Get More from your Child’s Special Day with Our Kids Party Entertainment

kids party entertainment

We all know that feeling as your kids start to grow from toddlers into schoolchildren. They’re beginning to figure out who they are and what they want. Along the way, they start competing with other children over their birthday parties. To be clear, maybe the parents are also competing to make sure that they hold a great party, too. What is important is that your kids party entertainment is no longer just a bowl of popcorn to share and a Disney film. Instead, they want to go out, run about, and eat party food outside of their mother’s kitchen. Kids’ party centers and indoor party places are the ideal place to take them for a birthday party they’ll be talking about all school year long.

Move Over, Traditional Venues

So you don’t want to be the parent that ends up taking their kids to Chuck E Cheese or McDonald’s on their birthday. Instead, you want to offer them more, a real party venue that caters to them and is designed to be child-friendly while still providing children healthy menu options. This can give kids a truly unique place to go on their birthday: somewhere exciting where they can participate in all kinds of fun activities they couldn’t anywhere else. When you take them to a place which has special events like magic and puppet shows, snow cone machines and other great party specialties, you know that you will be giving your child a really great party.

kids party entertainment

Get Great Food

Another advantage that Giggles N’ Hugs has to offer over other party venues is that we offer good food. We have a wide range of options to choose from. Not only do you get organic food with plenty of meal options, (so everyone can have their favorite food,) but we also provide free drinks and fresh dessert. More than that, we can also give the kids plenty of activities to do between courses or before the food starts, so they don’t get bored and start misbehaving. Making sure that the kids have a good time, both when they are being active and when they sit down to eat, means that you will leave with happy kids and envious parents. At the end of the day, you can feel certain that you have held a good party.

Come to Us for Great Kids Party Entertainment

When you want to make sure that your child’s birthday is complete and has everything they could want, come to us. With a range of different kids party entertainment staples including karaoke, face-painting and even a zip wire, Giggles N’ Hugs is the best option all round. We are family-oriented, so you know that you are going to a location that will be determined to make all the kids as happy as possible. If your kid likes it, they have a free return pass to come back another day and try out all the activities they missed. To make arrangements to have a party with us, simply contact us online, or call us now at (818) 610-4847.