25 Air Force Retirement Gifts (Because They Earned It)

Congratulate veterans on their service to the country with these 25 Air Force retirement gifts. Below we’ve culminated thoughtful, practical, and hilarious gifts for Air Force retirees. 

Whether you want to show your appreciation, share a smile, enjoy a drink, or relive memories, these fantastic gifts for Air Force veterans are sure to be a hit. 

1. Retired US Air Force Shirt 

Retired US Air Force Shirt

This retired US Air Force shirt is one of the best Air Force retirement gifts for someone who enjoys dressing down on their off days. 

This 100% cotton shirt features a faded print of the American flag, Air Force emblem, and Retired US Air Force text. Choose from various colors based on your Air Force veteran’s preferences.

2. Military Retirement Lawn Banner 

Military Retirement Banner, Army Navy Air Force Marine Corps Police Happy Retirement Party Sign

What better way to celebrate someone’s retirement than a huge lawn banner? This vinyl sign features the US flag with the words Happy Retirement stretched across. 

Not only will this sign put a smile on someone’s face, but it will also announce the retirement party. Now, the whole neighborhood can acknowledge your favorite veteran’s service to the country. If the party is private, feel free to hang the sign indoors.

3. Engraved Air Force Compass

Engraved Air Force Compass

If you’re looking for sentimental Air Force retirement gifts, look no further than this beautiful engraved Air Force compass. This gift is made from brass and bears the US Air Force emblem on the outside. 

When the gift receiver opens their present, they’ll see a gorgeous working compass and a personalized engraved message. The giver can choose from a favorite quote, personal note, or the receiver’s name. 

4. Create Your Own Reel Viewer

Create Your Own Reel Viewer

While the younger generation may not remember the Reel Viewer, retirees will remember and feel nostalgic for a custom-made one with all their favorite images. 

This create-your-own Reel Viewer allows gift givers to insert photos into the toy machine so the receiver can relive moments from the past. Instead of pulling out dusty photo albums or letting pictures disappear on social media feeds, this personalized gift preserves important memories of a veteran’s life and career.

5. Air Force Decanter 

Air Force Decanter, 1000ml Globe Decanter w/ USAF Logo Inside - Retirement Gifts for Veterans or Air Force Gift for Promotion, Graduation etc. - Unique Military Present - USAF Gifts for Men & Women

This Air Force decanter is one of the best Air Force retirement gifts for those who enjoy a glass of something strong. The decanter holds one liter of your favorite beverage. 

The Air Force decanter is shaped like a globe and comes with a support stand to hold it tilted. The beautiful glass decanter has a glass topper and the logo for the US Air Force on its side.

6. Air Force Coin Display Case

Air Force Coin Display Case

Veterans earn coins throughout their careers that honor achievements and work well done. With this customizable Air Force coin display case, retired Air Force officers can look back at all their accomplishments and see a display instead of clutter. 

This wooden coin slot holds 24 challenge coins and is customizable with an engraving of your choice. The coin display case also has a handcrafted Air Force emblem inlaid in the wood.

7. Air Force Whiskey Glass

US Air Force Whiskey Glass (Set of Two) – Air Force Engraved Exquisite Whiskey Glass - Gifts for Whiskey Lovers - Air Force Present for Retirement, Graduation, Birthday – Air Force Home Décor

Show some love and appreciation for an Air Force retiree with this set of two Air Force whiskey glasses. 

Each heavy-bottomed 14 oz whiskey glass is engraved with the Air Force emblem and is perfect for sipping on while swapping stories about the old days.

8. Model Aircraft Kits 

model aircraft f35

Do you want Air Force retirement gifts that give the receiver hours of fun? These model aircraft kits include all the pieces and stickers needed to decorate incredible planes. This new hobby for retired Air Force officers ignites their interests and keeps them busy in their golden years. 

You have your choice of model aircraft that has special meaning to the gift receiver based on their time in service. 

9. Air Force Folded Book Art

Air Force Folded Book Art

While an Air Force retiree will have many medals, ribbons, and coins to decorate their home, this Air Force folded book art is worthy of being displayed alongside their achievements. 

The artist folds down every page of this unique gift to create a pop-out US Air Force logo. Give this fantastic present to someone who enjoys a good book, exciting artwork, and the Air Force.

10. Long Sleeve Air Force Shirt 

U.S. Air Force Long Sleeve T-Shirt. Navy Blue (XL, Navy Blue)

Keep your loved ones warm while repping the US Air Force with this long sleeve Air Force shirt. This comfortable crew neck sweater is a great gift for someone who needs some warm clothes to exercise in, garden, or relax in. 

This long sleeve Air Force shirt is 100% cotton, guaranteeing a soft feel. The pull-on long-sleeve shirt has a small Air Force logo and the words US Air Force along one sleeve. Choose between navy blue and grey. 

11. Military Retirement Can Cooler 

Military Retirement Can Cooler

This military retirement can cooler is one of the best presents for Air Force veterans who enjoy a cold one without freezing their fingers. 

The standard design features military boots in front of a stylized American flag. However, you can customize everything about this can cooler, including the wording, name, and colors. The gift giver can choose the design or stay with the standard one and customize it with the recipient’s name. No matter what they choose, it’ll fit any 12 oz can. 

Small but mighty, this gift uses high-density material to insulate your drinks for longer than other can coolers.

12. Retired Air Force Coffee Mug

Retired Air Force Coffee Mug

A retired Air Force coffee mug is one of the funny Air Force retirement gifts you can give to someone special. This Air Force mug features the text “Retired From Air Force. I Do What I Want.”

Make someone smile first thing in the morning with this funny gift mug for Air Force veterans as they sip their morning coffee. 

13. Gun Shell Model Airplane 

TG,LLC Treasure Gurus Gun Bullet Shell Casings Shaped Rare Model Air Force Jet Airplane Military Gift

Give a gift that an Air Force retiree will be happy to look at during their golden years with this cool model airplane made from empty bullet casings. 

Show your appreciation for years of service to the country with this beautiful paperweight or office decoration. Any aviation geek will enjoy looking at the artfully placed golden bullets.

14. Air Force Wine Tumbler 

Military Gift Shop Air Force Steel Stemless Wine Glass Tumbler, 12 oz Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Whiskey Tumbler with USAF logo and Lid

Retirement means more time for drinking and enjoying life, so show your support for embracing free time with a drink in hand by gifting a veteran with an Air Force wine tumbler. 

The receiver will be impressed with the sleek black metal design laser engraved with the US Air Force logo. Plus, the black tumbler hides the contents inside. 

An Air Force wine tumbler holds 12 oz of liquid inside insulated walls that keep drinks hotter or colder for longer than conventional drinking cups.

15. Retired Not Expired Baseball Cap 

U.S. Air Force Retired Not Expired Baseball Cap. Navy Blue

Small but thoughtful, a “Retired, Not Expired” baseball cap is one of the awesome Air Force retirement gifts for veterans who seem to have everything. 

Practical and simple, this black baseball cap with white text gets the message across with the intensity and style of a veteran. 

16. Customized Bobblehead 

Customized Bobblehead

What could be a better honor than being immortalized as a bobblehead? Bring someone a smile every time they see their face by ordering a customized bobblehead for your favorite veteran. These bobbleheads have the body of a US Air Force pilot and the face of the person you’re gifting this to. 

Gift receivers can place this cute bobblehead anywhere they need a nod of encouragement, like on their car dashboard or office desk. 

17. Air Force Deck of Cards 

The Marine Corps Gift Shop USAF Professional Quality Air Force Playing Cards

They say that good things come in small packages. Well, this deck of cards may be a small gift, but it’ll bring hours of fun. Gather round and play a lively game of poker or go fish with an Air Force deck of cards. 

Make game night all about your favorite veteran with this Air Force deck of cards. Every card in this deck of 51 features Air Force emblems and symbols.

18. Shadow Box 

Shadow Box

This shadow box is one of the best Air Force retirement gifts to give someone with lots to show off from their time in service. A veteran will be proud to hang this work of art on any wall of their home or office. 

The beautiful shadow box frame comes in cherry wood or oak walnut. Inside, the gift receiver can hang awards or other memorable documents above a triangle of the American flag.

19. US Air Force Coasters 

Air Force Leather Coaster Set - 4 Premium Coasters with Hot Stamped Foil USAF Logo - Air Force Gifts | Disabled USMC Vet Owned Small Business

Nothing makes a table look sophisticated like black leather coasters with the Air Force emblem. Give the gift of sophistication and table protection with these beautiful PU leather coasters with white stitching lining the edges. 

As a set of four, this coaster set invites others to join the table with a glass or mug in hand and spend time together. Plus, you can expect these to be quality-made because the company that sells these US Air Force coasters is owned by a Marine Corps veteran. 

20. Retirement Neck Chain 

Funny military retirement gift

This Cuban-chain necklace comes in a hilarious gift box for Air Force veterans. First, you’ll gift a laugh, then a handsome chain in gold or silver. 

A chain necklace suits any respectable man that used to wear dog chains, and this one comes in a wooden gift box. The gift box has a funny note with a bit of profanity that’s sure to give a laugh. The veteran may have been in the Air Force, but if they can still enjoy a swear word like a sailor, they’ll love this gift.

21. Personalized Cutting Board With Air Force Emblem 

Personalized Cutting Board

Now that a veteran has more free time on their hands, they can use it to grill and cook up a storm. This personalized cutting board is one of the best Air Force retirement gifts for someone who enjoys spending time in the kitchen on their off days. 

This artfully made cutting board features high-quality, smoothly sanded wood, and the center of the cutting board features a perfectly engraved US Air Force emblem. The gift giver can personalize this cutting board with a message or the name of the receiver.

22. Air Force Pint Glass With Bullet 

USAF Officially Licensed Air Force Pint Glass – Hand Blown Glasses – 50 Cal Design – Air Force Gifts – 16 Oz.

If you want to gift someone a conversation starter, give a beer drinker and Air Force retiree this awesome Air Force pint glass with a fake bullet suspended in the side of the glass. 

This pint glass has a fake .50 caliber golden bullet that looks like it’s crashing into the side of the glass. The pint glass holds 16 oz and features the Air Force logo in black.

23. Army Aviation Aircraft Crewman Badge 

Army Aviation Aircraft Crewman Badge

This Air Force crewman badge is an awesome gift to give someone who enjoys wearing a pin on their lapel without the risk of losing the one earned in their time in the force. Luckily, this army aviation aircraft crewman badge is approved for wear by the US Institute of Heraldry.

24. Air Force Vintage Pocket Watch 

VIGOROSO Vintage Retro Pocket Watch UNITED STATES AIR FORCE Style Bronze Steampunk Chain in Box

This Air Force vintage pocket watch is one of the best Air Force retirement gifts for someone who enjoys sentimental gifts and always being on time. 

Adorning the outside of this bronze pocket watch is the emblem of the US Air Force. Click the button on top and reveal the watch face inside. 

25. Wine Barrel Military Shadow Box 

Wine Barrel Military Shadow Box

Last but not least, this wine barrel military shadow box enables veterans to showcase the highlights of their careers in a gorgeous display. 

Each barrel is crafted by the hands of a veteran disabled in Vietnam out of a recycled wine barrel. This circular shadow box has a glass top and plenty of space to hang medals, ribbons, and patches. Hanging above all the decorations is a partial US flag.

Final Thoughts 

With these 25 incredible Air Force retirement gifts, you can share the love, fond memories, and smiles with veterans who served their country fearlessly and now have the opportunity to enjoy the relaxation of retirement. 

Choose from thoughtful options to show off medals and awards, practical gifts for Air Force retirees, or hilarious gifts that will have the whole troop belching in laughter. Enjoy the retirement party!