How It All Began

A Personal Note from Mrs. Parsi, cofounder of Giggles N’ Hugs: She just looked into my eyes with the most intense, yet serene gaze I had ever seen. As if she knew exactly who I was. For me, it was just magic, pure mystical, ethereal, magic. For her, I was just mommy, holding her tight in this strange, bright place she had never seen. family restaurant That was the moment in my life when I did not just become a mother to my own child, but I somehow became a mother to every child I saw around me. Ones I never might have noticed before. Amazing how everywhere I looked from that point on, I saw children. Giggles N’ Hugs came about when my husband and I and our daughter could not find anywhere to go and have a meal that actually catered to her needs. All the so called “kid friendly” restaurants still gave her the same size chair to sit on, unless she was sitting in a high chair. They still gave her the same size utensils as us, and the kid’s menu food was as greasy and unhealthy as it comes. As a mom, I was always thinking of ways to make life more fun for her and easier for me. I thought to myself, how can there not be ONE restaurant just for kids, yet also parent friendly. A place where parents can enjoy a healthy, delicious meal and the kids can act their age. Why couldn’t we go out to dinner somewhere that I didn’t have to keep telling my toddler to sit down and be quiet? Basically, asking her to be like an adult. I also hated the fact that all the “kid friendly” foods were made with artificial cheese or potatoes. Having a very picky eater, I came up with very creative ways to have her get her veggies. I always pureed cauliflower in her fettuccine alfredo and squash in her mac n’ cheese. I always made homemade pizza with pureed spinach in her pizza sauce. She never knew she ate her veggies every day, but going out to dinner meant NO veggies! Well, not anymore. That is the reason why we offer pureed vegetables in some of the kid’s favorite foods. Going out to dinner shouldn’t mean compromising our standards for our children. All of the food at Giggles N’ Hugs is made with the finest, freshest quality available. We offer a variety of organic, healthy food because we wanted a place that we can be proud to have our own kids eat at. We now have three little angels, and we can truly say that we are proud to have all of your families become a part of our family here. We wholeheartedly believe that everyone needs some Giggles N’ Hugs!