25 of the Best 50th Birthday Gifts For Her

When an exceptional woman in your life turns 50 years old, she deserves a more thoughtful gift. Whether it is a close friend, sister, or mother, celebrating 50 is a chance to recognize life accomplishments and wisdom while keeping things light-hearted and fun. 

So whether it is a hilarious coffee mug or an emotional memory book, let’s check out some of the best 50th birthday gifts for her!

Personalized Tote Bag

Personalized Tote Bag

Tote bags are fantastic gifts for any occasion, considering you can never have enough lying around the house, and you will always use them. This personalized tote bag is a fantastic option for folks that want to give something thoughtful and creative.

With this product, you can customize the age you want to celebrate, the name, and the city. The canvas material of the bag is strong and looks elegant, and the design of the text has style. Overall this will come across as a thoughtful and functional birthday gift.

50th Birthday Poster

50th Birthday Poster

The best birthday present does not have to be the most expensive or fancy-looking gift—sometimes putting creative thought goes a lot further. And this Birthday Poster allows you to customize the product with the special person’s name, photo, and birth date. 

The other information on the form shows memories from pop culture and historical events from fifty years ago. Overall, a birthday poster allows you to be creative without breaking the bank, and the birthday girl can reflect on a long life well lived.

50th Birthday Sash and Tiara

Rose Gold Birthday Sash Crown 50 & Fabulous Sash and Tiara for Women, 50th Birthday Gifts for Happy 50th Birthday Party Favor Supplies

Many people dread turning fifty years old because the number seems so significant, and it can feel like you are entering a new chapter in life. So if you want to break that cycle and find a 50th birthday gift for her that screams youth and fun, consider this 50th birthday sash and tiara.

The package includes the following:

  • A rhinestone tiara
  • A pearl pin
  • A sash
  • A birthday cake topper

All these elements combined mean you can change a dreaded birthday into an elegant and youthful celebration!

Sterling Silver Birthday Necklace

Annamate 50th Birthday Gifts for Women 925 Sterling Silver 5 Circles Necklace For Her Five Decade Jewelry 50 Years Old Birthday Gift

If the person turning fifty appreciates jewelry and symbolism, consider this sterling silver birthday necklace, which you can customize for other ages. The necklace is handcrafted, and the main design features interlocking rings to symbolize each decade of life. Like wedding rings, the circles can be a symbol of the strength of the relationship you have with this person.

Overall, this sterling silver necklace is affordable, thoughtful, and elegant! 

Sisters At Heart Bracelet: Soul Sister Gift

Bracelet Personalized Gift 1

While the bond of siblings is unique, it is also true that friendships can become so close and strong that they resemble the relationship you would have with a real brother or sister. So if you have a close friend that is turning fifty, consider communicating your appreciation with this soul sister bracelet.

You can customize the handmade aluminum material with symbols, fonts, and messages.

3D Customized LED light for Mom’s Birthday

3D Customized LED light

This 3D LED light display is an ideal gift for children to give their mother on her 50th birthday, but it can also work for any other mothers you know. The product is fully customizable with the number and names of children, and you can illuminate the display with seven colors.

This product combines elegance and technology in a way you can only understand through the pictures, and it is a gift that will communicate thoughtfulness and emotional depth.

Retro 50th Birthday Party Top

1972 Vintage Shirt for Women 50th Birthday Gifts T Shirt Women 1972 Birthday Gifts Idea Shirts Retro Birthday Party Tops (M, D-Pink)

One creative way of celebrating her 50th birthday is to celebrate the decade or year she was born. This cotton T-shirt has a texture and design that will make you feel like you are in the 1970s, especially the front of the shirt’s text.

If you are going out to celebrate, this party top can be the perfect outfit for the birthday woman to wear and feel special. There are seven color options, so you can pick the one that suits her aesthetic.

50th Birthday Tumbler For Women

JERIO 50th Birthday Gifts for Women, Gifts For Women Turning 50, 50 Years Old Birthday Gifts for Her, Mom, Wife, Sister, Grandma, Friends 20oz Tumbler

It’s impossible to have too many tumblers around the house, so this is the kind of gift that can be a funny joke and a useful product. The stainless steel container can keep drinks hot or cold, and the humorous message makes turning 50 feel much less stressful.

The rose gold design looks particularly nice, but a glitter-colored tumbler is also a fantastic option. 

Lapis Lazuli Beads Bracelet

SOLINFOR 50th Birthday Gifts for Women - Lapis Lazuli Beads Bracelet - 50 Years Old Jewelry Gift Idea for Her

Next is another gift that will fit perfectly for a person who appreciates elegant jewelry and enjoys connecting to the symbolism and deeper meaning of stones. The bracelet is made with lapis lazuli stone, which symbolizes wisdom and fits perfectly with celebrating an older birthday.

The bracelet has a lobster claw clasp and a small silver heart to complement the lazuli stones.

5 Gold Interlocking Rings Necklace for 50th Birthday

5 gold interlocking rings necklace

Next is a variation on the previous necklace with interlocking rings, and this product is explicitly for 50th birthday and only comes with five rings. But the design is even more elegant, and the sterling silver material has a 24K satin gold plating to give it an impressive appearance.

The size is customizable between 17-20 inches.

50th Birthday Vintage Retro T-shirt

50th Birthday T shirt

If you like the idea of a vintage T-shirt that your special person can wear as you celebrate their birthday, this is an alternate design with a longer message and more humor. The message is all about celebrating turning 50 instead of dreading it.

The choices come in a range of sizes and neck designs, and you can choose between a range of colors that each have a slightly different price. 

Funny Wine Glass for the 50th Birthday

50th Birthday Gifts for Women and Men Wine Glass - Funny Is You 50 Gift Idea for Mom Dad Husband Wife – 50 Year Old Party Supplies Decorations for Him, Her - 15oz

If the person turning 50 loves drinking wine, you might want to leave the coffee mugs, tumblers, and T-shirts aside and go with this hilarious 50th-birthday wine glass. The text on the glass will last for years, and it will provide comic relief to the stress of turning 50. 

A wine glass is also a fantastic way to celebrate youth and positively reframe the milestone.

Personal History Canvas

Personal History Canvas

While many of these 50th birthday gifts are quirky and fun, this personal history canvas is another example of something that will bring some depth to a birthday celebration. Upon ordering and providing the person’s birthday, the company will inscribe history from that day onto this canvas, which they stretch over a wood frame.

You can personalize the name with up to 20 characters.

​​New York Times Custom Birthday Book

New York Times Custom Birthday Book

You will know this gift fits perfectly as soon as you see it, and chances are anybody that has been reading the New York Times over the years will love this slice of history. The book provides a snapshot of the New York Times front pages on the person’s birthday, and such a rich history works particularly well for ages 50 and older.

The material and binding are elegant. You can also personalize your special person’s name and birthday on the cover.

Funny T-Shirt For 50th Birthday

FIFTY YEARS OLD T-SHIRT Birthday Present for 50 Year old

Next is yet another funny 50th birthday T-shirt that is less about capturing the retro look and more about making a math joke out of turning 50. You can choose between four colors and a range of fit types. All the options are made from a material that is machine washable. 

Choose this T-shirt for someone who is turning 50 but is young at heart and would love to make a joke out of it!

5 Rings for 5 Decades Necklace

Sparkly Layered Circles Necklace

Following a similar theme of rings, this necklace has five rings to celebrate the five decades of life, and it is a more minimalist design compared with the earlier options. The rings have subtle sparkles inside them, but the overall design has a rustic and handmade feel.

If you want to make the necklace extra special, consider one of the 15 gemstones to complement the silver. With so many gemstone options, this is undoubtedly one of the best 50th birthday gifts for her!

Making The World A Better Place Personalized Mug

Customized White Mug

Many of these jewelry options are elegant and touching, but if you are shopping for someone who doesn’t wear jewelry, consider one of these personalized coffee mugs. 

Whether you are buying this as an appreciation for your mom or even a boyfriend’s mom, the message is a deep way to show someone that you notice their effort.

Besides the “making the world a better place” message, you can customize the name and birth year to give the mug a personal touch.

50th Birthday Blanket

50th Birthday Blanket

While this gift lacks the personal touch of putting specific dates, names, and messages, something is loving about gifting a blanket. And this 50th birthday blanket will be able to keep someone warm while also communicating a meaningful message about how long this person has lived.

This blanket is a fantastic gift if you want someone to embrace their new age and feel loved.

50th Birthday Limited Edition Wine Glass

DYJYBMY 50th Birthday Aged to Perfection, 1972 Limited Edition Wine Glass, 50th Birthday Gifts for Women, Fiftieth Anniversary Presents for Parents Dad Mom, 50 Year Old Birthday Party Decorations

Next is another wine glass idea, specifically a stemless glass that celebrates her birth year by comparing it to the aging of fine wine. This message is a more light-hearted approach to comedy. 

The product has premium glass, is dishwasher safe, and uses an elegant font.

50 Things To Do When You Turn 50 Book

50 Things To Do When You Turn 50

The title of this book is pretty self-explanatory, and it is a perfect gift if you have a friend turning 50. While it might not be a deep gift for a close friend or family member, this type of idea works perfectly for more distant friends or even coworkers. 

With a blend of humor and serious recommendations, this book will help you celebrate being alive for 50 years by properly planning for the next 50! It’s also available in a Kindle version.

Story of a Lifetime Book

Story of a Lifetime Book

Many of the gift ideas in this article embraced turning 50 with humor, but this Story of a Lifetime Book is a deeper gift about embracing your new age and appreciating the wisdom you have acquired over the years. You can put a personalized message on the cover, and then the giftee answers questions within the book to divulge their life wisdom.

Customizable Music Box

Music Box

Music boxes are a delicate and thoughtful way to show someone you love and appreciate them, and they can recreate that feeling every time they open the box to listen. And with this customizable music box, you can choose a song that you know will have meaning for the birthday girl so she can appreciate your relationship even more deeply.

Fifty The Ultimate F Word Funny Coffee Mug

Fifty The Ultimate F Word - 50th Birthday Gifts for Women and Men - Funny Bday Gift Idea for Mom Dad Husband Wife - 50 Year Old Funny 11 oz Tea Cup Coffee Mug

Next up is a return to the comedy side of 50th birthday gifts, this time making a joke on the complicated emotions one battles with as one turns 50. If your friend, mom, sister, or coworker appreciates sharp humor, then consider this a fun gift that will make someone reframe the dread of turning 50!

Fifty And Fabulous Birthday Socks

JXGZSO 50th Birthday Gift Fifty And Fabulous Socks 50th Birthday Socks 50th Gift Friend Gift BFF Birthday Gift (Fifty Fabulous set of 2)

Socks might not be as elegant as jewelry, but they have a particular way of communicating that you love someone. These Birthday Socks have the text “Fifty & Fabulous” written across the bottoms of the two socks. These can be a standalone gift or a little something extra to complement another gift idea. Plus, you always need more socks!

50th Birthday Cosmetic Travel Bag

50th Birthday Gift for Wife Aunt Makeup Bag Gifts for 50 Year Old Woman Birthday Cosmetic Bag 1974 50th Happy Birthday Gifts for Grandma Mother Mother's Day Gifts Christmas Gift Cosmetic Travel Bag

This cosmetic travel bag has the phrase “Damn, I Make 50 Look Good” printed on both sides. Many will buy this type of gift as a small way to show someone you thought about their birthday. But besides the funny message, the bag has high-quality cotton material and works well as a travel bag.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many fantastic 50th birthday gifts for her, allowing you to celebrate a special woman in your life. Whether you want to approach the gift with humor or opt for something touching, there are plenty of ideas to get your creative juices flowing!