25 Best Psychology Gifts (That Even Freud Would Approve)

Don’t keep your appreciation in your subconscious mind; show a therapist, psychologist, or psychology student some love with these 25 best psychology gift ideas. 

Whether you want something to make someone smile or to help decorate a therapy office, we’ve got the best psychology gift ideas below that even Freud would approve of. 

1. World’s Best Therapist Candle 

Worlds Best Therapist Gifts - 9oz Soy Candle ; Appreciation Gift for Therapists, Speech Therapist Gifts for Women, Thank You Respiratory Therapist, Physical Therapist Gift from Patient or Colleague

The World’s Best Therapist Candle is one of the best psychology gifts for a therapist or future therapist with an attractive-looking label and message. Who doesn’t love a constant reminder that they’re the world’s best therapist? 

This lavender-scented soy candle adds a soothing scent and warm glow to any room or office space. With 45 hours of burn time, this gift will bring happiness to the receiver every time they light it. 

2. Keep Talking Tumbler 

KLUBI Psychology Gifts - Tumbler/Mug 12oz for Wine, Coffee or Any Drink - Funny Gift Idea for Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Therapist, Therapy, School Counselor, Glass, Women, Mental Health, Graduation

Consider these Keep Talking tumblers if you want a funny psychology gift to give to a psychology-loving friend. The pink drinking glass says, “Keep talking. I’m diagnosing you.” Naturally, this makes a great gift for real therapists or your best friends. 

This stainless steel tumbler has a lid, straw, and cleaner. With double-walled insulation, this tumbler keeps drinks hot or cold for longer than a normal mug. 

3. Brain Art Flower Anatomy Print

Brain Art Flower Anatomy Print

Every psychology office could do with more art, and this handmade print with an anatomical brain and colorful flowers is the perfect gift to make that happen. 

Painted on a typed page from a psychology book is the beautiful image of a brain. One half is an anatomical brain, while the other is bursting with flowers and colorful leaves. 

This beautiful print is one of the best psychology gift ideas anyone would be proud to hang on their wall. 

4. Pink Freud T-Shirt

Psychology Pink Freud TShirt

Give the gift of a smile and a laugh to your psychology-loving friends with this Pink Freud t-shirt. 

Mashing the iconic images of Pink Floyd and Freud, this hilarious t-shirt will go over well with a good-humored psychologist. 

This funny t-shirt revamps the Pink Floyd album with a quirky text saying, “The dark side of your mom.” Choose a t-shirt or a sweater, depending on the receiver’s preference.

5. Freudian Slippers 

Medium Freudian Slippers - Comfy Plush Slip-On Footwear with Sigmud Freud's Head and a Comfortable Built in Sock Tongue Black

You’ve heard of a Freudian slip before, but this fun psychology gift is a pair of Freudian slippers. 

These plush and comfy slippers have the cartoon face of Freud, complete with glasses, on the top of the slipper. The tongue is part of a sewed-in sock so that Freud’s tongue moves when you wiggle your toes. 

This gift will make a psychology student laugh upon opening and keep them comfy while studying. 

6. Psychopoly Game

Psychopoly Game

If you want to gift one of the best psychology gifts to your therapist or friend, then look no further than the Psychopoly Game. 

Just like classic Monopoly, you make your way around the game board. But with this psychology-themed board, instead of Free Parking, you’ll get some Free Therapy. 

7. Psychologist Adult Coloring Book

Psychologist Adult Coloring Book: A Snarky, Humorous & Relatable Adult Coloring Book For Psychologists

This hilarious psychologist adult coloring book is an amazing gift that will make a psychologist laugh and relax simultaneously. 

The white and black coloring book features designs with funny quotes like, “I’m a therapist, not a magician.” 

Give your psychologist time to unwind by coloring in these snarky quotes across 25 artfully designed pages.

8. Kintsugi Repair Kit

Kintsugi Repair Kit Gold

Kintsugi is a Japanese art form of repairing broken pottery with gold. Kintsugi is a beautiful metaphor for psychologists’ hard work, and this repair kit is the perfect way for them to visualize it. 

This Kintsugi repair kit is a DIY kit for repairing broken dishes or pottery with gold powder and epoxy. The easy-to-use instructions and included materials make this gift idea a fun and thoughtful reminder that broken pieces are still beautiful.

9. Sterling Silver 18K Gold Finish Neuron Pendant Necklace

Sterling Silver 18k Gold Finish Neuron Pendant Necklace

It can be hard to buy gifts for graduating psychology students. So, this neuron pendant necklace is one way to express your gratitude and appreciation to a psychology lover. 

This gorgeous neuron-shaped pendant comes in different color options to best suit users’ styles. Choose between sterling silver, rose gold, or an 18-karat gold finish that doesn’t turn the receivers’ skin green when they wear it. 

10. Sigmund Freud Engraved Quote Pen

Inkstone Sigmund Freud Engraved Quote Pen - Out of Your Vulnerabilities Will Come Your Strength. - Psychology Gifts for Psychologists Guidance Counselors Psychology Students Therapists

Any psychologist would love this pen engraved with a quote from Sigmund Freud. This psychology gift keeps a positive message close to anyone who needs the reminder that “Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength.” 

This luxury pen glides across notebooks and has a nice heavy weight in your hand. This engraved pen is also refillable, so this gift can be used for years to come. 

11. Doctor of Psychology Vegan Leather Journal

Doctor of Psychology Vegan Leather Journal

Psychology students and professionals could all do with another journal. This vegan leather journal is one of the best psychology gifts that are unisex and useful. 

The best part about this vegan leather journal for psychologists is that you can have it engraved with a personalized message or the name of your therapist. 

The notebook features 224 lined pages perfect for jotting down notes or journaling feelings.

12. Funny Psychology Sticker

Funny Psychology Sticker

If you’re looking for a funny gift idea for a psychology student, this sticker is the gift you’ve been waiting for. 

This sticker says, “Yes, I am a psychology major. No, I don’t read minds.” and can be attached to anything a psychology major uses regularly. Add this funny sticker to water bottles, the back of a laptop, or on a journal. 

This inexpensive psychology gift is the perfect thing to let someone know you’re thinking of them.

13. Wheel of Emotions Pillow 

Wheel of Emotions Feelings Velvet Throw Pillow Covers Cozy Square Pillowcases Home Decor for Bed Couch Sofa Therapy Office Living Room Cushion Covers Counselor Physical Therapist Gifts 18'x18'

Emotions can be hard to name, so this wheel of emotions pillow is an ideal gift to give to a psychologist. 

This 18×18 throw-pillow features a color wheel that shows the full spectrum of human emotions. Clients can use it to squeeze or use it as a helpful tool to communicate what they are feeling. Either way, it looks great on a couch! 

14. How To Do The Work Book 

How To Do The Work Book

How To Do The Work is a book by Dr. Nicole LePera about how to unravel generational trauma and heal from your past. This is an awesome psychology gift for anyone interested in mental health work. 

Dr. Nicole LePera goes by @theholistictherapist on social media, with a following of over 4.4 million. Her book includes ground-breaking thoughts on how everyone can become a self-healer and have healthy relationships with others. 

How To Do The Work gained the #1 spot on New York Times bestselling list since being published in 2021. 

15. Laser Etched Glass Anatomical Brain Paperweight

3D Human Brain Anatomical Model Paperweight(Laser Etched) in Crystal Glass Cube Science Gift (No Included LED Base)(3.1x2x2 inch)

If you’re looking for a psychology gift for someone with a cluttered workspace, this beautiful glass paperweight is a great choice. 

This paperweight has an anatomical brain laser-etched in the center of a clear cube of heavy glass. Each part of the brain includes labels naming the specific areas on the anatomical diagram. 

This is one of the best psychology gifts that look great on a desk or as a decoration on a bookshelf. 

16. The Power of Vulnerability Book

The Power of Vulnerability Book

Dr. Brené Brown is a popular name in psychology because of her intense research on how being vulnerable is a skill we need to cultivate. Dr. Brené Brown’s book The Power of Vulnerability shares her research in an inspirational book that took the world by storm. 

Dr. Brené Brown is known for her informative TedTalks and the continuing research she’s conducted around the topic of vulnerability. This is a great gift for anyone interested in psychology if they haven’t read this book yet. 

17. Knock Knock Self-Therapy Pad

Knock Knock Self-Therapy , Checklist Note Pad for Step-by-Step Stress Relief (Gray), 6 x 9-inches

Not every psychology-lover can afford therapy, and that’s okay when you have the Knock Knock self-therapy pad. 

This is one of the best psychology gifts the receiver can use daily. Each page is the same but designed so that any emotional moment can be broken down and analyzed so that a breakthrough can be achieved. 

Each of the 60 pages has check boxes and spaces to write so that someone who might be interested in therapy can easily start the process themselves before being ready to talk to someone else about it.

18. Tickle Me, Freud

Tickle Me Freud

You’ve heard of Tickle Me, Elmo, but what about Tickle Me, Freud? This is a hilarious gift to give someone interested in psychology, especially someone who works with children. 

Just like a Tickle Me, Elmo, this Freud shakes and laughs, but it’s a lot funnier when it’s a white-haired man with glasses. 

Psychologists and stuffed animal lovers alike will love this gift and be proud to put it on a shelf where everyone can see it.

19. Stress Relief and Self-Care Cards

Allura & Arcia 52 Stress Less & Self Care Cards - Mindfulness & Meditation Exercises - Anxiety Relief & Relaxation

This pack of mindfulness and meditation cards is one of the best psychology gifts for someone who struggles with hard-to-handle emotions. 

The deck has 52 cards with unique prompts, meditations, and self-care tips that can be incorporated into a stressful day. Whenever the receiver feels a big emotion coming on, they can pull out a card at random and use the prompt to help regulate their emotions. 

This gift is suitable for all ages, genders, and stages of a personal growth journey. 

20. Freudian Defense Mechanisms Psychoanalysis Digital Poster

Freudian Defense Mechanisms Psychoanalysis Digital Poster

While not all of Freud’s theories have stood the test of time, his explanations of defense mechanisms are useful ways to communicate thought patterns and behaviors. 

This Freudian Defense Mechanisms poster presents many defense mechanisms with an explanation for each so that clients and therapists can better use it as a resource during their sessions. 

Gift this digital poster to someone with an empty space on the wall in their therapy office. 

21. Superhero Bookends

Artori Design Book Ends to Hold Books Heavy Duty - Hidden Metal Bookends for Shelves Desk or countertop - Bookend Book Holder for Home Decorative - Gift for Book Lovers and Home Décor (Book&Hero)

If you’re looking for a great psychology gift for a therapist, this superhero bookend is a reminder of all the hard work your therapist does for others. 

All psychologists end up with stacks of books and journals throughout the years of their practice. Help keep them organized and remind them that they’re a superhero in people’s lives with this incredible gift idea. 

These sturdy bookends look like a flying superhero holding the books upright for a fun optical illusion that stands out on a shelf. 

22. Cycologist T-Shirt

Womens Cycologist Funny Psychology Biking Cyclist Gift for Biker Graphic Sarcasm Funny Womens T Shirts Funny Fitness T Shirt Women's Novelty T Shirts Dark Grey L

If you have a psychology-loving friend who also is a bike enthusiast, this is the perfect gift for them! This funny t-shirt has a bike print with the words Cycologist written on it. Anyone that enjoys a good pun will appreciate this thoughtful gift idea. 

This unisex gift is machine washable and made in the US. It comes in a wide range of sizes to fit anyone who would look amazing in it. 

23. Future Psychologist T-Shirt

Future Psychologist T Shirt

Students learning how to become a psychologist have a lot of hurdles and hardships before they make it into their own offices. 

Show a future psychologist how proud you are of the work they do by gifting them this thoughtful t-shirt. This t-shirt has three brains printed over the top of the text and has several color options to choose one that suits the receiver’s style.

24. Psychology Wall Clock Made of Wood

7ArtsStudio Unisex Psychology Wall Clock, 12 Inch, Made of Wood, Clear, Analog Display, Perfectly Cut, Modern Artistic Decor, Unique Gift

This psychology wall clock is the perfect way to bring some beauty into a space. Every psychologist needs a clock that they can easily see during sessions to ensure they don’t go over the time limit with each client. 

This impressive-looking clock is made from wood with cut-out images and words related to psychology. The clock can be personalized so that the words and images are even more impactful to the receiver. 

25. Vintage Freud Stress Bubbles 

Vintage Freud Stress Bubbles

Dr. Freud used to prescribe bubbles to his patients, and with this vintage bubble set, you can too! 

Freud believed that by blowing intentions into 15 bubbles, patients would notice an emotional difference and help them self-regulate. 

This is one of the best psychology gifts to gift someone that loves the playful things in life. By blowing intentions into bubbles, this gift could be the beginning of someone’s journey of manifesting their dreams.

Final Thoughts 

Choosing gifts can be difficult. With these 25 gifts, you’re guaranteed to find something even the pickiest recipient on your list will love. Whether for the holidays, a birthday, or simply an “I care about you” gift, lovers of psychology will be thrilled with any selection above. 

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