More Than a Family Restaurant

a Family Restaurant

It’s not always easy to take your kids out to eat. Sometimes when in a restaurant, your kids just want to run around, play, and do absolutely everything other than sit down and actually eat their food. Another thing that makes it difficult is that it’s so hard to find healthy food for your kids. Most of the food made for children is made to be as fried as possible. Too often, the only items on the children’s menu are just French fries, cheeseburgers, pizza and similar dishes. Sure, it’s something the kids will like to eat, but it won’t be healthier. Give your kids great food as well as a great time at a family restaurant.

Family Restaurant Menu

You may know “Giggles N’ Hugs” as a play place for your kids, but we have an incredible menu your kids will enjoy. Better still, all of the dishes are made to be more than just tasty – we’ve made them healthier, too. That way, even if your kids indulge, they’re not just eating the kind of junk food they would elsewhere. We even have “healthy bowls” for adults and kids. They can give your kids wonderfully nutritious dishes that taste fantastic, too. The real pride of our family restaurant is the “Mom’s Tricky Treat Pastas and Pizzas.”

a Family Restaurant

The Kid’s Play Area

When you go to a family restaurant, you’ll often find that the kids’ menu is nothing but pasta, pizza and French fries. Most kids love these dishes. So, to give your kid something that they’ll eat and that you would actually want to eat, we secretly blend fresh, pureed vegetables into their favorite foods. Pastas, pizzas and more – they’ll get their daily serving of veggies (and beyond) without any idea that’s what they’re eating. No more “you aren’t leaving the table until you eat your veggies.” Instead, they’ll want to eat their vegetables while they consume their favorite dishes.

Unparalleled Kid’s Party Entertainment

Of course, most people know us here at Giggles N’ Hugs not for being a family restaurant, but for being the best family restaurant in Los Angeles. When you want to reward your kids (or even just have a great night out) you can come here for lunch or dinner. Bring them along, they can eat a nutritious meal, and they can work off their energy by rampaging through our 2000 square foot play place. All their favorite fun games are here. It’s a perfect complement to when your kids build their own pizza right at the table (and yes, they get their own chef hat, too).

The Best Kid’s Party Place

The definition of “family restaurant” has changed. It used to just be “a restaurant you can take the whole family to.” Now, here at Giggles N’ Hugs, we’ve made it “a restaurant the entire family can enjoy.” The grownups will love the meals we have to offer while the kids can have a great time playing all of our games. To find out more about how all of this works, give us a call at (818)610-4847 or just head on over to our website.