Giggles N’ Hugs Organic Menu Provides Healthy & Fun Birthday Places in Los Angeles

fun birthday places in Los Angeles

When looking for fun birthday places in Los Angeles there is only one place to really consider- Giggles N’ Hugs. It is perfect for a kids birthday party and has an added benefit that most other companies do not offer. The food at Giggles N’ Hugs is not only delicious, enticing, and a piece of art, it is also very healthy. The best part of the healthy menu is that kids at the birthday party will not suspect it is “healthy”. The menu offers anything from steak to burgers to pizza for the kids. This location for a birthday party in the Pasadena area has created their own special “Tricky Treat Sauce”. It is the sauce they use on their pizza that contains more than just the normal tomato sauce. It sneaks in some vegetables to give the kids the vitamins they need! They also offer this tricky sauce on their adult menu. It is so artfully crafted that people will not even taste the added benefits of this sauce. Not only is this sauce delicious, but all of the sauces on the menu are made in house every day. It really won’t get any better than these fresh, easy, and delicious options at a kids party in Glendale. In case it sounds like this menu is just for kids do not despair! Giggles N’ Hugs strives to make their space one of the most fun birthday places in Los Angeles. The adult menu boasts some amazing appetizers like bruschetta and stuffed mushrooms. Parents can order a salad, pasta or entrees like wild Alaskan salmon. When have you ever gone to a kids birthday party and been able to eat wild Alaskan salmon? The ingredients used in both the kids meals and the adult meals are fresh, organic, and very healthy. The best part about their healthy options is the vibrant flavor. If the adults are not quite in the mood for a fancy Alaskan salmon meal, Giggles N’ Hugs also offers other options consisting of paninis, pizzas, and burgers. It is rare to be invited to a kids birthday party in Pasadena where your burger is made from grass-fed meat not containing any antibiotics or hormones. After the children are done playing during the kids birthday party, beer and house wine are available for any adults of legal drinking age. Enjoy the fun, let the kids run and get their energy out, and then relax with a glass of wine while they continue playing with their friends! Fun birthday places in Los Angeles like Giggles ‘N Hugs is also very aware of the different dietary needs of the children and adults coming to participate in the fun. The extensive menu also extends to include vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free options. This is just another reason to check out having a birthday party in Pasadena. You will not be disappointed.