The Best Family Restaurant in Los Angeles for All

the best family restaurant in los angeles

The best family restaurant in Los Angeles should be just that: a restaurant that the entire family will want to go to. Sure, the parents might want to go to a fancy restaurant where everyone wears a suit or a nice gown, but the kids are liable to get bored at best. By that same token, a restaurant that serves never-ending fried food might be fun for the kids (until the inevitable tummy ache) but the parents would probably rather be anywhere else. That’s why we take so much pride in our Giggles ‘n Hugs family restaurant: it’s the best of both worlds.

Our Best Family Restaurant in Los Angeles

Here at Giggles ‘n Hugs, our family restaurant is great for kids for multiple reasons, but one of the biggest is that it’s here at Giggles ‘n Hugs. that means that our play space is right there, connected to the facility. Kids can eat a nice meal then digest for a moment and enjoy the play space. Or alternately, they can have a great time running around and playing, maybe dabbling in some karaoke or face painting, and then work up an appetite. At our restaurant, kids can be themselves: kids.

the best family restaurant in los angeles

Family Restaurant for Parents, too

Of course, at our family restaurant, parents can also be adults, too. Namely, they can actually have adult beverages like beer and wine. That being said, they can have beverages for adults that don’t include alcohol too, like espresso, coffees and teas. We know that for the adults to actually want to eat the food, the food has to be organic and natural. On top of that, it’s delicious, too. From healthy bowls to alfalfa sprout sandwiches, much of our menu looks like the kind of place you might go with your co-workers.

Healthy Food for All

It’s not always easy to get your kids to eat healthy.  Many kids want sugary, fattening foods. That’s where our “Tricky Treat” foods come in, as they “trick” kids in the best way: by getting them to eat healthy. Macaroni and cheese, penne alfredo, pizzas, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, grilled cheese sandwiches and more – that might be the hall of fame of “kids’ favorite foods.” We offer all of those, but we make sure to blend fresh, pureed, organic vegetables into those foods. That way, your kids get the foods they want, while also getting the vegetables that you want them to get. Everyone wins.

Fresh Food Forever

Too many places are content to serve children food that’s been sitting around or out all day. That doesn’t happen at our family restaurant. Instead, we make sure that all of our cooks prepare every single one of our menu items from scratch daily. That way, you and yours are always eating the freshest meals possible. That includes the desserts, too. Our restaurant is perfect for any special occasion, but then again, you don’t need a special occasion to stop by. See our menu or give us a call at (818) 610-4847 for more.