50th Birthday Gifts For Him (For A One-Of-A-Kind Man)

When someone reaches half a century, you may need help identifying ideal 50th birthday gifts for him. You can find plenty of gifts online to help you pick something he’ll appreciate. Below is a range of gift ideas for every budget and preference.

Retro Candy Box

RETRO CANDY YUM ~ 1972 52nd Birthday Gift Box of Nostalgic Retro 70s Candy Mix from Childhood for 52 Year Old Man or Woman Born Back in 1972 Jr

You could get him a retro candy box if he has a sweet tooth. The box includes tons of candy from the 70s, including Smarties, Dots, Red Hots, and more. He likely has some candy in this box he enjoyed as a kid, so why not buy them for him?

Even after he finishes the candy, he has the package as a lovely keepsake to remember the gift. He can use the container to hold belongings or as a storage space.

50 Years Old Mug

1974 50th Birthday Gifts Men Women | Birthday Gift for Man Woman Turning 50 | Funny 50 th Party Supplies Decorations Ideas | Fifty Year Old Bday Coffee Mug | 50 Years Gag Office Cups Presents Mens

This functional gift has a fun phrase that anyone who turns 50 will appreciate. The mug has a saying on it that mentions how 50 marks the time when your brain will come up with lists of things you won’t want to do anymore.

It works as a lovely gift while giving him something to hold his favorite beverages. The mug also has a ceramic design, ensuring his favorite beverage stays warm.

Funny 50th Birthday Toilet Paper

50th Birthday Gifts for Men and Women - Happy Prank Toilet Paper Decorations Him, Her Party Supplies Favors Ideas Funny Gag Gifts, Novelty Bday Present Friends, Family

Does your 50-year-old have a great sense of humor? If so, you can purchase toilet paper for him as a gag gift. The paper has puns based around poop, using a poop emoji instead of swear words.

While it works as a fun gift, he’ll probably want to keep it somewhere rather than use it. That way, he can always appreciate the present and look at it whenever he wants to laugh.

Funny Paperback Book

How Not to Become a Crotchety Old Man

Some people like to read, so you could buy him a book about becoming old with a funny twist he will appreciate. This one goes over ways a man can avoid becoming mean and crotchety, making it a humorous book for a man turning 50.

He’ll appreciate the adorable illustrations. You can give it to anyone with a sense of humor who sometimes doesn’t mind being the focus of the joke. It’s also available as a Kindle

50th Birthday Socks

Jeasona 50th Birthday Gifts for Men Funny Fun Black Crew Cotton Socks

A new pair of socks can work for anyone, so buy a pair based on turning 50. These socks have the number 50 covering them while having a phrase underneath them that makes a humorous comment about him being good-looking and older.

These socks are machine-washable, making them easy to maintain. These work great for any man who wants a simple birthday gift.

50th Birthday Shirt

Star Wars I Was Born A Long Time Ago 50th Birthday Disney+ T-Shirt

Do you know a man who’s turning 50 and loves Star Wars? Then, you could get him a 50th birthday shirt. The shirt references his 50th birthday while using images and phrases about the classic movie.

You’ll find the shirt in various colors and sizes, making it easy to purchase one that matches his style. The gift works well for any man with a nerdy side who loves movies and similar media.

50th Birthday Cooking Apron

POTALKFREE 50th Birthday Gifts for Women Men, Funny Chef Aprons with Pockets, Kitchen Cooking Grilling Apron for Grandma Grandpa Dad Mom, Grill Decorations for Christmas Thanksgiving

You may know a 50-year-old who loves to cook, making a birthday apron one of the best 50th birthday gifts for him. The cheeky design features a drawstring closure, and it is machine washable.

The apron looks fantastic and has two color options, so pick whichever he’d prefer. It also has a water and stain-resistant design, making it perfect for any cooking event.

50th Birthday Gourmet Cookies

50th Birthday Cookies Gift Basket - Gourmet Cookie Gift Box for 50 Year Old Birthday - Kosher Food Gift Ideas B-Day Care Package - 50th Birthday Gifts for Him - 50th Birthday Gifts for Men

If you want something memorable and pleasant, try these gourmet cookies. These items come with three cookies, one saying happy birthday, another with the number 50 on it, and the last in the shape of a vintage alcohol bottle.

He may love to eat something sweet, so why not go with these gourmet cookies? Even if he doesn’t eat sweets often, they can be a pleasant surprise.

50 Things To Do Book

50 Things To Do When You Turn 50

He may dread turning 50, so why not make it a positive experience? This book emphasizes fun ideas he can do as he turns 50 to make the most out of this next decade in his life. The book focuses on positivity, allowing him to look forward to the years ahead.

You can use a physical or digital copy if he has a tablet or other device to read it.

Happy 50th Birthday Golf Balls

InClover 50th Birthday Gifts - Novelty Golf Ball 3 Pack - Great Gift for Golfers - 50th Birthday Party Favors and Supplies -Premium Graphics in Giftable Packaging - Golfers - Coworkers

Why not start his 50th birthday by purchasing something he can use and appreciate? If he likes to golf, you can buy a pack of 50th-birthday golf balls, each with different designs, logos, and words to make them unique.

He can keep them on display or bring them to the golf course to show them off to his golfing friends. Either way, you can show your appreciation by focusing on one of his favorite sports.

50th Birthday Bullet Pen

Engraved Box 1

You may know a man who loves to go shooting or hunting, so you could reference that by getting him a 50th birthday bullet pen. It comes with a wooden container, and the creators made the pen out of a .50 caliber bullet casing, making it great for anyone into shooting and guns

He can easily bust it out and use it to sign documents. You can also engrave it with a special message or his name.

Custom 50th Birthday Newspaper

Birthday Newspaper

If your loved one enjoys reading the newspaper every morning, you could go with a custom 50th-birthday newspaper. The newspaper lets you put his name on it while including a picture in the middle.

The newspaper includes details about his birth year, so he can look back at the information. Even if he doesn’t read the newspaper often, the gift can work for any man who likes to reminisce about his birth year.

Personalized Leather Shaving Kit

leather shave kit

A shaving kit can make things easier if he likes to keep himself groomed. With that in mind, you can purchase a personalized leather kit to provide him with plenty of space for his shaving cream, razors, toothbrush, and everything else he needs.

If he travels often, the case will make it easy for him to keep track of all his belongings without leaving anything behind. He can also use them to keep everything organized.

Fishing Lures for Men

Fishing Bait

He may love fishing trips, so various fishing lures can be a solid gift for anyone who likes to go on a trip. These lures have two hooks on each, leading to 10 hooks in total, increasing his odds of catching fish.

Even if he doesn’t fish often, having lures available can make his next trip more manageable. You can also include a personalized letter, adding a sentimental aspect to the gift.

50th Birthday Tumbler

Birthday Tumbler

You can go with another nerdy gift for him that emphasizes Star Wars while bringing up his 50th birthday. It references a famous line from the movie while allowing you to add his name, giving the gift a personalized touch.

Tumblers do a great job of keeping beverages warm or cold, depending on the type of drink. It works great as a gift for any man who likes to take his favorite beverages on the go.

50th Birthday Bobblehead

birthday gift for men

Sometimes, having an adorable gift he can put on the dashboard or somewhere else works as a great option. This one lets you send in a photo, so the maker will create a custom bobblehead of him for his 50th birthday.

You can also include a phrase at the bottom while choosing different pieces of clothing for his bobblehead to wear. This unique gift is made from high-quality polymer clay.

Personalized 50th Birthday Book

Birthday Book

Some people prefer customized gifts, so you can buy a custom 50th birthday book to celebrate his special day. The book focuses on going through his memories, allowing you to add fun details while including his name.

The book provides plenty of places for you to make it as memorable as possible.

50 Things We Love About You Picture

Birthday Gift

Sometimes, you want an easy way to list the various ways you and others love him, so why not create a frame with those reasons listed? This one lets you add up to 50 different phrases and mention who said them, making it even more personal.

You can get multiple people involved with the process, allowing them to participate in the gift. They have to express what they want to say while you give them a set number of comments to add.

Personalized 50th Birthday Frame

Unique Wall art

If you don’t want to come up with phrases, you can stick with adjectives through a personalized 50th birthday frame. You can include his name throughout it while adding words you associate with him, showing how much you pay attention and care.

You can choose from different font colors while the words form the number 50. If you don’t know what to buy him, you can’t go wrong with this option since it’s sentimental and timeless.

Jumbo 50th Birthday Card

Birthday Card

Do you want to get something both funny and unique? You can purchase a jumbo 50th birthday card to give him. Add a sentimental message so he’ll keep the card forever. You can choose between three options and personalized messages you can edit.

The card also comes with a giant envelope, allowing you to keep the card safe. You can quickly adjust it as needed. Get other friends or family involved to make the most out of the card’s impressive size.

Personalized BBQ Cutting Board

Personalized Cutting Board

He may love to grill and cook, so a cutting board can make a difference. This wooden cutting board has multiple size and design options, allowing you to customize it according to your loved one’s preferences.

The cutting board comes with a juice well to prevent spills while offering grips on the side to make it easier to move around, so any novice or professional cook will love this thoughtful gift.

Personalized Birthday Plaque

Personalized Birthday Plaque

Some people find it hard to think of a gift to give someone, especially if they have spent years buying gifts for that person. Sometimes, you need to commemorate them through a meaningful message and something they can look at each day, like a birthday plaque.

This one comes in different styles and sizes, allowing you to choose the design he may appreciate. He can then put it on display or on his desk as a reminder of how much you care for him.

50th Birthday Spiral Notebook

Spiral Notebook

He may want to draw or take notes, making a spiral notebook a solid idea. This one comes with funny definitions of 50 on it. The book emphasizes embracing his past while also feeling good about his age.

He can easily use it to keep track of important information, doodle, or anything else. With that in mind, the gift works best for creative and organized men who want something practical.

Dad Pocket Pillow

Dad Pocket Pillow

You may know a man who likes to watch TV and binge series. But what if they’re always losing track of the TV remote? You can help him stay organized by purchasing this pocket pillow, which has a slot to store the remote, so no one ever loses it.

The pillow also describes dads, bringing up some humorous points that most people can relate to.

50th Birthday Blanket

Birthday Blanket

He may want a blanket he can use while signifying some interesting points about being 50. The blanket discusses relevant events, such as news, different 70s slang, and some of the technology developed at that time.

Some men appreciate learning about their birth year, so this blanket can cover that information. It also works as a gift for men who like to get comfortable on the couch. It comes in three sizes, and you can purchase it as a fleece or sherpa blanket.

Final Comments

You have plenty of choices as you consider the best 50th birthday gifts for him to celebrate this milestone. Ensure you look through them, see which ones fit your budget and his style, and purchase something sentimental or practical that he’ll treasure forever.