Giggles N’ Hugs Brings the Benefits of the Power of Play to The Valley with Fun Kid’s Birthday Parties

Giggles N’ Hugs is the perfect one of a kind family restaurant. Bringing together high quality organic food and a 2,000 square foot play area, kids under the age ten are sure to have a fun time while eating healthy. In addition, studies have proven that when children play they are developing socially, cognitively, physically, and emotionally. At Giggles N’ Hugs, we understand how the playing can benefit your child’s overall development. Children develop cognitively while experimenting with the toys and environments around them. They look at the objects in the world and think “what can I do with this?” This is a good thing. By experimenting and coming up with different ways to play with objects, your child is learning problem solving and expanding their imagination. Their social skills will also develop while play at Giggles N’ Hugs. The social skills that children learn at young ages often shape the way they interact with adults and peers as they get older. Pretending is a big part of social and emotional interactions. When kids pretend to be doctors and teachers, they are learning how to interact in society. They are learning the rules of society. Positive and happy reinforcement of these aspects through play have impacts on the emotional well-being. There are three birthday packages that you can choose from. You can choose to have a semi-private party at one of our locations. If you choose this option, you will have your own dedicated section of the restaurant. The kids at the birthday party will have a blast with the nonstop activities that occur at thirty minute intervals. You could also choose to reserve the entire restaurant. The kids at the birthday party will have a whole lot of fun having the entire play zone to their selves. Either of these options will be perfect for kids at a party for Reseda residents. You can also choose to have us deliver the party to your home. For example, if you want a birthday party in Encino, we can come to you at your home. Don’t worry about a thing. We will take care of all of the details. We also have special add-ons that you can add to any of your packages. We have just the thing to make your child’s next party extra special. No one else offers such an array of options. Plus, the kids will actually love the food. So whether a family dinner at one of our locations or your next birthday party in Encino, Giggle N’ Hugs is the premiere location. Birthday or just a special event kids at the party in Reseda or Pasadena will love what we bring to the event.