The Top 6 Reasons Parents Love Kid Friendly Restaurants

We get it: Going out to eat with toddlers in tow can be a production. Somewhere between the strollers, the diaper bags, the sippy cups and the screaming, it is hardly surprising that so many parents get home and wish they could put themselves in a “timeout.” But see – everything changes when you go to a kid friendly restaurant. Instead of grief from your fellow diners, you get smiles and knowing looks. Instead of trying desperately to fill the time with kooky games, you can relax while your kids have a blast, all on their own. Giggles N’ Hugs is a restaurant where your kids are expected to run around. Sippy cups are welcome; screaming is practically required. It’s full-service fun. We hear from Hug Club members all the time that the Giggles experience is unlike any other. Here’s why:

1. No Dirty Looks

This is by far the biggest. Anyone with kids will tell you that dining out with the tykes in tow can be a traumatic experience, second only to flying with them. Glares, shushes, offhand comments, and yes, the dreaded boot, can ruin any family outing without warning. Giggles flips the score: families reign supreme here. You may trade that humiliation for conversation, with or without a glass of wine.

2. Talking

Remember talking? It’s what we all did before we had kids, and before every meal turned into an extended exercise in negotiation and hilarity. Don’t get us wrong: we enjoy the incredible ferment of little minds as much as you do. But every once in a while, it’s nice to sit down with other adults and use some big words. More than one member has even celebrated an anniversary here! If you like the idea of grabbing a little chatter without all the patter, a night out at Giggles N’ Hugs may be the most romantic date you’ve had in years.

3. Group Break

Leave aside the talking: how about the simple joy of space? Parents often tell us that Giggles gives them and their kids something in tragically short supply at home—room to breathe. One of the best ways to restore a much needed sense of perspective is to take a few minutes off from one another. Families often experience an instant “recharge” that reminds them just how much love there is to go around.

4. Live Entertainment Kills the iPad

It is a truism of modern parenting that gadgets seem to find a way of creeping into every intimate moment. A few years ago it was Gameboys; now it’s smartphones and iPads. Most of us have struck an uneasy truce with these shiny technologies, preferring to minimize their use rather than banning them outright. But many people also find it hard to say no when the mental health of their family hangs in the balance. The solution is right here. Giggles N’ Hugs offers live entertainment every single day: music, story time, magic shows, dance parties, you name it. Parents are typically astonished when their kids beg actually to put down a touchscreen device so they can join the fun. Especially when our expert play area staff keeps the party going all day long.

5. Great Food for All Ages

Most so-called “family restaurants” offer nothing but junk food for the younger set, while “adult restaurants” consider their kid offerings an afterthought. Giggles N’ Hugs is firmly committed to offering delicious, nutritious food for all ages: wraps, salads, salmon and paninis for the grownups; pizza, pasta, veggies, and healthy sides for the little ones. The best part? It’s all healthy, handmade and totally craveable—guaranteed.

6. Bedtime Made Easy

And what about after your night out? Let’s face it: We have all experienced some version or another of the Neverending Bedtime. For many families, it’s a product of evenings spent without blowing off enough steam. The simple fact is that kids love to run around, and few things can ever really tucker them out at home. We can. With a state of the art indoor play area and an endless parade of activities, Giggles N’ Hugs is one of the most successful kid tuckerers on the planet. Parents often report their amazement to us that their children actually nodded off on the way home. Consider this a testament to our ongoing commitment to exhaustion.

Enjoy Yourself. All of You.

Of course there are plenty more reasons to love kid friendly restaurants. Your list may include playdates made easy and worry-free birthday parties. Whatever your personal wish, this much is clear: finding an outstanding restaurant where the whole family can enjoy a night out together is a rare and beautiful thing. Come in and see for yourself. We’ll save that wine.