Sean Richards 07/10/18

It does not matter if it’s a birthday, a kid’s kindergarten graduation, or some other celebration – you know your child will want to have some type of party to mark the occasion. Kids love parties, but as a parent, you may not be as thrilled as your child will be because of all the…

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Sean Richards 07/03/18

  Now that summer is here, and schools are out on summer vacation, you may find yourself trying to come up with new ideas to help entertain the kids. The last thing you want is them sitting around the house all day, watching TV or playing video games on phones or consoles. Kids can get…

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Sean Richards 06/20/18

Your child’s birthday is not as far away as you think, and you know that you need to start thinking about what you are going to do for their party this year. You have thrown parties at home for years, but when you think about all the time, work, and effort that goes into planning…

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Host An Event At The Best Family Restaurant In Los Angeles

Sean Richards 05/31/18

If your child wants to have a particular type of party, perhaps a superhero or a princess-themed event, or maybe something more intricate such as a rock star or a dinosaur theme, then Giggles N Hugs, which is the number one rated and the best family restaurant in Los Angeles, should be your first call. At…

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Celebrate the Right Way with The Best Family Restaurant and Birthday Party Place

Sean Richards 05/18/18

You want your kid’s birthdays to be memorable, and to ensure that they have the best party of all their friends. Not only that, but you want them to enjoy their special day, and to do that you need to give them something to remember. We believe that we can offer you and your child…

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Kid’s Birthday Party near Me – What Are My Options?

Sean Richards 05/04/18

Finding a suitable location for a children’s birthday party is not always easy. You may ask relatives and friends for recommendations, or look for online reviews of businesses providing birthday party services. When you are actively looking for places to host a ‘kid’s birthday party near me‘ in Los Angeles, the place to go is Giggles…

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Looking for Fun Birthday Places in Los Angeles

Sean Richards 04/16/18

As your children learn and grow, some of their most fun memories are from their birthday parties. Each year your child is given a big day where they can invite their friends and be surrounded by food, entertainment and presents. Giggles N’ Hugs, voted the number one birthday party place in Los Angeles, is just…

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Visit the Top Kids Party Place in Los Angeles for Kids Parties

ezekial ezekial 03/15/18

Giggles Delivers the Best Kids birthday Parties  Throughout Los Angeles When it comes to birthday parties, you and and your child want to enjoy the best of the best. Our top kids party place is an awesome way for kids to spend the day with friends, laughing, playing and making memories to hold onto forever. All of…

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Afterschool Activities at the #1 Children’s Indoor Playground Near Me

Sean Richards 03/01/16

Drop into Giggles N’ Hugs to see how we can elevate your child’s afterschool experience. We have been voted the number one spot for indoor afterschool activities for kids in the Los Angeles area. Tons of Activities Giggles N’ Hugs is the number one children’s indoor playground in Los Angeles! We have tons of games and…

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