How to Find the Best Family Restaurant in Los Angeles

best family restaurant in los angeles

Los Angeles is a big place full of great things to do and see with your family. Dining can be a tough thing for many families, especially those with small children who have specific tastes and aren’t able to sit still for very long. Fortunately, there are so many places to choose from that finding the best family restaurant in Los Angeles isn’t too hard. The one you decide on depends on a few factors, but keeping them in mind means a great dining experience in a fun city, whether you live there or are just visiting.

The Best Family Restaurant in Los Angeles Offers Healthy Foods

Sure, going out for a meal is a treat and you can be a little indulgent with what your family eats, but if health is a priority or you eat out a lot, it’s a good idea to check the menu for healthy items. Most restaurants post their menu online and you can see what’s available before you arrive. Look for kid’s meals that offer fruit or vegetables alongside the chicken nuggets or hot dogs. See if the restaurant offers juice or milk as an alternative to soda. That way you can make healthy and informed decisions no matter where you end up eating.

Look for Playspace Concept

Many restaurants that are geared toward families offer a play space to keep little ones entertained while their parents eat. McDonald’s is no longer your only option in this regard. One great example is Giggles N’ Hugs, which features a large room with climbing and play equipment as well as space for small families or large groups to host a party. There’s also plenty of kid-friendly food. Places like this are ideal because the kids can stay active and busy while the parents sit down and enjoy their meal without the little ones getting fussy and bored.

Kid Friendly Staff Can Make or Break Your Experience

If you’re going out for a meal with your kids, you want a place that’s going to make you feel welcome. Additionally, the staff there will understand how to speak to the kids and make the parents happy at the same time. You can often determine this by calling the restaurant and speaking to the staff. If a restaurant is happy to serve kids, you know you’ve found the right place to take your family.

best family restaurant in los angeles

Ask About Kid-Friendly Amenities

You might be able to take your little ones to a certain restaurant, but it may be unpleasant for everyone if the equipment you need isn’t available. Make sure the place has high chairs for toddlers, a changing table in the restroom and kid-size utensils and cups. If not, you probably want to look elsewhere for a place to eat.

Restaurants That Offer Rewards are Ideal

The best kid-friendly restaurant offers rewards for the kids. That might be for reading a certain number of books or for completing a puzzle or simply for coming back a certain number of times. Some restaurants offer “happy hour” for kids on the weekends or other specials that make certain days appealing for a visit. Offering delivery or space for a birthday party are other things that will set a family restaurant apart from the rest. Whatever it is, rewarding kids is fun for everyone and goes a long way toward proving that a restaurant is a great choice for your family.

So, What is the Best Family Restaurant in Los Angeles?

In addition to Giggles N’ Hugs, there are many other great family restaurants in the Los Angeles area, including in nearby Topanga and Glendale. The right family choice for you may differ from other families so it’s a good idea to check out a couple of places. But if you don’t even have an idea of where to start, check out the following list for some great family restaurants in the area that other parents love taking their kids to:

  • Au Fudge – this restaurant has a two-room kid’s space and features movie nights and other special events. The menu is kid friendly with chicken nuggets but also caters to parents with options like lobster and albacore tuna.
  • Border Grill – the colorful dining room is just right for kids and the menu features tacos and quesadillas as well as nightly drink specials for the older folks.
  • Guelaguetza – serving authentic Oaxaca cuisine, there’s food to delight both adults and kids here, including tamales and enchiladas. It’s an experience for all ages!
  • Little Beast – not only can you find family style meals served here, but there’s both an indoor and outdoor space that caters to families of all sizes.

Other great Los Angeles area family favorites include E.A.K. Ramen, Salt and Straw, the Toast Bakery Cafe and Tocaya Organica. In the end, only you can decide which one is the best family restaurant, but you’ll have a lot of fun trying them all.