best kids birthday parties anywhere

Best Kids Birthday Parties Anywhere

Here at Giggles ‘n Hugs, we take great pride in being able to offer the best kids birthday parties anywhere. We truly do mean “anywhere.”  We know that you have many choices when it comes to throwing your kids a truly exciting birthday party. That’s why we offer as many different types of parties as…

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Fun Birthday Place

Ideas for a Fun Birthday Place

When the time comes to celebrating children’s birthdays or life achievements, it’s important to find the perfect venue that suits your and their needs. Ideally, children want a fun birthday place to host their birthday celebration to make sure everyone is having a great time filled with joy and excitement. One of the many fun…

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kids party places

Kids Party Places Near Me – At Your Home

  When you’re looking for somewhere to have your kid’s birthday, most people type something like “kids party places near me” into a search engine. That makes sense: it should show you what are the best places in your area to have a kid’s birthday. However, with any of those choices, you’re actually going to…

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children's party place

A Week at Our Children’s Party Places

There’s so much for kids to do at our children’s party places. If you’ve been reading these blogs for any length of time, you might already know about the active games, the great food, and so much more. That being said, there’s a lot more to our party places than just parties. Of course, parties…

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kids party places near me

Children’s Party Places Where Children Can Party

In our years of running children’s party places, one thing we’ve always been aware of is that kids almost invariably want to behave well. Sure, they’ll be angry sometimes or throw a tantrum, but kids by and large want to do right. However, so many times, kids are asked to do things and behave in…

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kids karaoke

Kid’s Karaoke in Los Angeles and More

In the era of video games, smartphones, tablets, and other devices, it might seem like all your kids want to do is sit around and stare at a screen. At Giggles N’ Hugs, we’ve found that’s not necessarily the case. Sure, some kids will take great pleasure in playing their favorite video games and the…

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best party place

The Number One Party Place

We’re proud that our Giggles N’ Hugs has been seen as the number one party place in Los Angeles. Of course, you shouldn’t take our word for it. Instead, listen to Nickelodeon. The children’s entertainment mainstay held a pool and voted us the #1 birthday party place in the LA area. That’s an incredible honor….

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top kids party place

Visit the Top Kids Party Place in Los Angeles for Kids Parties

Giggles Delivers the Best Kids birthday Parties  Throughout Los Angeles When it comes to birthday parties, you and and your child want to enjoy the best of the best. Our top kids party place is an awesome way for kids to spend the day with friends, laughing, playing and making memories to hold onto forever. All of…

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