25 of the Best 60th Birthday Gifts for Him

Celebrate a man’s 60th birthday with these fantastic gifts for him. Whether the man in your life is a father, husband, coworker, or close guy friend, there’s a perfect gift waiting to be unwrapped. 

Discover the best 60th birthday gifts for him with this list of 25 hilarious, thoughtful, and practical 60th birthday presents. And just in case you ended up here incorrectly, here’s the best 60th birthday gifts for her.

1. Cuisinart Deluxe Grilling Set 

Cuisinart CGS-5020 BBQ Tool Aluminum Carrying Case, Deluxe Grill Set, 20-Piece

Show your appreciation for the birthday guest’s grilling skills with this deluxe grilling set. These high-quality grilling utensils come in a durable aluminum storage case that’s easy to store near the barbecue. 

This incredible 20-piece grill set includes everything a man will need to get his grill on, like a cleaning brush, basting brush, skewers, a chef’s spatula, and tongs. Plus, this set includes a digital thermometer so that the grill master can check that the food is at the perfect temperature for serving. 

2. Whiskey Glass Set

Whiskey Glass Set of 2 - Old Fashioned Whiskey Includes Square Crystal Whiskey Glasses, Chilling Rocks, Slate Coasters - Bourbon Glass set Old Fashioned - Birthday gifts men women, 40th birthday, 50th

This tasteful whiskey glass set is one of the best 60th birthday gifts for him. If the man in your life is turning 60 and enjoys a glass of bourbon, this present is perfect for him. 

This whiskey glass set is housed in an attractive wooden box and includes two square rocks glasses, eight whiskey chilling stones, two slate coasters, and ice tongs. Pair this gift with a nice bottle of whiskey if they don’t have something special saved to celebrate his sixth decade on Earth. 

3. Leather Watch Box 

Leather Watch Box

If the birthday boy is a watch collector, he’ll be thrilled to get this luxury leather watch box. This lockable men’s jewelry case has space for watches, cufflinks, and rings. The gift giver can customize this thoughtful present with the receiver’s initials to further personalize this excellent birthday present. 

4. Funny 60th Birthday Toilet Paper 

Toilet Paper

Nothing makes a birthday party memorable like a great gag gift. Be the one to prank that special someone with this hilarious toilet paper marking the milestone. He’ll be reminded of his age with the funny message and adorable poop emoji featured on each sheet of toilet paper.

5. 60th Birthday Socks 

LEVLO 30th 40th 50th 60th Birthday Gift for Women or Men Funny Socks Holy shit I am 30 40 50 60 Best Friend Gift (2 Pairs/Set-60th)

With these funny 60th birthday socks, the birthday man can share a message whenever he puts his feet up. The soles of these comfortable socks declare that the wearer is 60 years old with a playful use of profanity. 

These socks are made from cotton, polyester, and elastane, fit nearly any sized foot, and are easily machine-washable. What’s more, each pack comes with two pairs of socks for twice the present. 

6. Personalized Men’s Robe 

Personalized Mens Robe

Let the remarkable man in your life enjoy some pampering with this plush robe featuring a comfortable waffle fabric design. 

Gift givers can personalize this 60th birthday present by adding the initials or name of the receiver onto the breast of the robe in their choice of thread color. This attractive gray robe reaches a mid-calf length, ensuring they won’t have to worry about completely covering his birthday suit. 

7. Enjoy Your Coffee, Dad Spoon 

Dads coffee spoon

It’s a special day when a dad turns 60, but by now, most kids are grown-up and doing their own thing. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t find a way to celebrate the occasion. 

No matter their age, kids can gift this coffee spoon engraved with the text, “enjoy your coffee, dad, love you.” With this thoughtful 60th birthday present, dads will be reminded of their kid’s affection every time they make a coffee. 

8. 60th Birthday Card Game 

Birthday Card Game

Bring some more fun to the party with this fun 60th birthday-themed card game. Each card contains a question about famous 60-year-olds and the accomplishments they made after they reached the milestone. Players take turns asking questions and trying to guess the correct answer.

With 130 questions about renowned 60-year-olds, this game is sure to make the man in your life feel like he’s in great company. 

9. Custom Stainless Steel Flask Set 

Stainless Steel Flask

Share the gift of a good drink with a beautiful custom stainless steel flask set engraved with customizable text. This flask set is a fantastic 60th birthday present and comes in various colors. You can choose between black, silver, copper, or a majestic shade of gold. 

This flask set includes a 6 oz flask, two 1 oz shot glasses, and one small stainless steel funnel for easy refilling. The shot glasses will match the color the gift giver picks for the flask. 

10. Wireless Phone Charging Station

Phone Charging Station

This wireless phone charging station is an awesome birthday gift for the man who always has a low battery on his phone. The dish for keys, coins, and other miscellaneous pocket or desk items also charges devices when the user lays them onto the synthetic leather charging station. 

Customize your gift with a special birthday message embossed into high-quality synthetic leather. 

11. Electric Wine Bottle Opener Set 

Electric Wine Opener Set Uncle Viner with Charger & Batteries - Gift Idea for Wine Lover - Battery Operated Corkscrew - Automatic Cordless Wine Bottle Opener Rechargeable - Mother's Day Christmas Kit

Does your dad, husband, or friend love new gadgets? Then, this electric wine bottle opener set is one of the best 60th birthday gifts for him. With this electronic device, they’ll be able to easily open a bottle of wine without exerting effort. It’s a great tool for anyone who has arthritis in his hands or wrists. 

This cool 60th birthday gift features a cordless rechargeable corkscrew, foil removal tools, an aerator wine pouring attachment, two vacuum wine stoppers, and four AA batteries. 

12. Pocket Socks

TCK Performance Zip Pocket Crew Socks, Stash & Dash (Grey, Medium)

Do you know someone who wishes they had somewhere discreet to store their valuables? Mark a special occasion like someone’s 60th by getting the birthday king their own pair of Pocket Socks.

These socks contain zippered pockets that can house cash, cards, or anything else they could think of. The Pocket Socks come in a range of styles, from camo for the hunter in your life to a pizza theme perfect for anyone partial to the good things in life. Each pair is made with 200-needle construction and are machine-washable. A large fits a US shoe size of 8 to 12.5.

13. The Drunken Botanist Drink Recipe Book 

The Drunken Botanist: The Plants that Create the World’s Great Drinks: 10th Anniversary Edition

If you’re searching for the perfect birthday gift for a man turning 60 who loves gardening and a good drink, look no further than The Drunken Botanist. This drink recipe book uses various herbs and home-grown goodies to make the perfect cocktail. 

Not only does it contain 50 drink recipes, but this charming read has interesting facts about plants and how to use them in popular cocktails. 

14. Sixty Things We Love About You Personalized Wall Art 

Personalized Art

Show your appreciation for a man celebrating his 60th with thoughtful, personalized wall art outlining 60 things people love about the birthday boy. 

Getting a meaningful present like this is sure to make any recipient get emotional. The gift giver can even frame the list so the receiver can re-read the kind messages whenever he looks at it. 

15. It Took Me 60 Years To Look This Good T-Shirt 

Funny Mens T Shirt

If you’re looking for a present for someone who already has everything, this funny T-shirt is a great way to share a smile and make them feel special on their big day. 

The T-shirt bears the text, “it took me 60 years to look this good,” making it a hilarious choice to wear whenever he needs a reminder that he’s still handsome even if he’s one year older. You can pick the receiver’s preferred fabric color or go with a classic white tee.

16. Magic Bullet 11-Piece Blender Set

Magic Bullet Blender, Small, Silver, 11 Piece Set

If the man in your life wants to be more health-conscious, then an 11-piece Magic Bullet blender set could be just the ticket. 

The set has everything they’ll need to enjoy delicious smoothies, including a motor base, cross-blade, two lip rings, resealable lids, one tall cup, one short cup, one party mug, and a to-go lid. As a bonus, the recipient will get a recipe guide with some easy-to-make recipes. 

17. Customized 60th Birthday Chocolate Bar 

Cadburys dairy milk

You can never go wrong with gifting someone a delicious bar of chocolate. However, this customized 60th birthday chocolate bar is an extra-special gift for a man marking this milestone. 

Designed with the Cadbury color scheme and logo, it looks and feels like a regular candy bar, but the wrapper is customized into a limited edition birthday-themed chocolate bar that’s perfect for pairing with other gifts on this list. 

18. 1,000 Places To See Before You Die Book 

1,000 Places to See Before You Die: Revised Second Edition

Does the birthday man you’re gift shopping for love to travel? Then, Patricia Shultz’s book 1,000 Places To See Before You Die would make for an incredible present. 

With so many amazing places in the world, this thoughtful gift can help that special someone plan his next vacation and long for early retirement. Plus, everyone who listens will learn new facts about worldly destinations once he’s finished reading it. 

19. Customizable 60th Birthday Wine Labels

wine label

Celebrate your man’s big day with these customizable birthday wine bottle labels. Whether he is a fan of making his own wine or the giver wants to add an extra-special touch to gifted wine, these labels are one of the best 60th birthday gifts for him. 

Not only do they adhere to any wine bottle, but the label reads, “pairs well with turning 60.“ Each label is personalized with the name of the birthday man. 

If your dad, husband, or friend is sentimental, you can be sure he’ll save at least one bottle with a special birthday label to open at the next milestone occasion. 

20. Four-Piece Men’s Skincare Set

Only Skin Men's Standard Skin Care Kit, 4-Piece, Face Cleanser, Face Scrub, Day Cream & Night Moisturizer Gift Set for Men, Back To School Gifts, Father's Day Gift

Every man deserves to feel confident in his skin, and this four-piece Clinique men’s skincare set is one way to help them.

The set includes four of Clinique’s best-selling men’s skincare products, like a 1.7 oz bottle of their 72-hour auto-replenishing hydrating lotion, 1.7 oz bottle of charcoal face wash, a 1 oz container of facial scrub, and a 0.17 oz bottle of 96-hour eye serum. 

21. Vitamin C-nility Box or Bottle 

Vitamin C nility Box or Bottle

Does the birthday boy have a great sense of humor? Then, a box or bottle of vitamin C-nility is one of the best 60th birthday gifts for him. This joke supplement box or bottle is a hilarious gag gift meant for the gift giver to fill with candy. 

The cardboard box or plastic bottle has a prank label stating the benefits of taking a daily dose of vitamin C-nility, like fast relief of senior moments and memory lapses. 

22. Professional Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer 

Fancii Professional Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer with LED Light, Water Resistant, Stainless Steel Blades, and Battery Power

Gift a not-so-subtle hint to someone turning 60 with this professional ear and nose hair trimmer. Whether or not he admits to using it, this practical and funny gift is a versatile birthday present for someone who values their appearance. 

23. Obsessive Chef Wooden Cutting Board 

Genuine Fred The Obsessive Chef Bamboo Cutting Board

Ensure your dad, uncle, husband, or friend gets the biggest slice on his special day with this impressive wooden cutting board. The engraved lines and angles make this kitchen or barbecue tool special, as they ensure the receiver can chop things with precision. 

24. White Marble Wine Holder 

Creative Home Natural Marble Wine Cooler Champagne Chiller Bucket Tool Crock Utensil Holder Kitchen Countertop Organizer, Off-White (Patterns May Vary)

This white marble wine holder is a fabulous 60th birthday gift that’s functional and decorative. It’s made from natural white marble with black veins, making it attractive while doing a fantastic job to keep wine bottles cool for hours. 

25. Personalized Barware Crate

Barware Crate

Share a cold one with your close guy friend to celebrate the joyous day with this awesome personalized barware crate.  

This barware goody crate includes four personalized pint glasses, a personalized bottle opener, six coasters, and snacks like pistachios, beer nuts, and salted peanuts. Bring a six-pack along, and you’ll be set to cheers for the momentous occasion. 

Final Thoughts

Impress the man in your life on his 60th birthday with these 25 great birthday gifts for him. Whether you’re shopping for your dad, husband, friend, coworker, boss, or acquaintance, these thoughtful presents will make the birthday boy feel special. 

Choose from hilarious gag gifts, practical devices, and personalized presents to wish someone the happiest of birthdays and mark the important milestone in an unforgettable way.