Kids Birthday Party Places in the Valley with Inexpensive Rates

Kids Birthday Party Places in the Valley with Inexpensive Rates

Giggles N’ Hugs is one of the kids birthday party places in the Valley that offer inexpensive rates. In here, your kids’ guests will not only enjoy the organic food that they serve but they will also relish every moment of the event through the unique themes they offer.

The rates of Giggles N’ Hugs are already affordable. However, you can further reduce the overall cost of your kid’s birthday party by reading our tips below.

Keep in mind that your child’s party does not have to cause you to break the bank. There are things that you can do to ensure that you will not exceed your budget.

Kids Birthday Party Places in the Valley with Inexpensive Rates

1. Plan Properly

Any party requires proper planning. If you wish to reduce the overall cost of your kid’s party, make sure to have it from 2 pm to 5 pm. In that way, the guests will not expect a full meal.

You can just serve a few pieces of softball’s beet, paninis, sandwiches, and wraps. At Giggles N’ Hugs, we only offer fresh food with certified organic ingredients. You can be sure that they are delicious and healthy.

2. Shop for Supplies Early

Supply hunting can be done earlier so you can have a great time to comparison shop. You can save yourself from purchasing overpriced items. You can look out for party items on sale all year long.

3. Send Digital Invites

You can save more when you go digital. It is free and you can make several edits without any costs.

At Giggles N’Hugs, we offer a digital invitation that you can customize and ask your guests to RSVP. You can also include Wish List where your guests can send gifts for your kid’s birthday event.

What’s great about our invitation set-up is that your guests can donate to your chosen charity. Or you can opt to let your guests donate money to your kid or another person.

4. Choose to Have a Dual Party

Another way to reduce the overall cost of your kid’s birthday party is to consider a dual party. For example, if you have two kids and their birthdays are just close, make your kids understand that the only way to reduce the overall cost is to have their birthday parties held in one event.

Or if your kid’s birthday is close to his buddy’s, then you can ask his buddy’s parents to split the cost and responsibilities by having a dual party.

When having a dual party, though, make sure that every kid has his own cake. Then, allow two themes. For instance, If one likes Superman while others like Batman, they can have Superman and Batman birthday themes.

Giggles N’ Hugs can make it happen. Our team will ensure that the dual party will be fair for both celebrators.

Contact our team today to know how you can host the dual party in one of our kids birthday party places in the Valley. We will ensure that the party will be filled with fun themes and delicious, healthy foods.

Your kids can pick what food to serve. We have appetizers for all ages, healthy bowls, and a kids menu. Your kids can also choose many birthday packages.

For example, our Duke & Duchess is good for 15 people. It includes pizza and Cesar salad. Plus, it has beverages that kids will surely love, like punk iced tea and lemonade. It also comes with coffee for adults.

5. Do Not Fall for Any Party-Store Traps

Many party-store items could be found everywhere. And they cost less. For instance, chocolates could cost around 20 cents each if you purchase them at party shops. However, if you obtain a bag of minis from a store, the cost could be half as much.

When you choose to have your kid’s birthday party at Giggles N Hugs, there is no need for you to shop for party-store items to decorate the place.

Our staff will take care of the decoration to suit the theme. In that case, you do not need to buy individual bags of candies or chocolates.

However, if you think that the package we offer is insufficient, you can add more items to it. Our team will give you various options that will allow you to throw a birthday party to your beloved kid without the need to exceed your budget.

Hire #1 Rated Kids Birthday Party Places in LA

Our number-one rated family restaurant is one of the well-known kids birthday party places in the Valley offering affordable rates.

We are the only party place that offers organic food even to kids. We have cutting-edge play and entertainment ideas for kids of all ages.

We have a team of birthday experts to help you stick to your budget while throwing a memorable and enjoyable birthday bash to your little ones.

Call one of our kids birthday party places in the Valley today for consultation or booking: (818) 610-4847 (Topanga) and (818) 956-4847 (Glendale).