How to Have a Giftless Party at a Kids Party Entertainment Place?

kids party entertainment place

Can a giftless party at a kids party entertainment place be considered a birthday party? You may be surprised to know that a giftless party is actually a trend, even in the children’s party.

More and more Americans now are valuing experiences than accumulating objects. Kids are taking part in this trend as encouraged by their parents.

If you are planning to host a giftless party for your little one, it does not mean that you cannot have a party theme. It also does not indicate that you cannot serve delicious food.

A giftless party can help you avoid gift bags littering in your house. Keep in mind that most gifts are forgotten in moments.

How are You Going to Throw this Kind of Party?

Write It in the Invitation

Most parents of the guests will surely make an effort to buy your kid a birthday present. Thus, it is vital that your invitations have to specify that it will be a giftless party. However, make sure that you also indicate the party theme.

At Giggles N’ Hugs, we can host any kind of party themes that do not require gifts. For a superhero party theme, the celebrator can act like a superman or wonder woman.

Then, instead of receiving gifts, he/she will be the one giving gifts. Your kid can donate a significant amount to a charity as well.

Or you can invite some children from the orphanage. Your kid will give them presents and not the other way around.

kids party entertainment place

Opt for a Charity Giving Party with a Princess Birthday Theme

One of the party themes at Giggles N’ Hugs is a princess birthday theme. If it is a giftless party, some of your kid’s guests would be uncomfortable to attend empty-handed.

Then, it is a way for you to encourage them to give their gifts to the orphans. Or they can directly donate their gifts to their favorite charity in the name of the princess (in this case, your daughter).

Emphasize the Fun Experience

Having a party at a kids party entertainment place is already a gift itself. Thus, tell it to your child. Make him/her understand that experiences are better than material presents.

Make your child’s party a fun and memorable one by booking it at our kids party entertainment place. Giggles N’ Hugs can create a birthday that that is perfect for a giftless party. To find out more about how we can make it happen, contact (818) 610-4847 (Topanga) or (818) 956–4847 (Glendale).