the best kids party place

Giggles N’ Hugs has long been considered among the best kids party place in Southern California. It has absolutely everything that both the kids and parents could want. A birthday is an incredibly special day in a child’s life. It’s just as important to the parents, too. That’s why Giggles n’ Hugs puts together thoroughly comprehensive packages so that any child can have a day full of memories they’ll hold on to forever. There are several options available for any kind of birthday party.

best kids party place

Best Kids Party Place for Any Size Party

Many kids today want to have a birthday party with all of their closest friends. It’s a special day spent with the people they like and spend time with the most. Other kids want to have a big party, inviting everyone in the class, grade or even school. The best kids party place has options that fit both kinds of parties. Two hour semi-private parties are great for fifteen to fifty kids. For those bigger parties, two hour private parties for fifty to two hundred kids are available. Additional time is available for purchase in both parties. Ten guest small parties are available as well.

What makes a kid’s party fun is having exciting activities. Particularly, that includes active fun that keeps the kids moving. Our Glendale location alone has 6000 feet of fun available for our guests. Slides, ball pits and so many fun things to climb and do, kids will be entertained for hours on end throughout the entire party. Best of all, the fun doesn’t really end when the party does. When the parents buy their kids a party, the birthday child gets one month of free play membership to the location.

Food and Drink for Kids and Adults

At the best kids party place, kids get plenty of great food. More importantly, this food is organic and healthy in addition to being delicious. The “Mom’s Tricky Treat” menu makes sure that kids get some of their favorite dishes, like fish sticks,  pizzas and more with fresh, pureed organic vegetables mixed in. The kids have no idea. All they know is, the food tastes delicious. For the adults, there’s a full menu of organic dishes as well as beer and wine.

Fresh Activities

As much fun as a party can be, kids tend to have short attention spans. Giggles N’ Hugs takes that into consideration. There’s a super fun, hosted activity every fifteen minutes. That means that kids never even have a chance to get bored. If a kid isn’t totally blown away by a fun activity, there’s a new one right around the corner. This keeps the kids engaged and enjoying themselves the whole party through.

A Special Day

For kids ten and younger, there’s no better place to enjoy a birthday than Giggles N’ Hugs. The parents can kick back and relax, knowing their kids are having the time of their lives. With locations in Topanga and Glendale, the best kids party place is right nearby!