Los Angeles Kids’ Birthday Parties

Sean Richards 05/27/15

Throwing a great birthday party in Los Angeles is easier than you think. Although some parents opt to host a party at home or in a public park, it doesn’t take more than one or two tries at this before most people start looking around for a professional kids’ party place in LA. This is…

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The Best Northridge Birthday Parties

Sean Richards 05/26/15

Throwing an affordable Northridge birthday party for your young child can be a challenge. Although we have some beautiful parks, it can be tough competing with wild weather fluctuations and the chaos of other parties just a few feet away. At Giggles N’ Hugs, we know you want to throw a party that’s memorable, exciting…

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Make Your Woodland Hills Birthday Special

Sean Richards 05/25/15

If you have ever thrown a kids’ birthday party in your home, you know it can be a bit…harrowing. Somewhere in between setup, planning, managing, and cleanup, you may feel as though you’ve lost a few years off your life. (Not to mention a few bucks off the value of your home!) It’s much easier…

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An Affordable Calabasas Birthday Party for Your Kid

Sean Richards 04/19/15

Finding a great birthday party place in Calabasas shouldn’t be a chore. Yet many parents who hit the Web in search of bargain birthday bashes find themselves plunging down an endless rabbit hole of conflicting reader reviews and byzantine pricing schemes. There is a simpler way. Our Calabasas birthday party packages come in a few…

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Looking for a Northridge Birthday Party Venue?

Sean Richards 04/18/15

Finding a good spot to throw your child’s birthday party in Northridge can take a lot of research. With all the great parks and playgrounds we’ve got, not to mention the beaches just a short drive away, it’s no wonder a few parents go mad each week trying to parse all that information. The key…

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Year-Round Kids’ Parties in Calabasas

Sean Richards 04/17/15

There’s no real birthday season in life. Yes, kids’ parties tend to cluster around a few months, but chances are, you know someone born in every week of the year. A great kids’ birthday party place must understand this fact, and offer features to make children feel special year-round. Our Calabasas birthday party packages are…

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Kids’ Birthday Parties in Northridge

Sean Richards 04/16/15

When it comes time to throw your kid a birthday party, you pretty much have the options of a professional sports franchise: do you want home, or away? Home is cheaper, or at least it seems that way. Once you add in the cost of food, entertainment, decorations, party favors and cake – not to…

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Your Kid’s Birthday Party In Calabasas

Sean Richards 03/18/15

It’s that time of year again: time to plan a birthday party in Calabasas. Last year you might have managed to just squeak by with an empty room and some pizza, but this year you’re thinking bigger. So are we. Giggles’ N’ Hugs has been named the #1 Birthday party Destination in Los Angeles by…

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Better Birthday Parties in Woodland Hills

Sean Richards 03/18/15

We know the feeling: your kid’s birthday is coming up and you have no idea how you can possibly host a dozen screaming kids in your living room. Relax. Help is on the way. Our Woodland Hills birthday parties include every last thing you need to throw a bash for the ages, including endless food,…

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