Kids Birthday Party Places in the Valley for Party Planning Woes

kids birthday party places in the valley

Kids birthday party places in the Valley are the perfect solution for any party planning woes. Admit it. Planning a kid’s party is challenging. Every detail matters just to make a great impression on your child. 

At Giggles N’ Hugs, we offer the best kids birthday party places in the Valley and beyond. Nickelodeon voted our party place as LA’s number 1 birthday party destination.  

kids birthday party places in the valley

We provide customizable packages that would include all the things you need to make your kid’s party a perfect, memorable day. In that case, there is no need to worry about the food that you serve, the entertainment you need and the party favors. Our team will handle them all for you. 

Our kids’ party solutions will take away those party planning challenges. However, there are still things that you must focus on. 

1.) The Budget 

Kids want stuff when they attend a birthday party. But you do not want to dent your savings account just to make your kids’ party memorable. 

The solution is that we provide party favors, food, entertainment and other related things within your budget. 

Our team is creative enough to work within the rate that we have agreed. Your child’s party does not have to be expensive but it has to be fun and exciting. And our party team can help you achieve it. 

2.) The Guests 

If your budget is limited, we understand that you also want to limit your guests. But one of the challenges of planning a party is that some of the invitees do not respond. 

In that case, you are left wondering how much food you need to prepare and the drinks to buy. There is no need to nag but you need to know the details. 

At Giggles N’ Hugs, we offer party invites that you can customize. They have several options, like RSVP. You can also add some gifting options and donation options. The latter allows your guests to automatically donate a certain amount of money to a chosen charity organization. Or you can allow them to send the proceeds to another person. 

Our party invitations have all the important details that your guests need to know about the party. Plus, you can customize them if you wish to add more. With our electronic invites, you can easily sort out who is coming and who is not going and who may be going. 

On the other hand, if you received a lot of “maybe” replies, you should just do your best to make an estimate. Generally, 20% of those people you have invited will not show up. Thus, if you invited 10, two of them would not show up. Thus, you should plan the party for eight people. Use this rule as your guide in preparing for food, drinks and space. 

3.) Food 

One of the reasons the kids are looking forward to when attending a kids party is food.

But you do not want to offer them junk foods. Instead, you want them to eat healthy foods. And this is where we excel. 

At Giggles N’ Hugs, we only offer organic food, healthy salads, and beverages. For example, our two-hour party will include organic food options for kids and adults. The package includes delicious yet healthy vegetable salads. Fresh dessert is also in the package. There will be hosted activities, too, every 15 minutes. And your kid can have them all for just $369. 

Why Choose Our Kids Birthday Party Places in the Valley

The problem with party planning is that there are tons of details that you must know to avoid disappointing the birthday kid and the guests. And this is why parents are stressed out when it is time for them to throw a birthday party for their little ones. 

Parents want to provide the best birthday party for their kids. But the stress associated with party planning is one of the reasons many parents in the Valley opt to choose our kids birthday party places and packages. They simply do not want to face those challenges. Rather, they want to focus their time on their child while leaving all the rest of the party planning to our team. 

With our birthday party packages, we can simplify the party planning. We will take away the stress and put the fun back in the planning. Asking for our help is your wise move. Sharing with us your planning burden will make all the difference. 

Our birthday party places are found in Los Angeles, Topanga, Glendale, and others. We are only a few places you can find in the Valley that offers organic food as part of the birthday package. With our great food and live entertainment, you can be sure that your kids and their guests will enjoy their time here. 

To host your party in our award-winning kids birthday party places in the Valley, call us at (818) 956-4847