style stress ball. These miniature models of the earth don’t just reduce tension. They’re also an excellent tool for fidgeting, focusing, and learning about our home planet. Help your students bounce, roll, and squeeze into the right mindset for their next journey.

3. Bubbles

Bubbles 24 Pack Party Favor for Kids Bulk Bubble Solution Blowing Wand 2 Dozen Party Supplies Outdoor Toys Wedding Party Christmas Celebration Birthday Fun Gift

Bubbles are a whimsical and fantastic way to celebrate upcoming days of sunshine. These inexpensive toys are unmatched when it comes to making iconic childhood memories. 

Not only are bubbles fascinating to observe, but they also help kids practice skills like grasping and using different mouth formations. This gift is perfect for younger students.

4. Sunglasses

GINMIC Valentines Kids Sunglasses Party Favors, 12Pack Neon Sunglasses for Kids, Boys and Girls, Great Gift for Birthday Party Supplies, Beach, Pool Party Favors, Fun Gift, Party Toys

Help protect your students’ eyes during their sunny vacation by giving them each a pair of sunglasses. These stylish shades come in several bright colors that kids will be delighted to show off all summer. If you want your students to remember you as the most incredible teacher they ever had, invest in this affordable eyewear.

5. DIY Bookmarks

ALL NATUREAL DIY Inspirational Bookmarks for Kids, Adults, Teachers, Students Bulk 100-Pieces Individually Wrapped with Tassel

The “summer slide” is real, but it can be mitigated by encouraging kids to read during the off-season. Get your students excited about cracking open a book with these DIY bookmarks

Each bookmark features an encouraging quote and design, left blank for the students to color in. Not only will they get to know a great novel, but they’ll also practice creativity.

6. Mood Pencil

Outus 30 Pieces Color Changing Mood Pencil for Kids 2B Changing Fun Pencil Assorted Color Thermochromic Pencils with Eraser for Students Christmas Valentine Birthday Pencils Party Favors

Help your students prepare for the following semester by giving them some fun, color-changing pencils. Practicing writing can be a challenge, but kids will enjoy it more with their own magical mood pencil. 

Each pencil changes from black to one of five different colors while the student writes. These also come with erasers, so students won’t have to worry about making mistakes.

7. Mini Notebook

Inspirational gifts Notepads Mini Motivational Journal Notebook Bulk Small Pocket Notepads for School Office Home Travel Gift Supplies, 10 Styles(Bright Style,20 Pieces)

Journaling is an excellent way to encourage students to explore their inner thoughts and emotions and generally keep organized. Pass out these mini notebooks to remind them to practice writing daily to keep their minds sharp. Include a pen or pencil to make it a complete set that your kids can take advantage of immediately.

8. Mini Flashlight

EverBrite 16-Pack Mini LED Flashlight Set - Assorted 4 Colors, 48 AAA Batteries Included, for Hurricane Supplies Party Favors, Kids Gift, Camping, Hiking etc

Teachers light the way to answers and education, but they can also give their students a tool for finding their way through the dark. A mini flashlight is the perfect parting gift for students. 

Mini flashlights come in handy on camping trips, late-night sporting events, and other summer-evening activities. Give your students the gift of safety and peace of mind. The practicality of this option makes it one of the best choices out of the 23 end-of-year gifts for students.

9. Mini Watercolor Palette

Mini Watercolor Kids Paint Set - (Bulk Pack of 24) - 5 Watercolor Paints, Palette Tray and Painting Brush, for Art Party Favors, Kids Prizes, Stocking Stuffers and Paint Party Supplies

For the creative-minded teacher, a gift of mini watercolor palettes is the perfect send-off. These toys will help encourage students to express their artistic side and practice using colors. 

Each palette has a paintbrush and a section for dipping the brush into water. A little imagination is all it takes to bring this gift to life.

10. Mini Bucket and Shovel

Mini Beach Bucket and Shovel Set - (Pack of 12) 3-1/4' Mini Bucket Party Favor Sand Box Play Set and Mini Beach Sand Pail Includes, Shovel, Rake, Scoop Beach Sand Toy for Birthday or Mermaid Theme

Summer is all about fun in the sun, and that will almost certainly include a day at the beach. Make sure your students get the most out of their time on those sandy shores with a mini bucket and shovel set

Encouraging your students to practice basic, non-locomotor skills like digging, scooping, and dumping can help them develop various other abilities.

11. Silly Straws

Fiesta First 40 Premium Long Crazy Silly Straws for Kids/Adults Assorted, Twisty Twirly Fun Colorful Party Spiral Drinking Straws, Recyclable Plastic BPA Free Reusable, Loop Curly Swirly Party Favor

Sometimes the best part about summer is kicking back with a cold glass of lemonade and soaking up some sun. Make your students’ days of relaxation more enjoyable with an exciting silly straw. Who doesn’t love watching their favorite refreshment glide around twists, turns, and spirals?

12. Erasers

SIKAO Colourful Bulk Erasers Medium Pack of 60 Gifts for Classroom Kids Teachers as School and Office Supplies

Before your kiddos take the next step toward adulthood, send them away with the reminder that everyone makes mistakes. A quality eraser is an ideal way to help students confidently move forward. 

Pair it with a notebook or pencil and your pupils will be prepared to face every challenge head-on.

13. Stickers

200 Pcs Back to School Stickers Science Stickers Colorful Math Stickers Waterproof Stationery Stickers for Teachers Kids Laptop Water Bottles Luggage Refrigerator Classroom Decorations, 100 Designs

Stickers are a fantastic way to personalize water bottles, notebooks, lunch boxes, and more. Kids love showing off their personalities and experiences, and what better way to help them than with a colorful sticker? 

Not only are stickers inexpensive, but it’s also easy to find designs for each class member. These stickers are made from high-quality, waterproof materials, so they’re sure to last.

14. Water Bottles

50 Strong Bulk Water Bottles | 24 Pack Sports Bottle 22 oz. BPA-Free Easy Open with Pull Top Cap Made in USA Reusable Plastic for Adults & Kids Rack Dishwasher Safe

Hydration is vital throughout the warm summer months, so help your students remember to get plenty of water with a brand new water bottle. Fill each water bottle with treats, pens, or pencils. These bottles are easy to open, squeeze, and travel well whether your student plans to spend their days cruising on a mountain bike or hiking the wilderness. Older students might appreciate this gift most.

15. Putty

Crayola Silly Putty Bulk Variety Pack, Sensory Putty, Fidget Toys For Kids, Gifts, 24 Eggs [Amazon Exclusive]

Putty is an excellent gift for kids who love having something to do with their hands. It is fantastic for fidgeting and stress relief and can also help children stimulate their imagination. 

Long car rides and lines are a standard part of summer plans, but the boredom doesn’t have to be. Give your students and their parents a much-needed break from the mundane with some putty.

16. Coloring Books

20 Pack Coloring Books for Kids Ages 4-8, Small Coloring Books for Kids Ages 2-4, Kids Birthday Party Favors Bulk Gifts Goodie Bags Stuffers Classroom Activity Includes Animals Mermaid Dinosaur

Art lovers will surely be grateful for the hours of entertainment a simple coloring book provides. This gift is great for fostering creativity. Plus, students can practice valuable skills, like combining colors and gripping a pencil. Encourage your students to think outside the box and maybe even color beyond the lines.

17. Crayons

Bedwina Bulk Crayons - 720 Crayons! Case Of 120 6-Packs, Premium Color Crayons for Kids, Non-Toxic for Party Favors, Restaurants, Goody Bags, Stocking Stuffers

Crayons are one of the best ways to teach your students to express themselves with all of their favorite colors. Whether they prefer to color in coloring books or start with a blank canvas, send them on their way with the tools they’ll need to create their masterpiece. These non-toxic crayons are suitable for almost all ages and guarantee hours of amusement.

This option is affordable and pairs well with many other gifts, such as coloring books and journals.

18. Personalized Note

Dessie 50 Different Blank Cards With Envelopes - 4x6 Inch Blank Greeting Cards w/Colored Envelopes & Gold Seals. Colorful Designs - No Repetition. All Occasion Note Cards with Envelopes Set

Sometimes, the best thing you can give your students are some final, sage words of wisdom. A personalized note from a favorite teacher (male or female) is something that many students will carry with them throughout their entire educational career and beyond. Give your pupils some words of encouragement to take with them into the following year.

19. Yo-Yo

Duncan Toys Butterfly Yo-Yo, Beginner Yo-Yo with String, Steel Axle and Plastic Body, Mystery Color

Some toys remain iconic for years, and the yo-yo is among them. These playthings are excellent for building skills like patience and dexterity. 

Your students will have a blast mastering every technique, from the basics to advanced tricks. Light-up yo-yos are even better for balmy summer evenings and slumber parties.

20. Keychain Pop Fidget Toy

30pcs Party Favors for Kids Fidget Toys Bulk Mini Pop Keychain Stocking Pinata Stuffers Birthday Carnival Treasure Classroom Prizes Toddler Toys Fidget Pack Stress Relief Toys

The rise of the pop fidget toy has been a blessing to children and teachers alike. These toys are designed to prevent squirmy, anxious hands from becoming a distraction. 

Their next teacher will thank you for this quiet alternative to other popular sensory toys without denying them the opportunity to self-soothe. You may even find yourself reaching for one next semester. These come in various colors, allowing you to personalize the gift.

21. Mini Magnetic Drawing Board

Outus 50 Pieces Mini Magnetic Drawing Board Doodle Board Set with Pen Keychain 3 Colors Drawing Painting Sketch Pad for Birthday Party Favor Classroom Supply

Everyone remembers the joy of drawing across the smooth surface of a magnetic drawing board. These miniature versions are excellent for busting boredom on long car rides or waiting patiently in line. Offer your students the tools to practice their artistic skills and creative engineering.

22. Glow Sticks

JOYIN Glow Sticks Bulk 400 8' Glowsticks ; Glow Stick Bracelets; Glow Necklaces; Glow in the Dark, July 4th, Christmas, Halloween Party Supplies Pack, Football Party Supplies

Summer nights are a magical time for illuminating the night sky with fireworks and bonfires. Give your students some glow sticks to help them celebrate those moments with some luminance of their very own. 

These toys go over great with kids and are also parents’ favorite. Keeping track of kids in the dark is easier when they’ve got their distinguishing light. Older kids might enjoy using these as props for photos.

23. Mini Animal Plush

JOYIN 24 Pack Mini Animal Plush Toy Assortment (24 Units 3' Each), Animals Keychain Decoration for Kids, Small Stuffed Animal Bulk for Kids, Carnival Prizes, School Gifts, Valentine's Day Party Favors

Animals fascinate kids of all ages. A miniature animal plush companion to carry with them into the next grade is a great way to offer comfort and boost self-esteem. These affordable toys are excellent for attaching backpacks and purses, so they’re ready to travel with your pupils wherever they go.

Final Thoughts

These 23 end-of-year gifts for students will undoubtedly make a lasting impression. Your students will love and appreciate these tender gestures. Don’t hesitate to order your favorite and watch the smiles spread.