Make it a Party to Remember at the Most Fun Birthday Places

most fun birthday places

Want to make your kid’s next birthday a time to remember? You might have already tried different types of home petting zoos, or going to the movies as a group, but there are still things that you still haven’t given a shot. If you are looking for the most fun birthday places in the LA region, then let us throw our hat in the ring: Giggles N’ Hugs. We are child-focused with an emphasis upon fun and having a great time. Year in and year out, we are certain to be able to keep the kids entertained regardless of what time of year they are having their party. There are several factors that make us a super fun place to be for birthdays. Your kids and their friends can have a great time while making lasting memories.  

Great Games and Themes

When kids go somewhere for a party, they expect to be able to have fun playing games and doing activities. We are able to offer a variety of different party experiences for your child,  including unique party packages with popcorn machines and chocolate fountains, or even a magic show or photo booth. We can also let your kids into the special play area, with fun activities such as karaoke, dance parties, and face painting. While the kids are having the time of their lives enjoying themselves, the adults can kick back, relax and take some time out of their busy birthday. If your kid likes the activities in the play area, then you can bring them back for more fun with a monthly membership package.

most fun birthday places

Great Food for your Party

Every child is special. They have different interests and likes. That’s why we have a number of themes available to your children. For example, we offer them themed events with superheroes or dragons. There are even special rates for different options, such as our King and Queen selection for up to 15 guests. That includes both kids’ and adults’ menus, and even a range of sides and drinks. You can even add an ‘all you can eat’ feature if you think that your kids will be particularly hungry. What’s more, when you come to us you can get organic food, fresh desserts and a ton of activities.

Come Visit One of the Most Fun Birthday Places

If you have decided that you don’t want yet another visit to Chuck E. Cheese, and are trying to think of other fun birthday places that your kid will love, then look no further. We are here to help you give your kid a birthday party that they won’t forget, and that all of the other parents will be jealous of. You can make your kid’s birthday party extra special with our add-on features, and you can also tailor it to your child, so they get the party that they have always dreamt of. If you want to speak to us about a party, contact us online, or call our Topanga restaurant at (818) 610-4847 now.