Year-Round Kids’ Parties in Calabasas

There’s no real birthday season in life. Yes, kids’ parties tend to cluster around a few months, but chances are, you know someone born in every week of the year. A great kids’ birthday party place must understand this fact, and offer features to make children feel special year-round. Our Calabasas birthday party packages are ideal for making each and every season a little brighter:

  • In springtime, you can avoid the wildly fluctuating temperatures that make LA such a layering adventure.
  • In summer you get a cool, clean alternative to the mind-bending chaos of pool parties.
  • In autumn your kids can blow off steam after school without ruining their clothes.
  • In winter, our indoor play spaces give every family a better alternative to that icy sand at the park.

Throw your kid’s birthday party at Giggles and you get endless amenities in the bargain – cake, themes, entertainment, party favors and more. Best of all, you can book your kid’s Calabasas birthday party anytime, any day, just by clicking. It’s always birthday season season at Giggles N’ Hugs.