The Number One Birthday Party Place for 1-Year Old

the number one birthday party place

Giggles N’ Hugs is the number one birthday party place for 1-year old in Topanga and Glendale. We offer Parties to Go package to give your little kid and his/her guests the best in this world.  Our package will assign some play attendants. They will oversee the party to ensure that it goes well smoothly or as planned.

We can also send servers and cooks if you wish. Doing so will give the guests and the birthday boy or girl some great food. You may also choose to have party coordinators. They can tag along to look over your 1-year old party. In this way, they can assure you that everything goes smoothly.

With these pros at your party, you can be sure your child will have the best experience and he/she will cherish for the rest of his/her life.

the number one birthday party place

You and Your Child Deserve a Great Party

When we planned our number one birthday place, we thought of mothers who were sleep deprived. With our packages, mothers can rest easy knowing that their kid will enjoy his/her first birthday party. It’s very likely that kids will not remember their first birthday; but mothers will!

Definitely, the party will not just be for the child but it is also for the parents. It has been a great year for everyone, especially mothers. Thus, it is time for a celebration. A huge one, that is.

A Theme

For your child’s birthday party at the number one birthday place in Topanga or Glendale, you must pick the right theme. It is an option. However, as you choose a theme, it will be easier for you to focus on the decorations and party details.

One of the favorite themes is Old MacDonald. This theme requires setting up hay bales. You can serve a farm-themed cake. You may ask Giggles N’ Hugs, the number one birthday place, to help you pull off that perfect Old MacDonald theme.

Now, if you like a circus, you can have a circus-themed party to delight your baby and the guests. An Over the Rainbow theme will also excite the kids as they are fully drawn to colors. When you choose this theme, make sure to prepare a cake with different layers for every color.

If you are not sure what the theme will be for your one-year-old, make sure to contact the number one birthday party place in Topanga at (818) 610-4847 or Glendale at (818) 956-4847.