Fun Birthday Places in Los Angeles that Serve Delicious Food

Fun Birthday Places in Los Angeles that Serve Delicious Food

It is party time for your birthday kid. One of the first things to consider is food. The good thing is that there are fun birthday places in Los Angeles that serve delicious food options that are not hot dogs, pizza and burgers.

When planning the menu for your kid’s party, make sure to consider dietary restrictions. Some kids have food allergies. Thus, do not serve allergic foods, like peanuts.

Opting for healthy options is the best way to go. You may still serve delicious sweets, of course. However, keep it balanced and include some healthy choices.

Then, divide the menu into different sections. For example, one section will be for finger foods. Serve them when the guests arrive.

Another section is for a dip. It is useful throughout the party.

Then, have at least three main dishes to give the kids a variety of options to choose from. Choose to serve non-cake dessert as well.

In one of our fun birthday places in Los Angeles, we can help you prepare delicious food options. In that way, you do not have to make everything from scratch.

All you have to do is show up and enjoy the party. With our staff’s help, you will not be stuck in your kitchen all day to prepare for your child’s party food. We will handle it for you.

fun birthday places in los angeles that serve delicious food


Our party menu includes salads. We only serve organic food at Giggles N’ Hugs. Kids would surely love eating Sofibelle’s beet that includes goat cheese and fresh beets with candied walnuts.

Or opt for Grilled Salmon with organic chopped kale, tomatoes, carrots and fried capers. To encourage the guests, especially the kids to eat salads, we will make them colorful by adding organic romaine, cherry tomatoes, lavish croutons, and fresh lemon juice.


They remain the biggest hits when it comes to kid’s birthday party. Kids will never say no to turkey and a wrap. It includes swiss cheese, romaine lettuce, and smoked turkey breast.

Our California Cuban Melt is also a great treat for the kids as it includes grilled chicken breast with smoked ham. Plus, it has grilled sourdough.

Or you cannot go wrong with mini hot dogs. These hot dogs are 100% kosher all beef. They are grilled, making them a perfect snack for the kids.


Pizza is also a favorite. Our Giggles Supreme is a must-have as it includes ham, pepperoni, and Italian sausage. We also serve BBQ chicken with our homemade bbq sauce.


Our cookies are made of chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin with peanut butter and chocolate chunks. We also serve cupcakes, cake pops, and mini cupcakes.

Other Options

Our staff at Giggles N’ Hugs can work with you when planning the menu for your child’s birthday party. When you choose our fun birthday place, our staff will organize the party, including the food to serve. We make sure that the food items are not only healthy but also yummy. If you are planning to have your child’s party in one of our fun birthday places in Los Angeles, you may call us at the following numbers:  (818) 610-4847 (Topanga) and  (818) 956-4847 (Glendale).