Kids’ Birthday Parties in Northridge

When it comes time to throw your kid a birthday party, you pretty much have the options of a professional sports franchise: do you want home, or away? Home is cheaper, or at least it seems that way. Once you add in the cost of food, entertainment, decorations, party favors and cake – not to mention the “priceless” tag of taking a few years off your life – it all begins to seem a little less like a bargain. Away is much easier, provided you can get a great Northridge birthday party location that doesn’t break the bank. The advantages are clear: no setup, no cleanup, and the peace of mind that comes with planning an incredibly fun birthday party with a single call. Giggles N’ Hugs proudly offers the best birthday party venue in the Northridge area. Our indoor playgrounds come complete with climbing, ziplining and more – not to mention a world-class roster of children’s entertainers and party planners. It’s easy and affordable, and our food-included, feature-rich packages beat the pants off any indoor gym! Call or contact us today to plan your child’s perfect birthday party in Northridge. And make your “away” game a big win.