Family Friendly Restaurants Are Huge and We’re Leading the Charge

Giggles N’ Hugs is a pioneer in the growing market for high-quality family friendly restaurants. Now more and more journalists are taking notice, and the reviews are typically glowing. This recent piece focuses on why our unique emphasis on nutrition and fun is making the national chains look bad – and eating their lunch:

The healthier-eating trend is growing fast, driven by concerned parents who are now realizing in earnest the downside of processed and packaged foods. They’re steering their kids clear of it altogether, choosing organic where feasible, and ideally, choosing locally-grown. It’s a trend that flies right in the face of your typical operation at a Wendy’s or McDonald’s restaurant, but plays right into the hand of your typical Giggles N Hugs locale.

The full article is worth a read, as it highlights our robust growth and steady popularity throughout Los Angeles, Topanga, Glendale and Southern California. So stay tuned for another great year, folks. And come in anytime for the nation’s best kid-friendly food, activities, entertainment, and birthday parties. Happy New Year from your friends at Giggles N’ Hugs!