Best Family Restaurant in Los Angeles

family restaurant in los angeles

It’s no stretch to say that we have the best family restaurant in Los Angeles. Obviously, that’s open to interpretation. There’s quite a bit that goes into a family restaurant. What makes one better than the other almost always comes down to personal taste: what you’re looking for, what your kids are looking for, and ultimately what your family prefers. However, we feel that we have a pretty strong resume to lay claim to the “best.” In the below blog, we’ll go over what makes our family restaurant such a special place for parents and kids. Then, we’ll explain some of what sets us apart and why you might like to come here.

Our Best Family Restaurant in Los Angeles

When you take your kids to a restaurant, they don’t always want to be there. Sure, they might be hungry, and maybe there’s something on the TV they can watch, but they’re kids: they want to run around and have fun. Too many times, when we take kids to a restaurant (even a family one) we don’t want them to be kids: we want them to be adults. The kind of people who can just sit politely at the table, calmly discussing the day’s events while waiting for their food. Of course, many kids can do that, but asking them to do that all the time robs them of an opportunity to truly be… well, kids. That’s one thing that sets our family restaurant apart.

A Place to Eat and Play

Giggles N’ Hugs is more than just a family restaurant, literally. Sure, your kids can sit and eat. But, they can also run around play all of our active games, too. They aren’t just tethered to the table, with only the food to entertain them. They can play, they can run around, they can just enjoy being kids instead of having to just sit there and eat. This can make a better family restaurant experience for the entire family. Instead of having to make sure that your kids are behaving the entire time, they can enjoy their meal and you can, too. Our family restaurant brings the whole family together by giving each what they want.

family restaurant in los angeles

A Place for Adults, Too

We couldn’t rightly call our location a “family restaurant” if it just had food and drinks for kids. That’s not a “family restaurant,” that’s just a play place. Sure, we’re quite proud of all that we have for kids to enjoy, but we want to be more than that as well. That’s why our restaurant has such good food and entrees for adults, too. Perhaps most importantly, there are adult drinks. You can have coffee, beer, and wine. You can enjoy an adult beverage here. So, you can enjoy being an adult while your kids enjoy being kids. That’s a positive experience for the entire family.

Good, Healthy Food

Pizza’s great. It really is. But an entire diet of just eating pizza is enough to turn someone off of a kid’s place. When we started Giggles N’ Hugs, we realized that so many kids places just had unhealthy food that, frankly, you’d never really want your kids to eat. But, they’re also kids, so they should have the chance to explore food and discover what they love. So, to make the best of both worlds, we have “Tricky Pizzas” and “Tricky Pastas.” The “trick” is, of course, that there are actual pureed fresh vegetables inside the dishes. There’s no “arguing with your kids for hours on end to get them to eat their veggies.” Instead, they get to enjoy the dishes they love while also enjoying the health benefits of vegetables. This is what’s properly called a “win-win.”

Of course, there’s a lot more from our family restaurant than just “tricky pizzas.” There’s plenty of salads, healthy bowls, salmon and more – kids are children, sure, but they’re also human beings. They deserve to have the option to eat good, rich, healthy food. That’s just one more step towards developing healthy habits that will serve them well for the rest of their life. So much about our children is making sure that they have the opportunities that we might not have had at their age. You’re never too early to enjoy a healthy salmon dish, a Greek salad, a bowl of brown rice and chicken, etc.

That all being said, our place has so much more to offer you and your family than just being a restaurant. In fact, if you bring your family to eat here, you’ll probably notice someone having a birthday party at the same time. Many of our deals include your child getting a free month’s membership if they have a birthday here. That’s a perfect time to check out our restaurant for yourself. To see our menu, head to our site or give us a call at (818) 610-4847.