Customize Your Kid’s Party in Los Angeles, Glendale or Topanga

It’s alive! Well, technically, it’s live. Our new Party Planning Software gives you zillions of options to craft your child’s perfect day, including a wide array of entertainers, food options and more. Head over to our Los Angeles birthday parties page and start clicking, and you’ll soon see why so many of our customers have reported pleasurable experiences with all the new tools. You can fully customize a party outside of our indoor playspaces – Giggles N’ Hugs offers party catering, and we can even bring the full “party on wheels” to your door. Whatever you can imagine, we’ll make it happen. Once you have everything picked, you can either complete the form (“Just hit Let’s Party!”) or call us up. We’re happy to go through every last detail to make sure your kid’s birthday party is perfection.