25 EMT Gifts (To Show How Much You Appreciate Them)

Emergency Medical Technicians heal people and save lives daily in high-stress environments. Countless patients owe their lives to well-trained EMTs. These medical professionals rarely receive enough appreciation for their hard work at the site of accidents and en route to hospitals.

Those who have EMTs as family members or friends should gift them useful or meaningful presents that highlight the importance of their job. Read on to learn more about the best EMT gifts on the market.

1. Smith & Wesson EMT Men’s Watch

Smith & Wesson EMT Tactical Men's Watch, Black Nylon Strap Band, Water Resistant, Date Display, Scratch Resistant Glass, Precision Quartz Movement, Military, EMS and Outdoor, 40mm, Christmas Gift

The “Star of Life” is the most well-known symbol of emergency medical care across the globe. This wristwatch by Smith & Wesson has a small Star of Life on its face. 

It makes a meaningful gift for any EMT, and the tactical watch is just as practical as tasteful. The tactical watch is water-resistant with scratch-proof glass and a durable nylon band.

Not only will it last a long time, but its precision quartz Japanese movement means that it will run smoothly and accurately.

2. Emergency Prayer Keychain

BNQL Emergency Prayer Keychain Paramedic or Emergency Steel Keychain Gift (Keychain)

Give religious EMTs a little prayer to carry in their pockets out on the job. This emergency prayer keychain has the Star of Life on one side and a sweet wish on the other. It asks God to give them the strength and knowledge they need to administer emergency care to patients. 

The keychain is 100% stainless steel. It will not rust or tarnish, but it will remind EMTs that their loved ones and God are looking out for them.

3. Unisex Star of Life Cap

Rapiddominance EMT Cross Deluxe Law Enforcement Cap, Navy

This 6-panel cap has a high-quality 3D embroidered image of the Star of Life. The cap’s bill has the branch name, so the front of the bill is where the gift would have “EMT.” 

The 100% acrylic hat is a thoughtful gift that allows EMTs to show their emergency medical care pride while off-duty. The material is thick for comfort, and the cap has a hook and loop closure for convenience.

4. EMT Heartbeat Keychain

EMT Emergency Medical Technician, EMT keychain, ECG / EKG Heartbeat, Medical Alert, EMT gift, Ambulance, Stethoscope, Caduceus Medical Symbol charm, EMT graduation Gift (EMT Heartbeat Keychain)

This keychain by Kit’s Kiss has four charms to remind EMTs how important their job is. It has a Star of Life, a stethoscope, a lifeline in a heart, and an ambulance, encompassing the most notable parts of an EMT’s job. The silver keychain is sturdy and durable. 

It has slip-on closure and measures 5 x 5 x 0.3 inches, so it is eye-catching but not too bulky.

5. Custom EMT Quarter Zip Collar Sweatshirt

Custom EMT Quarter Zip Collar Sweatshirt

Customize a quarter zip collar sweatshirt with TheInitialedLife on Etsy. This sweatshirt has a Star of Life on the left breast, and customers can choose the thread color for the star. 

Underneath, add the name and credentials of an EMT in one of many color choices. The comfortable sweatshirt comes in navy, grey, charcoal, or black. It fits everyone’s sense of style and will let EMTs rep their noble job on or off duty.

6. Personalized EMT Duffle Bag

Personalized EMT Duffle Bag

This custom embroidered duffle bag comes with a star of life graphic and the name and credentials of an EMT. Customers can choose from a wide array of thread colors. The duffle bag consists of high-quality denier polyester and polyester dobby contrast, ensuring that it will not fall apart on the job. 

It has side and end pockets and a padded shoulder strap for comfort and convenience. EMTs can take it to work, the gym, or vacation to show pride in their occupation. 

7. Star of Life Metal Wall Sign

Custom Metal Sign

Adorning a wall with a metal sign brings a certain level of sophistication to any room. This Star of Life metal wall sign advertises the noble profession of emergency medical care. 

EMTs who hang it in their home will have a daily reminder that their job is important and respectable. It comes in five colors to match any interior design, and buyers can customize it with their last name for an extra personal decor piece.

8. First Responder Apple Watch Band

First Responder Apple Watch Band

Switching out bands is part of the fun of having an Apple Watch. With a first responder apple watch band, emergency medical technicians can have a unique look on their wrists while showing pride in their profession. It comes in eight colors: black, white, silver, gold, pink, white, red, blue, or purple. It has a graphic of a stethoscope in the shape of a heart and a Star of Life. 

9. Custom EMT Throw Blanket

Custom EMT Throw Blanket

First responders work hard during their shifts. On their days off, they deserve to relax in the comfort of their home. This personalized fleece blanket can help them stay cozy and get much-needed rest before returning to save lives. 

It has a bright blue star of life on a lifeline, all over a black and white American flag. Customize it with their name in large white letters at the bottom of the blanket.

10. EMT Leather Wallet

EMT Leather Wallet

This leather wallet allows EMTs to rep their trade on the regular. The slim accessory has an engraving of the Star of Life. Depending on the customer’s preference, the engraving can be inside or outside the wallet. 

The material is 100% genuine cowhide leather and comes in brown or anthracite, with six card slots and a pocket for folded cash. The seller is willing to gift wrap the item, so it is ready to give to a lucky EMT as soon as it arrives.

11. Funny Personalized EMT Socks

personalized emt socks

Receiving socks as a present gets a bad wrap, but EMTs will get a laugh out of this thoughtful pair. Ambulance graphics sit atop a background color of the customer’s choice, and an EMT runs toward the emergency with a first aid kit. 

However, the EMT’s head is customizable. Upload a photo of the EMT to see their face on this hilarious pair of socks. It will be the quirkiest EMT gift they will ever receive. 

12. EMT Heartbeat Bracelet

EMT Paramedic Gift

This sleek black bracelet features an engraving of a lifeline with a Star of Life. It is simple and understated for those with a more minimalist style, yet it is a meaningful present for someone who loves their job. 

The braided rope bracelet will fit any size wrist, as it is adjustable between 8.5 and 25 centimeters. The black stainless steel is timeless and easy to pair with any outfit, no matter if the EMT is a man or woman.

13. Engraved EMS Decanter Set

Engraved EMS Decanter Set

Responsible emergency medical professionals are entitled to kick back with a glass of whiskey as often as they like. 

This decanter set sports a Star of Life and lifeline on every piece of the set. Engrave up to four lines on the bottle with an EMT’s name and position, or maybe a special message to remind them why they are so valued. It comes with an airtight stopper to preserve the drink for years.

14. EMT Pocket Watch

EMT Pocket Watch

Not everyone uses pocket watches, but they still make a beautiful gift. This EMT pocket watch is a charming option for those who appreciate the vintage time teller’s sentiment. The face has an ambulance, Star of Life, “EMT,” and a customizable name. 

The premium alloy of the elegant outer casing can be gold or silver to match an EMT’s style. The 3-hand analog Japanese quartz movement makes the watch run smoothly and efficiently.

15. EMT Quote Pen

EMT Quote Pen

This black-ink pen reads, “Save a life, you are a hero. Save 100 lives, you are an EMT.” The sincere message holds a lot of truth, and the pen will remind EMTs that their job does not go unappreciated. Customers can choose between black and red for the versatile pen, which also serves as a flashlight and stylus for touchscreens.

EMTs can use the light on the job to check patients’ throats, noses, or ears. The 3-in-1 product comes ready for gift-giving in a classy black box.

16. Funny EMT Definition Mug

Funny EMT Definition Mug

This mug takes a funny approach to the lifesaving profession of emergency medicine. It defines an EMT as “the first person you see after saying ‘hold my beer and watch this.’” EMTs can fuel themselves with coffee before their shift and hopefully laugh at the joke. 

Customers can choose between 11 ounces and 15 ounces depending on how much coffee the EMT drinks. They can even make it a two-tone mug with a black inner rim.

17. Rod of Asclepius Necklace

EMS Paramedic Necklace

A statement necklace is a solid addition to any wardrobe, but it is even more impactful when it symbolizes a noble profession. This necklace is in the shape of the Rod of Asclepius. 

The symbol is stylistically very cool on its own, but it shows dedication to an admirable craft when an EMT wears it. Customers can order the charm and its 19-inch chain in silver or gold. 

18. EMT Nutrition Facts Shirt

EMT Nutrition Facts Shirt

GftyFinds on Etsy offers a witty and sweet t-shirt. It lists “nutrition facts” about an EMT, citing specific qualities of emergency medical professionals. These traits include

  • Hard work
  • Passion
  • Determination
  • Pride
  • Respect
  • Caffeine

These characteristics add up to “one amazing person.” The sentiment will make any EMT smile. The shirt comes in a few different styles and a wide variety of colors, so customers can ensure that the shirt fits their loved one’s fashion sense. 

19. How EMT Women Swear Coloring Book

How EMT Women Swear Coloring Book: A Funny Gift For Women Emergency Medical Technicians

Shifts can be stressful for EMTs. Coloring books happen to be a great way to destress. This adult coloring book titled “How EMT Women Swear” is a hilarious and therapeutic way for EMTs to spend their free time. 

It comes with 50 high-quality coloring pages that users can rip out and give to coworkers, friends, or family members who need a laugh. 

20. Thin White Line Keychain Tag

Great 1 Thin White Line American Flag Keychain Tag with Key Ring & Carabiner 2-Pack - EMT, EMS, Paramedic

The thin white line American flag honors emergency medical professionals like EMTs and paramedics. This set of 2 keychain tags features a thin blue line flag that clips onto keys, a backpack, luggage, or a lanyard. 

The vibrant color conveniently makes it difficult to lose a set of keys. The cotton fabric is tough and durable so the keepsakes will last a long time, allowing EMTs to proudly represent their profession for years.

21. “This Is How I Roll” Mug

Rogue River Tactical EMT Funny Coffee Mug This Is How I Roll Novelty Cup Great Gift Idea For EMT EMS Paramedic Ambulance

Caffeine is necessary for some EMTs to get out of bed and start their day of life-saving. This novelty coffee mug allows them to start their day with a morning coffee and a laugh. It says, “this is how I roll” over an image of an ambulance. The ceramic mug carries 11 ounces of liquid and is microwave and dishwasher-safe.

22. EMT Dad T-Shirt

Mens EMT Dad Shirt EMS Medic Men T-shirt Gift Daddy Graphic Tee T-Shirt

Children who want to buy an EMT gift for their father should consider this EMT dad t-shirt. It says an EMT dad is like a normal dad, just way more awesome. Dads will appreciate their kids’ belief that their profession makes them cooler than all the other fathers in the world. It comes in seven colors to complement his sense of style.

23. Stethoscope ID Tag

Stethoscope ID Tag

Stethoscopes are a core component of any EMT’s tool kit. A custom stethoscope name tag will add a personal flair to one of the most commonly used pieces of medical equipment. Plus, it lessens the chance of misplacing a stethoscope. The handmade lightweight accessory includes the text of the customer’s choice, often a name and position. 

24. Off-Duty Whiskey Glass

Off Duty Whiskey Glass

This funny whiskey glass displays a Star of Life to appreciate EMTs. However, the back of the glass says, “off-duty, save yourself.” The glass is a thoughtful gift for EMTs who enjoy sipping a glass of whiskey to take their mind off work. It has the quality of glasses in restaurants and bars, so customers can be sure it will last. 

25. Personalized EMT Water Bottle

Personalized EMT Water Bottle

EMTs spend plenty of time on their feet, so hydration is crucial. They cannot take care of patients without taking care of themselves. They can take this 40-ounce water bottle to work to remind them to drink. 

It has the Star of Life, “EMT,” and customers can personalize it with their name at the bottom of the bottle. The double wall insulation will keep drinks cool all day.

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