Kids Birthday Party Places in Encino Providing Best Party Packages

kids birthday parties in encino

If you are still hunting for the kids birthday party places in Encino, you must look no further as Giggles N’ Hugs offers the best party packages. Unlike before, planning a kid’s birthday party is no longer easy.

Parents, today, are busy with their lives. They need to focus on their careers with little time to think and plan for their little ones’ party. The good thing is that they can always hire some help.

Our staff at Giggles N’ Hugs are just here to give you the assistance that you need, from picking the theme to decorating the venue to providing the food for the celebrator’s guests.

We offer different birthday packages that can help in getting some of the load off your shoulders. Our restaurant is not an ordinary place where you can eat with your family and friends.

Rather, we have an entertainment place where you can use for a few hours to host your child’s birthday party.

kid birthday party encino

The birthday party packages that we offer will ensure that your kid’s guests will have non-stop excitement and fun. Your kid’s birthday party will be set in a 6,000-foot family restaurant and playspace.

When you hold your child’s birthday party at our venue, it can make a huge difference to you and your child’s guests. They can have a better experience. The best thing is that you do not have to clean after the party is over.

In other words, you can have all the fun that you want without worrying about cleaning up that you and your family members must deal with post-party.

Our party venue will be cleaned and properly decorated according to the theme you have selected. As we do everything, you can focus on the most important things about the party.

Birthday Party Packages

The birthday packages when you choose one of our kids birthday party places in Encino would include a two-hour private people.

This package can accommodate up to 50 persons. All of your guests can sit in a dedicated area of the restaurant.

Our staff will plan everything and set up the venue. Our dedicated team will provide some activities every 15 minutes. The activities will be based according to your theme.

Your guests can enjoy unlimited fruit punch, lemonade, soda, and coffee. You can choose the desert for the little ones.

Under this package, you can have three food options. Contact our team today to inquire about the food packages that your child can have for his party.

If you are hosting more than 50 people but not over 200 guests, then our second package can assist you. You and the guests will have the entire restaurant and play area for two hours. That is more than enough time for you and your child’s guests to enjoy and have fun.

On the other hand, you may still choose us to bring the party to your house. If your child wishes to have his party at home and not in one of our kids birthday party places in Encino, then we bring the party to your house. Giggles N’ Hugs offers party planning and services, no matter where you wish to hold the event.

Critical to Your Child’s Birthday Party

When you choose to host a party at your house, you will be the one to plan for the huge event. However, you may hire our party planning coordinators to work with you.

It is critical to your child’s party’s success to hiring a top-notch party planner, like Giggles N’ Hugs to avoid any possible disaster that could take place.

No Need to Worry About Parking

Does your property have sufficient parking space for your guests? Even if you have only invited a few people, they still need parking areas.

Adequate parking is an overlooked factor when planning an event to avoid having unhappy guests who are displeased with the parking setup.

Part of our birthday package is adequate parking. We have sufficient parking space in our area where your guests can happily park their vehicles.

As you entrust the event to us, we will ensure that your guests’ parking needs will be taken care of. There is no need for them to walk or drive several meters just to find a good parking space.

Party Extras

What separates us from other party venues is that we offer party extras that can make sure that your child and his guests will have the ultimate experience.

If your child wishes to have face painting activity, you can add temporary tattoos and face painting service to the package.

A bounce house is also part of our additional package. Puppet show and petting zoo are also available upon request.

There are some extras that you wish to include in your package. To know more about them, please contact one of our kids birthday party places in Encino by calling (818) 610-4847 (Glendale) and (818) 956-4847 (Topanga).