Kids Party Places Near Me – At Your Home

kids party places


When you’re looking for somewhere to have your kid’s birthday, most people type something like “kids party places near me” into a search engine. That makes sense: it should show you what are the best places in your area to have a kid’s birthday. However, with any of those choices, you’re actually going to have to drive there. You’ll have to load up your kid (and possibly others) to go to a party somewhere that’s a bit of a distance away, no matter how close. There’s a way to have a great birthday for your child that’s even closer: let our “Parties to Go” come to you. In this blog, we’ll discuss what our “Parties to Go” are and how they can make your kid’s party that much more special. We’ll also touch on some reasons you may want to have your party at a specific location.

Kids Party Places Near Me – Parties to Go

With our Parties to Go, you’ll get almost everything you would at our Giggles N’ Hugs locations. You’ll have play attendants in charge, who can oversee things and make sure that everything’s running smoothly. They’ll help to make sure that the party goes as well as possible. We’ll also send along some servers and cooks. So, you’ll have all the great food that you expect from Giggles N’ Hugs as well as someone to serve it to your child and their friends. Party coordinators will tag along, too – they’re there to look over the party and ensure that all of it goes as smoothly as possible. With that large and deep a roster of Giggles N’ Hugs pros at your party, it’s sure to be the kind of experience that your child will cherish for a long time.

All the Party Themes

When we hear “child’s birthday party” it’s natural to think of something kind of subdued: a table with maybe a tablecloth, some cake, a balloon or two and that’s it. That’s not what you’ll get when you hire our Giggles N’ Hugs Parties to Go. Indeed, we give you so much more. We bring the full complement of party decorations. That means that we can bring one of our legendary party themes on the road. So, your child can have the full themed party that they might have had in our indoor location. On top of that, we also have tables and chair rentals, too. So, if you’re doing this at a park or other location, you don’t have to worry about bringing all the furniture in your house along with you. That’s just the beginning.

kids party places

Activities for All

A child’s birthday party that isn’t in an indoor party playspace normally seems like it might be pure chaos: kids running around, some kids just sitting motionless, in other words, not the healthiest environment. With our Parties to Go, they’re so much more than that: we make sure that there are arts and crafts for the kids to do, as well as many other forms of exciting entertainment. You can pick and choose from our list of entertainment choices. That way, your kids can have a party that’s perfectly tailored to their wants and desires. We can even bring bounce houses, too. We’ve found that few things make children happier than to bounce up and down in a bounce house for a period of time.

Food to All

Kid’s party food is, in general, a sad lot. It’s usually some kind of pizza, maybe some cake, and that’s about it. That’s not what we do here at Giggles N’ Hugs. That same commitment to good food extends to our Parties to Go as well. We can bring food along for your party that’s actually good food. This isn’t something that was just thrown into a microwave or something that’s been breaded beyond all consideration – we bring you fresh, organic food that the kids are going to want to eat. Of course, it will also have all the health benefits that are associated with healthy, organic food as well.

Many times, there’s one specific reason that parents don’t want to have a party outside of an indoor party play place: they have to clean up. Our party professionals will clean up for you. We bring the party to you, and we’ll clean it up after you, too. You don’t have to worry about cleaning up after the party that your child will cherish for many years. You can just go off into the night, flush with the memories of a party well-spent. Even though we have great Parties to Go, you’re always welcome at our wonderful partyplaces as well, of course. For more about setting up a party to go or Giggles N’ Hugs in general, give us a call at (818) 610-4847 or head to our site.