Keep Children Entertained All Day with Kids Karaoke in Los Angeles

kids karaoke in los angeles

When you take kids out to a restaurant, you know one of the most difficult things is keeping them entertained. In most restaurants, there is usually at least one child misbehaving loudly. Maybe they’re running in and out of the other tables, annoying other guests and causing a hazard. Or they’re crying loudly enough to disturb the meals of other people. Of course, you don’t want to be the parent of that difficult child, and you want to go to a place that offers kids entertainment while they wait. If you are looking for somewhere new, come to Giggles N’ Hugs, the prime venue for kids karaoke in Los Angeles.

Let Us Keep You Entertained

Children are often bored during meals, particularly when they have to sit and wait, which can lead to bad behavior as their minds wander. In order to avoid this, our kid-centered restaurant provides them with plenty of entertainment options. These include membership access to our play area, where kids can do anything they like. We offer a variety of options, including group activities such as dance parties, character games, painting and other crafts, and even scavenger hunts. Those are just a few of the exciting activities in our play area. Your kids can enjoy themselves with a wide range of things to do, all of them high-energy hands-on. That way, they won’t have much energy left when they come back to the table. You will not find a better indoor playground in Canoga Park.

kids karaoke in los angeles

Keep Coming Back

We know that your kids will love it here. We are so confident that we can offer you a number of options for play area access. If you would like, you can pay for our $55 monthly membership, which includes 5% of our party events, and 10% off food, drinks, and purchases. If you come to our Topanga venue, then the kids can enjoy arts and crafts, parachute games, sing-a-longs, and even cake decorating. They can try them all, as we will be holding lots of different activities throughout the day. Our venue guide is available on our website, so look out for things you think your child might like.

Fun Kids Karaoke in Los Angeles

Going out often isn’t a lot of fun for young kids. We try to make it easy for them to have a lot of fun at our venues. Whether they are interested in face painting, dance parties or other events, they can do anything they like here. We want to make sure that they will be happy. You can find out more about our premium kids’ karaoke in Los Angeles, what our healthy-eating choices are, and what you can do as a family while you are here. Don’t delay, start booking for your kids today, and have fun at Giggles N’ Hugs. Send us a message now, or call us at (818) 610-4847 now.