I’m Looking for an Indoor Playground Near Me

best indoor playground near me

An indoor playground is a wonderful place to take the kids when the weather outside isn’t so great. The opportunities for play offer little ones a chance to burn off some energy, work their bodies and practice their gross motor skills. There are likely a number of such places in the Los Angeles area, but are they all good ones? You might not know just by looking, so next time you search for the best indoor playground near me,” consider the following factors:

Ask if the Indoor Playground Near Me Has Lots of Activities

Ideally, the indoor playground you choose will have plenty of things to keep the kids busy. Not having enough activities means they’ll get bored pretty quickly and then you’ll have to find something else to keep them occupied. Look for a wide range of fun activities for kids of many ages. Maybe that means a climbing wall, a playground structure, a bouncing area, and a ball pit. There might even be a miniature golf course or a swimming pool. Older kids will love laser tag or trampolines to bounce on. You can often look at a playground online and see what they have to offer before you make a choice. Of course, so much depends on how old your children are and what kinds of activities they enjoy.

Clean and Sanitary Play Spaces are Important

If you notice that the indoor playground is dirty or not kept well, it’s probably a good idea to avoid it and find somewhere else to play. You want the indoor playground you choose to be clean and hygienic. With so many kids going in and out, spills and dirt are inevitable, but if there aren’t any efforts to clean up or the messes appear to be old and sticky, it’s best to avoid the place. You can certainly ask the staff how they clean the place and you can probably tell with a quick glance if it’s clean or if it doesn’t get sanitized very often. Kids spread germs pretty quickly so don’t be afraid to ask the staff to clean the equipment. You could even go ahead and alert them to a mess so they can take care of it.

best indoor playground near me

Supervision and Safety is a Non-Negotiable Factor

You never want to worry that your child is going to get hurt playing in an indoor playground. That’s why safety should be your number one concern. Of course, you should always monitor your own child while playing on an indoor playground, but it’s also important that there are staff members watching the action as well. Trained staff members can watch for any potential safety concerns and can be your backup in case your child leaves your line of sight or you have more than one child to keep track of. If you’re ever concerned about your child’s safety at an indoor playground, it’s best not to stick around.

Space for Parties is a Big Factor Too

One of the best things about an indoor playground is that you can host birthday parties or other celebrations there. If that’s your goal, don’t choose a place that is too small or is unwilling to let you have a party of your size on its premises. Giggles N’ Hugs is a great choice with lots of space to play on the various structures and an expansive room for throwing parties. The place also features a family-friendly menu that caters to both little ones and their parents. It’s a one-stop shop for fun for everyone in the family. Here are some other great indoor playgrounds in the Los Angeles area that you and your children will love visiting:

  • Wild Child Gym – with a California theme, this eco-friendly indoor playground is modeled around a natural outdoor space and features a place for infants and a fun place for kids in kindergarten and up to foster their development skills. Free play options and birthday party space are other selling points.
  • Peekaboo Playland – with a goal of fostering a child’s artistic side, this indoor playground gives little ones plenty of space to be creative and learn at the same time. Over 3,300 square of feet space means lots of options, including a dedicated baby play space.
  • We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym – this indoor playground is created specifically for kids with autism or who are on the spectrum. Several locations in Los Angeles offer swings, zip lines, and trampolines to help a child develop important skills, build strength and have fun.

An Indoor Playground Near You

Other great indoor gyms around Los Angeles include The Great Escape Club, The Awesome Playground and Pamper and Play. With so much fun to be had, your child will never get bored, no matter what the weather outside is.