How To Keep Rice Warm for a Party? Here Are 10 Ways

How To Keep Rice Warm for a Party

What’s Exciting In Here…1. Use an Insulated Food Container2. Use a Rice Cooker3. Wrap It in foil4. Use a Thermos5. Place It in a Preheated Oven6. Preheat Your Serving Bowls or Plates7. Use a Heat Lamp8. Put It in a Microwave9. Use a Slow Cooker10. Keep It in the PotThe Bottom Line Rice is a … Read more

How To Throw An Epic College Dorm Party

How To Throw An Epic College Dorm Party

What’s Exciting In Here…Know the RulesSafetyReason or ThemeActivitiesDrinkSnacksMusicDecorMaintenanceFinal Thoughts  The dorm room party is a vital part of most college experiences. Those tiny rooms often provide the space where you will get to know your fellow students and establish life-long friendships. If you have been to any dorm parties, you likely know that they can … Read more

How Much To Give For A High School Graduation Gift?

How Much To Give For A High School Graduation Gift

What’s Exciting In Here…How Much Money Should You Give As a High School Graduation Gift?Etiquette When Giving High School Graduation GiftsOther Gifts You Can GiveFinal Thoughts Graduating high school is a monumental moment in everyone’s life. When people graduate high school, they are essentially saying goodbye to their childhood.  Up to that point, the only … Read more

What To Wear To A Graduation Party

What To Wear To A Graduation Party

What’s Exciting In Here…Before We Get Going Florals Hello, Rainbow! School Spirit White, White, and More White! Dresses, Skirts, or PantsJumpsuits and RompersFlexibility and LocationFootwearI’m Going To Wear It Again and Again and Again Never Feel Pressured To Purchase Confidence Final Thoughts Summertime is time for fun in the sun, beaches, brunches, and graduation parties! Graduation parties can be fun to go to … Read more

How To Throw a Beach Party Where Everyone Has a Blast

picture of a successful beach party

What’s Exciting In Here…Advanced Planning ChecklistSelect the Perfect VenueWrite Detailed InvitesHave Fun With a ThemeChoose Beach-Friendly DecorSimple Foods are BestSafety First!What About Activities and Entertainment?Conclusion Sun, sand, surf! There is nothing better than an afternoon at the beach with all of your favorite people. One of my favorite daydreams is pondering beach days gone by, … Read more

How To Keep Food Warm For A Party? Here’s 16 Creative Ways

picture of warm food being served at a party

What’s Exciting In Here…1. Wrap With Aluminum Foil Or Towels2. Place In A Cooler3. Put In Oven On Low4. Use Chafing Dishes5. Use A Slow Cooker6. Put Food In A Thermal Cooker7. Use The BBQ Grill8. Use A Double Boiler9. Use An Insulated Thermos10. Trap The Steam11. Use Hot Water Bottles or Hot Stones12. Preheat … Read more

How To Plan A Surprise Birthday Party In 19 Steps

picture of a surprise party

What’s Exciting In Here…1. Will They Appreciate It or Not?2. Float the Idea Around3. Party Planning Team4. Form a Plan5. Theme6. Budget7. Date and Time8. Location9. Seating Chart10. Decorations11. Party Activities12. Food13. Invitations14. Decoy Plan15. Prepare Food and Drinks16. Music17. Photographer/Videographer18. How to Surprise19. ExecuteFAQs  No matter how old you are, a surprise birthday party … Read more

How To Cover Garage Walls For A Party

picture of garage walls that need to be covered for a party

What’s Exciting In Here…Setting Up for a Garage PartyHow to Hang or Drape Your Garage WallsFinishing Touches to Make Your Garage Wall Coverings Look ProfessionalFAQs When you think of parties, the garage may not be the first place that comes to mind since most garages don’t look as attractive as the inside of your house. … Read more

Kid’s Party Places Where Children Can Really Party

kids party places

In our years of running kids party places, one thing we’ve always been aware of is that kids almost invariably want to behave well. Sure, they’ll be angry sometimes or throw a tantrum, but kids by and large want to do right. However, so many times, kids are asked to do things and behave in such … Read more