Smash Cakes for First Birthday Parties? It’s a Thing

Some of you may recall the last time we covered smash cakes, in which we asked whether they were a thing. Turns out, they are. For the uninitiated, “smash cake” is the name given to a small cake that is made and presented to a one-year-old child for the express purpose of being destroyed. It is a sacrificial offering, designed for maximum smashability and total sensory nirvana. And it is sweeping the nation. This little gallery caught our eye not just for its beauty and whimsy, but also because it confirms one of the most important things about smash cakes, namely that they work best as cylinders, a shape which minimizes head travel and maximizes the cute. If you want to get a smash cake, theme cake, or any other kind of cake for your child’s birthday party in Topanga, Glendale or Los Angeles, talk to the birthday party experts today. We’ll make sure your whole day is a smash.