The Most Fun Birthday Places

Fun Birthday Places

We work hard to make sure that Giggles N’ Hugs is among your child’s favorite fun birthday places. We do that through maintaining a 2000 square foot play space that has all the active, fun games that you child will love. On top of that, we have a world class menu filled with organic dishes that not only will your children love to eat, they’ll get their daily amount of veggies from, too. We can still make your birthday fun even if you don’t come to Giggles N’ Hugs, as we can bring the party to you with our Parties to Go. One of the more subtle ways we make birthdays wonderful is through our birthday themes.

Fun Birthday Places’ Themes

Kids love birthday themes. When a kid’s party has the right theme, it can make the entire party that much more special. We have several themes that we offer, and are ready to go. As you can see from the pictures at our site, we take great pride in making sure that our fun birthday places look amazing for your child’s birthday. The fun colors and design take the entire party to a higher level. Feel free to contact us about what theme to use for your child’s birthday. We love to talk to parents and figure out what’s the best theme for their child.

Fun Birthday Places

Best Indoor Playground

Right now, one of the hottest birthday themes at our fun kids birthday party places are the superhero birthday themes. These themes incorporate many of your child’s favorite superheroes. We can make everything about them and their favorite “masked man.” Also, superhero themed parties aren’t just for boys anymore. With the rise of the new wave of comic book movies and TV shows, we’ve found many girls love superhero themed parties, too. When you want to save the day and bring justice to your child’s birthday, we have many superhero themed parties to choose from.

Best Kid’s Party Place, Bar None

Many birthday party themes come and go, but Princess-themed birthday parties will always be in style. Our fun birthday places have hosted so many princess birthday themed parties over the years. We make your child feel like the royalty they are. Other classic themes that have stood the test of time are the “Pirate” and “Mermaid” themes. You don’t have to be anywhere near a body of water for your kids to love this nautical birthday theme. Jungle, dinosaur and Candy Land are also tried and true birthday themes. With so many to choose from, you can find the right one for your child.

Unique Kids Party Venues

That being said, not every parent can find a theme that perfectly fits their child at our fun birthday places. So, then you can make a custom theme! Call us at (818) 610-4847 and we’ll sit down with you to figure out how to make the perfect theme that fits your child. We have miscellaneous themes and decorations that can be put together, mix and match style to make the birthday that your child will remember forever! You can also set this up by heading to our website.